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3 Fashionable Front Door Colors and Their Meaning

The neutral front door effectively frames the rest of the colorful design elements in this Esquire ensemble. 

Curb appeal is in need of various elements for it to be achieved. The landscaping as well as the façade of your home truly counts. The front door is also one such crucial focal point that you need to seriously think about when you want to let your guests feel welcome.

The entryway is the very portal where your family and guests go through when they enter your home. This is so crucial, which is why you need to think about what design and décor should go there.

If your home’s front door is currently worn out, then you could consider repainting it – or you might as well turn it into a small remodeling project. You might not have considered this as a breakthrough project in the past but, now, this could actually help you freshen up your curb appeal.

The whole point to this project is to, first, pick the right color for your chosen theme and your personal preference. There are a lot of trendy colors and styles at the moment so see if you’ll be inspired by some of these colors.

Prior to picking out the front door color, you might want to plan first. You would not want to end up not liking the eventual look. If you’re painting the door, then you should plan about taking the door off the frame.

You should also find a paint and primer that will provide the most professional look. If you’re uncertain about the whole remodeling thing, then you can always hire a painting pro.

Know that the average cost of a small painting project, specifically the front door, is about $590. As soon as you have the cost and the colors in place, you also need to plan which colors would match the rest of the design elements in your home.

Think of the front door as the first impression which is indicative of your personal style. If you’re artistic and are not afraid to experiment, then you can go daring and bold.

If you like traditional things, then you can stick with the more vintage look for your front door. Pastel colors are also fun.

Now, the colors…

Bold Red

It is believed that red is the most welcoming color for a front door as it evokes passionate, energetic, determined, and powerful feelings. This is a classic choice especially when you have a gray or brick house. Red will also provide the warm color on a white home.

Red is perfect for a home with a farmhouse appeal.


Another hot color to choose is turquoise. This offers a retro look and works best with gray or white homes. This is that needful pop of bright color in a sea of neutrals.

You won’t have to worry about going overboard with this shade of greenish blue. This is also the name of an opaque mineral that’s a hydrated copper phosphate and aluminum. It is a rare mineral and is a highly sought gemstone.

The color represents femininity, calmness, energy, sophistication, wholeness, creativity (which is why it is often used in offices, too), joy, friendship, and loyalty.

Modern Black

If you’re aiming towards a sleek update, then black should be your go-to front door color. This hue absorbs all the light on a color spectrum and while it is seen as symbolic of evil in many films and artworks, black is also a sophisticated hue so you can effectively use it to make the curb appeal more contemporary or lavish.

Sunshiny Yellow

Oh, the color yellow! What could be sunnier?

If you want to get rid of all the negative feelings or energy in your home, then use a bright shade of yellow on your front door. Even when it’s cloudy outside, a yellow front door will automatically make anyone happy.

This is a bold color to infuse in a home that desperately needs a pop of color.

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