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10 Minimalist Pieces for the Frequent Mover

Are you a renter who frequently moves from place to place? It could be because of your career or some other reason but moving about can have lots of challenges. Just think of those heavy furniture pieces that you have to move around with you. Just thinking about it already seems taxing.

So what should you do? One of the things that you should consider is to have just the essential pieces with you. These must also be mobile and versatile enough so that you won’t have to worry about weight and the time and money that have to be spent.

Here are the absolute mobile pieces that you should invest on –

A Love Seat

Flexsteel Living Room Leather Loveseat 1373-20


A two-seater is so small that you can practically take it with you anywhere. Compared to the full-size couch, it is so mobile that you can even add two minimalist chairs and you still have a lovely ensemble that doesn’t eat up space.

If you still have more room, then you can just add another love seat. And should you decide to settle, someday, then you can always keep this furniture even when you already have a full-size sofa.

That Linear Media Unit

A simple media unit that could fit the TV on top should be enough. And if there’s room for some electronics that go with your television, then that’s just about it. This all-in-one media cabinet is especially designed to hold the TV and just the necessary electronics so you won’t have to worry about your next move.

Rolling Bar Cart

This is as stylish as you could get without creating a bulk in your home. This rolling cart could be the home for drinks and your glassware. It can also become the server, when you need one, in the dining room. It can also become that extra storage in the kitchen or even a bookshelf.

Have you ever pictured the bar cart as an arts and craft station? Or how about as a towel valet instead of a linen closet?

Pouf, Stool and Ottoman

Uttermost Accessories Anaya Dark Oatmeal Pouf 23951

These small seating units can also be used as a footstool, side table or as an extra seat. When grouped together, they can also serve as a coffee table. When you have a pouf, all you have to do is place a tray on top of it and it already becomes a functional table.

Extending Table

This dining table can be extended but it can also become compact when you are not using it. You have the option to spread it open only during special occasions and parties. If there are only two or three diners, then you can just leave it in its compact state.

Come the time that you finally move to your own place, then you can extend the table permanently.

A gate leg table is also great for tighter space and when you are constantly moving. With both of its leaves folded down, it can easily serve as a console table on your entryway or the living room.

Butterfly Chair

With canvas or leather stretched over a metal frame that’s collapsible, this chair is a classic and is also highly mobile. Just put it in one corner of the bedroom or the living room and when it’s time to go, all you have to do is fold it and go.

A Rattan or Wicker Headboard

When you have a basic platform bed, you can already choose not to have a box spring. You can also pick a lightweight wicker or rattan headboard instead of iron.

You’ll thank yourself when moving day arrives.

A Small Chest of Drawers

Two small drawers are much better than investing in a single huge chest. The two small pieces are a lot easier to move around with plus they are easy to put on adjacent walls if the space is a little tight.

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