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7 Color Palettes That Will Never Go Out of Style
Pick These Fashionable Hues for Your Sacramento Home

There is no doubt that color is an important element of Sacramento interior design or any art form for that matter. It is one of the most influential aspects of human emotions. And the quickest way to update a room is to apply a fresh coat of paint, use wallpaper, or to invest in colorful window treatments. Since it's fall, this is the perfect moment to make that stylish update. 

If you've been wondering - Is There A One-Size-Fits-All Sort of Color Palette - then you're not alone. 

Color is affected by two aspects – its surroundings and the kind of light that shines on it. Try observing any room in your home. You’d soon see that the light shines differently during different times of the day.

Understanding how light can affect a space during these moments will give you the power to choose the correct color scheme that can be used all day - if not all-year-through. 

The 7 Color Palettes That Are Forever Stylish 

Now that you know the importance of colors in your interior design Sacramento project and how light affects the way they look in a home, it's time to take a peek at the seven colors that are perfectly sumptuous for fall and timeless enough to become your color palette throughout the year. 

01.  Red 

Red is a color associated with bravery, life, and strangely, in its darker shades, even the afterlife. The deeper shades of red, such as scarlet, are also linked to aggression, power, and sensuality.

Color psychology is a new branch of science that shows how colors influence people’s moods and actions, even the way they perceive things and it explains that wearing red can even alter your hormonal balance and physiology.

This is why red is widely used by interior design firms Sacramento experts when styling homes.

Red in high end interior design brings energy, passion, and drama. When used as an accent wall, ceiling, floor, or on furnishings, it evokes strong emotions from spectators. Remember that colors and feelings are closely linked when designing or decorating a room.

Understanding the meaning of color can greatly improve your home design Sacramento project. Find out what the historical meaning of red is then use this information to create powerful statements in your home.

Red, without a doubt, is an attractive and powerful color. This hue stirs humans to action, whether these are the hot shades, the dark ones, or the bright hues.

Red in modern interior design can be used in paint, wallpapers, furniture, and accessories. Invigorate your senses and stir your spirit by making red the star color of your home.

Remember that interior design hues can make or break the way a room looks. The red ceiling, accent walls, or home furnishings will create a more active environment. Use red subtly or powerfully – it’s really up to you.

Odoo • Image and Text

How to Use Red in Interior Design

Making a room feel more intimate is easy when you have red. Feature this color on one wall so you can visually rework a narrow room. Different shades and patterns of red can harmonize to perk up any room. The small dining room will feel like a romantic destination if you effectively use the color red.

Red linoleum can also be used on the floor. This is most exciting when used inside the kitchen which is the heart of any home and the room that is often bustling with a lot of activity. Painting the inside of a china cabinet or cupboard with red will instantly add energy into your dining room. This room will look more elegant with scarlet lacquered walls and espresso trim.

Red will never bore you. Red chairs look inviting inside a living room, just add red drapery and allow the light to bring in some playful colors. The soft, red glow will make people want to bond together.

Red also offers versatility as you combine it with other exciting colors. Earthy red, when used with wooden tones, will instantly make a room appear cozy. Adding red to soft gray and a dash of magenta will make a room appear more feminine. Add heirloom quality furniture and you've just designed a charming habitat. 

Depending on textures, the deeper shades of red can absorb light while the brighter hues make the light bounce off the walls. Adding red to purple or brown will offer a feeling of warmth even more than stark red with dashes of pink.

Reds with orange tinge can also energize the senses while purple and red hues will make any space appear quieter and more intimate.

Red Exteriors – Why Not?

Red is also a vibrant color that you can add to your home’s exteriors. A front door painted red is believed to be the most welcoming. The porch floor will look more inviting with red paint or red tiles - none can be more striking.

Outdoor plants will also look great when planted in red containers. Here are 11 of the Best Cold Temperature Ornamental Plants for the Fall Garden. Red is a great and natural complement for any of these greeneries. Find the most beautiful planters from fine furniture stores such as McCreery's Home Furnishings

Embrace red indoors and outdoors, rest assured that your home will surely stand out from the rest.

02.  Green 

Many designers also like working with the color green because it is a versatile hue. You can go neutral with it, you can go soft, or you can be bold. Green is an in color these days as more and more Sacramento interior design experts are using it as the dominant hue in their theme, and some use it to complement a different color.

The hottest green shades are now used with other vibrant colors such as yellow and blue. Green brings in a fresh vibe and you have the power to increase or decrease the dose of this color depending on your mood or the theme that you have chosen.

