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3 Super Hot California Office Furniture Sacramento Designs to Emulate

A home office can be designated for many functions not just the usual business transactions. It can be the corner where bills are settled and where schedules are organized. It can also be the place where ideas are born. This is why buying the right California office furniture Sacramento style is crucial. 

Yes. You deserve so much more than one mere metal desk and a hard chair in a corner. This is your office so it should be a place of productivity, comfort, and creativity. 

Of course, you should begin by picking the right location. This matters especially since you will be spending a third of your day in that space. So don’t be a spendthrift when it comes to allocating space for your home office. 

Consider also the foot traffic and the space’s ability to keep you from being distracted. If you cannot work when it’s noisy or when a lot of people are doing an activity separate from yours, then you should find a more private space than an area that sits near the living room or dining room (perhaps a corner in your bedroom then?). 

Setting up your California home office also means that you shouldn’t sacrifice style for function. These two should go hand-in-hand. Always consider the workflow and the office equipment and materials that you would need to do your work. 

This place should not be a bland, soulless spot. Let your home office complement the rest of your home’s design. Allow it to clash and you would soon see how that would affect your productivity. 

Be mindful also of the color that you use on your walls. Do not automatically default to office tan. Just as you need the right office furnishings to function, you also need to pick the right color that would get the juices flowing. Blue has been known to foster a more productive mood. 

Now wrap everything up by choosing the design that makes your heart skip a beat. Here are three interior designs that would surely make your home office stand out – 

Simply Scandi 

Having a Scandinavian home office does not mean that you would work in a space that looks like the Snow Queen’s lair. Actually, if you just give this design a chance, you would realize just how sophisticated and stunning it could be. 

First, remember not to install any wall-to-wall carpets. Very few Nordic homes install carpets because they flaunt the beauty of their wooden flooring instead. The sheepskins and rugs that are placed there effectively soften the floorboards. 

The muted colors are needful for the winters that are often long and dark. Scandi homes are often painted white so that the space remains bright despite the unfriendly weather outside. But, you’re in Sacramento so the winters are not as cold and dark but – what the heck – the style is beautiful, cohesive, and bright so you might as well give it a try. 

Go the extra mile by using a lot of wood elements on the walls, floors, and even the furnishings. Scandinavians include a lot of wood into their homes. But don’t just go around shopping for the wrong kinds of wood. Say yes to the light-colored varieties such as ash, beech, and pine. 

If you would notice the ensemble above, there aren’t a lot of details and ornate designs. The lines are straightforward, solid, and charmingly common. The place also does not look cluttered with unimportant pieces and the simple accents emphasize this. 

Lastly, Scandi homes almost always have plants to brighten and liven up the space so plan on what greeneries to bring in. 

Traditionally Formal 


The traditional style is one of the most renowned and formal styles in all of the available interior designs. The term traditional could mean many things. To some, it means having a rich, European influence throughout their homes while others would view it as a more relaxed, rustic, and yet still elegant style. 

Generally, though, traditional interior design gets its inspiration from the 18th till the 19th centuries, more specifically from European décor. This is a timeless style so it should exude confidence, class, and comfort. The design elements are also in harmony so you will not find one thing that’s out of place in this home office setting. 

Add a lot of dark, refined, and rich colors to this design because these hues will work well with the antique-like look that you’re trying to set up. 

If you love the look of dark woods, then this is the perfect style for your home office. Just look at how beautiful the ART Furniture Home Office Writing Desk is – it will surely harmonize with the rest of the greens, browns, reds, and warm jewel hues that are the most popular accent colors of traditional design. 

Add some paisleys, florals, stripes, plaids, or damask if you want to make your home office even more interesting. Heavy drapes are most welcome especially the ones that are made of velvet and decorated with lace. Make sure to add valances to complete the intricacies of your window treatments. 

Increase the regality even more by making sure that the office furniture emphasizes the hardwood flooring. And don’t forget to bring your guests’ attention towards the architectural details that make traditional homes beautifully formal (e.g. coffered ceilings, wood paneling, crown molding, fireplace, and columns). 

Lastly, don’t forget symmetry when going the traditional path. Pair everything from the chairs, sofas, lamps, end tables, accessories, and even the wall sconces. 

Asymmetrically Contemporary 

Isn’t this ART Home Office Filipe Writing Desk exciting? You just gotta have one if you’re setting up a contemporary home office. 

The contemporary style features the elements of a modern-day lifestyle while integrating a few historic elements here and there. In this home office, you will find solid, geometric shapes, an open floor plan, huge windows, recycled materials, and a lot of natural light. 

The contemporary design was born from modern architecture, which, in turn, was borne of the Industrial Revolution in the 20th century. It is a style that showcases the beauty of clean lines, simplicity, and form plus function. 

The materials that are often used to craft contemporary office furniture are glass, steel, iron, and other cold metals. 

The contemporary home office should show the connection between the interiors and the expansive outdoors. Patio sliders could lead to the outdoor spaces (e.g. patio or deck). 

More and more contemporary home offices are now being designed with green materials like bamboo. And as the family grows, the style can easily adapt to the requirements. 


Personalize your space by adding a lovely mug for your pencils and pens, sticky notes, notepads, basket containers, and books that would fill your gorgeous bookshelves. 

Organize vertically if you have limited space and horizontally if you want an spacious layout. 

In all three designs, it is vital that you shop for the right California office furniture Sacramento pieces. Unless you would want a contemporary office, then you could look for homey furnishings. 

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