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The Importance of Blue in Sacramento Interior Design
No Reason to be Blue with Blue

Living rooms, sunrooms, family rooms, and sitting rooms all have one thing in common – they are all supposed to be relaxing. And no color can promise a heightened state of calmness more than blue. Different companies have come up with different shades of blue from indigo to sky blue, while artisans have also created their versions of blue furniture.

Blue is one of the colors that are frequently referred to as people’s favorite. It is the representation of the beautiful skies and the pristine waters of many beaches. It may be rarely seen in fruits and vegetables but this is no less than the perceived color of heaven and serenity, hence, it is no surprise that a lot of corporations use this hue on their logos.

Blue is also cited, generally, as the favorite color when it comes to achieving serenity, calm, stability, authority, or conservatism. Now is it a wonder why blue is the color of policemen’s uniforms? This is also the color that represents honesty, wisdom, and loyalty. A few blue tones are also perceived to be cold which can evoke feelings of aloofness or sadness.

Blue is a cool, slow, even wet compared to the vibrant intensity of red. Blue also has contradictory meanings more than any other hue. Here are examples –

  • Dark blue often denotes dignity, trust, authority, and intelligence

  • Bright blue represents strength, cleanliness, being cool and dependability

  • Light or sky blue denotes celestial peace, spirituality, and infinity

Most tints and shades of blue represent loyalty, trust, understanding, and tidiness. What’s ironic, though, is that blue is also the color of depression in our country. Expressions such as feeling blue or singing the blues are examples of such a notion.

Blue Trivia

There are many interesting facts about the color blue. First, it is the world’s number one favorite color. Also, about 53-percent of flags all over the world have blue in it. This is also the most used color on corporate logos, blue blood means you are an aristocrat, blue is the fundamental color for baby boys and, lastly, dark blue suits are the standard in professional business attire.

<img src=&quot;americanflag.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;waving American flag.&quot;>

Blue also has few connections with the sense of smell or taste which is why it is an effective appetite suppressant.

Blue is almost in everything which is why you will never go wrong when you decide to use this as your color motif for your Sacramento interior design.

What Color Experts Say

But what do these professionals know about blue? What do they, together with psychologists, know about blue and how it should be used in homes?

The ancient Chinese and Egyptians studied and practiced chromotherapy. This means they believe that colors have healing properties. This is also referred to, these days, as colorology or light therapy. This is not practiced in traditional medicine but more of an alternative form of health treatment.

In the book, The Principles of Color Therapy, it is written that blue ray is no less than one of the greatest antiseptics throughout the world. This is known to soothe pain and illnesses.

Buddhists also recommend blue lapis lazuli in bringing inner peace. Blue has a calming power that is not easy to explain. Particular shades of sky blue are known to be most calming.

Earlier Europeans also believed in the protective power of this color. These people painted their doors, staircases, cupolas, and fences with blue to ward off evil.

If you want to have a more relaxing bedroom and bathroom, then be sure to use light blue in those rooms. Just make sure to use some rustic elements with the blue in your bedroom so that the theme won’t come out as too unfeeling.

Appetite Suppressor

It has also been scientifically proven that blue can suppress the appetite. This may have come from the fact that rotten food tends to have a bluish tinge, hence, seeing blue while eating can actually make your weight loss program a lot more effective.

Blue may be the best choice for people who want to trim down but it’s not the best option for foodies.

<img src=&quot;blueplate.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;cracker on blue plate with fish design.&quot;>

Blue Means Productivity

Blue is an oft-used color in offices because researches show that people have a tendency to become more productive inside blue rooms. A study by the University of Colombia in the year 2009 showed that the color blue even ups the test scores of children who took their IQ tests in blue rooms.

This makes blue the most popular choice for home libraries, study rooms, and home offices. It is also the hue that balances the glaring white in Grecian interior design.

Feng Shui Goin’ Blue

The Feng Shui principles point at blue as a water element. Since this is so, it should be situated in the east if you want to be healthy and if you want your relationships to remain strong. Placing blues on the southeast part of your home spells abundance and wealth.

If you want to experience all these in your home, then have some water elements in those locations.

<img src=&quot;bluejars.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;blue decorative glass jars.&quot;>

Gray Blue Color to the Rescue

<img src=&quot;grayblue.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;the color gray blue.&quot;>

Dark blue is also a good color inside the bedroom because it evokes serenity and calm. A blue-gray mural is a good way of adding a contemporary flair into your home. This same color can be added to the spa-like bathroom. Use it as a backdrop then add a colorful area rug and a laminate tub.

Cabinetry painted in this color would render it perfect for the farmhouse look. A transitional bedroom would also do well to make use of this color.

Blue in Interior Design

Now that you know how important blue is, it’s time to consider how you’re going to use it in your home –

  • Enhance a minute space such as a small kitchen by using blue. This room will look airier and larger if you use sunny blues to uplift it. Use two to three shades on the kitchen walls in order to give the space some character and depth.

  • You can also use blue to highlight an open space layout. This is most effective when done inside the living room or the dining room. Use different tones of azure, sky blue, or turquoise. Mix these with white, glass, or light wood. To steer clear of a design that looks too stark softens the effect by using a large-patterned coordinating rug.

  • Use blue with floral designs to give any room in your home an exciting lift.

  • Use blue furniture pieces (or what’s more popularly known as the statement piece). The rest of the design elements in the room have to be neutral so that the blue furniture becomes the star of the show. Be sure to look for quality furniture only.

    <img src=&quot;blueclubchair.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;blue leather club chair with nailhead trim.&quot;>

  • Blue will always depict serenity so you might as well capitalize on that. Use it with taupe or gray on your shades – these will then become an interesting backdrop canvas of sorts for any furniture that you want to focus the attention at. Steel blues, sea glass blues, and pale blues all look visually serene and inviting.

  • You can also mix and match blue with other patterns such as stripes, abstract prints, geometric patterns, and florals. Work them all together by using those that belong to the same palette.

    <img src=&quot;wallartwork.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;printed world map artwork.&quot;>

Turn of the century artwork goes modern with this uniquely printed world map. Printed on mirrored glass, this timeless design features brilliant shades of blue, charcoal, and beige. A distressed black frame completes this piece. Transcending multiple styles, this artwork will be a definite statement piece in any space. 

<img src=&quot;bluedoor.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;blue doors on white-painted house.&quot;>

Now that you know the many uses for blue in your Sacramento interior design, are you ready to update the look of your home? Check out our extended 4th of July Sale (only two days left) -- 


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