Green Means Life

Green is quite a lovely hue which is why it is used to symbolize growth, renewal, and life. Depiction of the natural environment is easy where there is a dash of green somewhere.

Seeing green means there is some form of life somewhere, right? It also spells serenity, balance, and harmony which is why it is a great color to use when you want to evoke rejuvenation.

In chromatic or color therapy, green is always used to soothe the mind and soul. It can loosen one’s senses from mental or physical exhaustion. This is an excellent remedy for nervousness and anxiety. It is also an oft-used color in feng shui interior design. 



If you want to bring this natural state of calm and harmony to your home, then you have to learn how to effectively use this wonderful color in your interior design.

How to Use Green in Interior Design 

Be sure to stick with light to medium shades for a palette that does not overwhelm. Be careful in using green as the eyes have a tendency to veer towards this color. You wouldn’t want to use it in a spot or design element that you do not actually want to highlight.

For instance, putting a lot of green in a living room with a great picturesque view outside would be pointless. You are, in essence, defeating the purpose of the window where the view is already sublime. 

Green is an amazing backdrop wherein you could add punches of more vibrant greens. Blue, yellow, and green are analogous colors which means they are neighbors on the color wheel. This means that these three colors are always in harmony with each other. Combining these three colors is a great way to bring in some color to your high end interior design without clashing or going overboard.

Are you a fan of painted ceilings? Pick spring green for your bedroom as this gives the room a cheerful glow especially during the morning. The walls can be kept white so that the ceiling color (painted spring green) would pop. Add small accents of the same color, but with a different shade, throughout the room. Green could go cooler with blues and grays while it could become warmer if you add wood furniture Sacramento pieces. 

If you want to use green on the stairway, hallways, and other areas with constant foot traffic, then do so. These areas are often painted with boring white or neutral colors. Let these areas leap to life as you use spring green on the walls and framed photos.

‘Color shy? Don’t be. Green is a clever way to infuse a vibrant color without hurting anyone’s eyes. Your biggest cue is the lushness of your landscaping outside. Greeneries are there to visually please.

Other ways to use green in your home include installing green wall tiles, using green fabric on your throw pillows, and other accent pieces, or you could simply paint the walls green. Always think beyond paint, though, when using this color as it has so much to offer in terms of beauty and harmony.

03.  Yellow

The color yellow is a wonderful hue. It is intense, it is bright, and it can even evoke the strongest emotions. Yellow is an attention-grabbing color yet it can also become abrasive should you make the mistake of overusing it. This color can appear bright and warm but in the wrong hands, it can also be visually tiresome.

Yellow can cause eye fatigue because of the high amount of light that it can reflect - but don't fret, there is a way to tame it. Yellow can also be used, in moderation, to grab people’s attention. This is why yellow is used mostly on most roadside advertisements. 

How to Use Yellow in Your Interior Design

Using yellow in your Sacramento interior design means you are ready to stage warm and happy feelings inside your home.

Splashes of yellow can be used inside your home through golden carpet hues, warm room furniture, and yellow lighting fixtures. Accessories in yellow can also make a rather dull room appear more exciting.

Yellow is a highly recommended color for decorating rooms. This is the color that can brighten up any dark, gloomy area. Painting the walls light yellow, creamy yellow or any yellowish tint is great for small and dark rooms.

Mix decorative items of yellow and colors that match this lovely hue. If you used yellow as paint or wallpaper, then find a neutral color for your ceiling and floor. This should balance the rest of the design elements, thus, creating a pleasant atmosphere.

Yellow can be so many things – it can be juicy, subtle, even dimmed. The living room walls can be painted with this luscious shade. If used as a tint, it can be mixed with brown, cream, or brick red. Speaking of duos, what could be considered as the marital pair for yellow is the color green. This is a combination that is typically used in kitchens and children’s bedrooms. Bright accessories can be a fusion of two colors: red, coral, blue, orange, or turquoise.

If you want to use yellow inside classical interiors, then combine it with white. This is a great fusion for dining rooms, offices, and living rooms. These two colors can make any room look larger, clean, and bright. If you used the color combination as a backdrop, then be sure to use moss-colored, terracotta, or burgundy accessories. Wood furniture Sacramento pieces will also look great inside such interiors.

If, on the other hand, you decide to use yellow and white furniture and accessories, then be sure to have a more exciting ceiling to floor colors such as lilac, green, or shades of blue.

It is also safe to experiment with yellow and chocolate. You will never go wrong with this combination as it offers a warm contrast to the usual sunny feelings that yellow evokes. Mix the same color with red and you will instantly bring life into a room.

Purple is also a great pair for bright yellow. Children’s rooms often come with pastel yellow with purple accessories. This is never irritating to the eye.

All in all, yellow can be used in different shades and can be easily combined with many different colors. Just learn to balance these awesome colors by knowing their limits. Remember also that too much of anything is bad. 

04.  Purple 

A Pinterest image. 

The color purple is an exciting color that depicts an equally great list of personalities. In color psychology, lovers of the color purple showcase personalities such as being more sensitive, understanding, supportive, gentle, and serene. This is also believed to be the color of creativity, idealism, and intuition. With these beautiful characteristics, imagine what sort of high end interior design you would create if you embrace this color as the chief palette. 

Purples: Pantone Color Chart

Nature shows a wide array of purple hues from the softest lavender to the strong purple. This color is obvious in Rosie Posie – a flowering plant – and in violets, those flowers that grow in dark corners.

Purple is a mixture of red and blue. It has the capacity to evoke a wide range of human emotions depending on its shades. It is often worn by royalty as is evident in monarchs’ robes. It is also seen in spring flowers and on that popular dinosaur that sings I Love You as he dances with children. 

How to Use Purple in Your Interior Design

Purple is not one of those safe colors that you can use when decorating. Browns, neutrals, and grays are choices that most homeowners automatically resort to because they are predictable and easy to work with but for adults, this color is quickly becoming a part of many interior designs. The trendsetters have seen the uniqueness offered by this color that can be seen in a range of designs from the Goth home to high schools and runways.

This does not mean that you should say no to a purple home, though. You only have to be confident and more courageous in choosing this version of violet.

Purple is a flexible color.  It can be overpowering when overused or it can be passionately warm in the right hands.

Interior design firms Sacramento experts are able to create the most sophisticated and playful rooms using this exciting color. If you like this color, it could be challenging to find a design professional that would be willing to work with it. Only the bold ones are able to appreciate the power that purple holds and are able to capture its beauty and apply it to homes.

Lucky for you, we have bold and highly-creative interiors designers who are willing to cater to your purple wants. Talk to one through our Designer on Demand feature. 

There are many advantages to using purple. It will work well with cream, gold, and white as well as brown, blue, and gray shades.

Purple is the perfect color to use during the coldest seasons so make sure that you choose the cooler shades of purple during the hot summer months.

This can also be included in a masculine setting especially when the darker tones are used. This can effectively add richness and luxury in any room.

You will have to use purple in a way that won’t throw off the rest of the color schemes. Its misuse could result in an undesirably dark space or association with bruises, grape candy, or being a toddler.

Whether you intend to use purple as a funky, dark, light, fruity, or mature element, it’s all up to you. Just remember that this can set the mood for the rest of your home. Crisp and deep shades of purple can make an engaging contrast in a white backdrop. People will surely be drawn to your furniture or accessories if you use this exhilarating color.

05.  Blue 

Blue is one of the colors that are frequently referred to as people’s favorite. It is the representation of the beautiful skies and the pristine waters of many beaches. It may be rarely seen in fruits and vegetables but this is no less than the perceived color of heaven and serenity, hence, it is no surprise that a lot of corporations use this hue on their logos.

Blue is cool and slow compared to the vibrant intensity of red. Blue also has contradictory meanings more than any other hue. Here are examples –

  • Dark blue often denotes dignity, trust, authority, and intelligence. 
  • Bright blue represents strength, cleanliness, being cool, and dependability. 
  • Light or sky blue denotes celestial peace, spirituality, and infinity. 

Most tints and shades of blue represent loyalty, trust, understanding, and tidiness. What’s ironic, though, is that blue is also the color that is used to denote depression or melancholy. Expressions such as feeling blue or singing the blues are examples of such notions. This is why you also need to be extra careful when using this color in your sunny Sacramento home. 

There are many interesting facts about the color blue, though. It is found in about 53-percent of flags all over the world. This is also the most used color on non-food business logos, blue blood means you are an aristocrat, blue has long been the fundamental color for baby boys and, lastly, dark blue suits are the standard in professional business attire.

Blue also has few connections with the sense of smell or taste which is why it is an effective appetite suppressant.

Blue is almost on everything so you will never go wrong when you decide to use this as your color motif.

How to Use Blue in Your Interior Design

Now that you know how important blue is, it’s time to consider how you’re going to use it in your home –

  • Enhance a minute space such as a small kitchen by using blue. This room will look airier and larger if you use sunny blues to uplift it. Use two to three shades on the kitchen walls in order to give the space some character and depth.
  • You can also use blue to highlight an open space layout. This is most effective when done inside the living room or the dining room. Use different tones of azure, sky blue, or turquoise. Mix these with white, glass, or light wood. To steer clear of a design that looks too stark, soften the effect by using a large-patterned coordinating rug.
  • Use blue with floral designs to give any room in your home an exciting lift.
  • Use blue as a show-off Sacramento furniture piece (or what’s more popularly known as the statement piece). The rest of the design elements in the room have to be neutral so that the blue furniture becomes the star of the show.
  • Blue will always depict serenity so you might as well capitalize on that. Use it with taupe or gray on your shades – these will then become an interesting backdrop canvas of sorts for any furniture that you want to focus the attention to. Steel blues, sea glass blues, and pale blues all look visually serene and inviting.
  • You can also mix and match blue with other patterns such as stripes, abstract prints, geometric patterns, and florals. Work them all together by using those that belong to the same palette.
  • Apart from red, blue is also an interesting color to use on your front door. Blue is perfect for a home with a brick exterior. This door will surely stand out even with the delicious vision that bricks offer.

  • An exterior with mixed colors could do well with a darker blue door (almost to the point of being gray). The blue will act as a neutral hue that will ground the entryway.

06.  Brown 


Does brown make you feel warm or secure? It is true that colors evoke certain psychological reactions and they can even strongly influence the way people behave. Brown is a hue that looks earthy and solid but with the wrong usage - just like any of the colors on this list - it could also look boring or dull.

Light browns like beige are usually used as a neutral backdrop in Sacramento interior design and in fashion. It is a natural color that can be used to evoke a sense of reliability and strength. It can also be seen as a symbol of resilience, safety, and dependability.

The downside of brown is that it can also create feelings of sadness, loneliness, or melancholy. When used in large quantities, brown also could look too conventional or empty.

You have to come to a point when you admit that brown can be an everyday kind of fashion. The living room, bedroom, even the bathroom can have a darker shade of brown with a tinge of orange to depict a relaxed and cozy ambiance. This might not seem to contribute much as you try to imagine it during summer but during the cold months of fall and winter, picture yourself entering a powder blue bathroom...

Now you get the rustic beauty of brown and orange, right? 

How to Use Brown in Your Interior Design

Brown is the color of a hot mug of cocoa or a burnt bricks. This is the color that has the power to create nostalgic feelings. Use this color in a living room where you would want such emotions to arise. This can also be used throughout your home especially when you want to create a cozy ambiance.

Take note that brown is a hue that is best enhanced by the contrast of white. A wainscot in a bathroom can have the winning combination of chocolate brown and white. Remember that minus the white walls, this bathroom will feel dark – just dark, not dramatic.

Nature has provided an amazing display of inspiration during fall. It is best to capture those hues and experience fall all year round. Use yellows, oranges, and deeper greens with warm tones of brown. This can be repeated throughout your home.

The best and most practical choice is to invest in wood furniture Sacramento pieces or a brown, leather sofa. Create some energy in your space by putting in some interesting artwork, decorative accents, and throws. These accessories must come in shades of amber, rust, and mustard. 

When brown marries blue, you would realize what the term complement really means. The cool tone of blue balances the sturdy look of brown. Use blue also if you want to add a modern flair in a mainly brown, traditional setting.

When you use brown with pastel colors such as pink and blue, you get a dose of sophistication. Here, pastels won’t appear too youthful, instead, it will add to the drama of brown fabrics and wooden furniture.

The triad of blue, green, and brown is an energetic combination. The cooler colors (blue and green) tend to balance the strength of brown.

Rejuvenate your home with this wonderful color trio. Pick patterned accent chairs, colorful pillows, and window panels.

For warm-colored palettes, fuse a lot of taupes, tans, mid-browns, and any accent color. Yellow artworks and bright-colored accent pillows will surely do wonders in a background of neutrals.

Have you ever thought that brown could go with purple?

Well, it can.

Just think of those dark stains on your wooden cabinets then pair them with beautiful plum walls. This union would provide depth and drama that you've never seen before in your home.

And what could be best paired with brown than other calculated layers of this same color? Fine furniture made of wood will look great under ambient lighting, with framed art, on a traditional rug, and when paired with brown textiles. 

07.  Black

Can you believe that this dark hue supports all Sacramento interior design styles? Jet black paint, alone, can make your place feel more significant. Any dark color palette can make your room's walls seem to recede, thus, making a space feel more dramatic - and what better way is there to create drama than with this Stygian hue? 

How to Use Shades of Black in Your Interior Design

<img src=&quot;living room.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;a living room with black walls, a pair of chairs, a console cabinet, a metallic etagere, coffee table, and other design elements.&quot;>

Adds a color focal point that serves as an anchor feature. Can feel cave-like when not utilized properly. 
Accessories sharpen any decorating scheme. Heats up quickly with direct sunlight (and this light can cause furniture to fade) 
It is magical in the hands of interior design firms Sacramento experts who know how to work with this color. Can be challenging to touch up. 
Can powerfully break up a monotonous design. 

Color often deceives our eyes in making rooms appear smaller or larger than they truly are. Whether you see a painted chair or an abstract throw pillow, colors alter your perception or they ask you to focus on a particular spot in a home.


One must have, at least, a single door design with a dark-colored element. Painting your front door with a dark color is a style-altering move that can easily grab the attention of all passersby. 

Draw attention to black French doors or create an outdoor focal point with your jet black front door. Do the same with your window fashions. They can make your space feel more dramatic. With the window treatments Sacramento style set up in your home, then you won't have to worry too much about a lot of wall decor. 

Black metallic elements are always trendy and the best furniture stores in CA offer varieties of this element.

Dark metal bases for tables also look great with glass tops. And if you can get your hands on iron candlesticks, then they are a Gothic way to design your dining room. 


<img src=&quot;bedroom.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;bedroom with dark walls, a canopy bed, metallic drawer chest, a table lamp, and other design elements.&quot;>

You won't find it hard to believe that black bedrooms are actually relaxing and inviting. Don't hesitate to paint your bedroom walls black because many homeowners are already enjoying the style success that they've achieved with this color. Add contrasting details so that you will give this dramatic look the attention that it deserves. 

<img src=&quot;living room.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;living room with black walls, an upholstered metal chair, a light-colored sectional, different colored couch pillows, a metallic center table, area rug, and other design elements.&quot;>

Living rooms, on the other hand, are supposed to be inviting. This is where family members and guests spend time to socialize and relax. Now don't think that a living room with dark walls is going to be a gloomy space. Jet black walls, decor, and fine furniture are design elements that can help make a space look and feel cozy. 

Just be sure to position your lighting fixtures as spotlights on certain points so that the right furnishings are given emphasis. 

<img src=&quot;sofa.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;black leather sofa.&quot;>

Of course, the classic sofas - especially the leather ones - are must-haves. This Roe Stationary Sofa can be beautifully paired with any metal-footed coffee table with a glass top to jump-start your living room design. 

<img src=&quot;dining room.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;an expansive dining room with white walls, exposed beams, a wooden long table, and black dining chairs.&quot;>


Meanwhile, dining rooms are spaces that evoke different feelings. It can be a cozy dining space or it can be as grand as the room above with its expansive space, white walls, beautiful exposed beams, and wooden floorboards. 

Black is the perfect color that breaks this monotony and turns your room experience into a beautiful one. You've got to agree that those dining chairs did make the place more elegant, didn't they? Plus they were the perfect contrast to the long, rectangular dining table with a white base. 

Granite Countertops and Tabletops 

Granite is no less than the most popular countertop in the country. They are a-hundred-percent natural, durable, and easy to pair with other design elements. 

When used as a countertop, it is scratch-resistant plus it's easy to clean. When used as a tabletop on furniture, it is also a thing of beauty. Just look at the Agnes Coffee Table below - 


Striking angles of gold-leafed iron 

Has a bottom shelf in smoked gray glass. 

Width  40.00"

With a slab of black granite. 

Height   19.00"


Depth  22.00"

Chandeliers, pendants, and other lighting fixtures have the power to make or break a room. Such lights stop the monotony in any space especially when they come in dramatic colors such as black. 

<img src=&quot;chandelier.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;silver and black shade chandelier.&quot;>

Aptly called the Tuxedo Light Black Shade Chandelier by Uttermost, this lighting piece will look great in a modern or contemporary home. Floor lamps are also a favorite pick for soft lighting beside the sofa. 



Six lights  


Silver-plated metal 



Smart 8" black shading 

The Beauty of Ebony in the Bathroom 

Black bathroom projects go perfectly with green wall tiles, Classic Blue shower room, even a gold bathtub. You may use wood in certain areas that are safe from the splashes of water.

Install LED lighting to give this room a modern feel. 

A word of caution: Don't use harsh chemicals in cleaning black taps. Instead, use mild, soapy water and then dry the tapware to prevent water stains. 



Your Sacramento interior design is a serious matter to consider. It requires you to embrace what is timeless, classic, and beautiful. And you would do well to choose the right color palette from the outset. 

Our McCreery's Home Furnishings design team is a team of specialists that will make sure your construction or remodeling project becomes a huge success. Elevate your lifestyle as you include us on your list of best furniture stores in CA.

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