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7 Clever Ways to Correctly Store Wine
Even When You Don't Have A Cellar


Alright, so you have bottles of wines that you’re not planning on drinking straightaway. What are you planning to do with them? Before you begin setting up a wine cellar of your own, it is crucial to know that not all fine wines can be stored for aging.  

The majority of wines in the market should be consumed within just a few years that they were made. If you want to collect wines that you would want to mature, then you should consider investing in professional-grade storage equipment. Otherwise, planning for wine storage as a part of your Sacramento home design is a better way to go. 


            Incorporating Wine Storage Into Your Sacramento Home Design 

               I.   Pick A Location 

           II.   Cool Throughout 

          III.   But Not Too Cool 

          IV.  Lights Off Please 

           V.  A Little Humidity Please 

          VI.  Just Go Sideways 

         VII.  Shake Not 

          And Now the Essentials 

Incorporating Wine Storage Into Your Sacramento Home Design 

Anyone who's ever uncorked a Ridge Monte Bello that's been aged for 30 years knows perfectly how California wine ages well. The bouquet is captivating and evolved, freshness remains on the palate, and a sip feels silky in the mouth - all characteristics of well-aged wine. And talk of wine regions, there are just so many in the Golden State so this is the perfect spot to collect and potentially store wines.

No wine cellar? No worries 'cause we've got you and your interior design Sacramento project covered. 

Pick A Location 

<img src=&quot;wine cabinet.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;wooden wine cabinet&quot;> Hooker Furniture Dining Room Roslyn County Wine Cabinet

Location, location, location. If you don’t have a not-too-damp room such as a basement, then you can always improvise. The simplest racks should be fine, to begin with. But don’t even think about storing wine bottles inside the kitchen, boiler room, or a laundry room. These are usually areas that sustain hot temperatures so wander off of there.

Any vacant storage area can actually be repurposed as a wine cellar. Find a location that’s far away from a direct hit of the rays of the sun and one that has at least one cooling unit. Your home design Sacramento plan must consider information such as the angles where the sun hits certain parts of your home. 

If there are no extra rooms, then store the wine bottles in a bar cabinet or even in a box cocktail table under the stairs or an unheated cabinet elsewhere in your home. 

Cool Throughout

<img src=&quot;buffet.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;wooden buffet.&quot;>

Heat and wine are never best friends.  Wine temperatures that go beyond 70⁰F will inevitably age wine more quickly and the results are usually far from desirable. This is pretty much like cooking the wine instead of aging it; and when the wine gets cooked, the flavors and aromas are inevitably flattened

The ideal temperature in any wine cellar is anywhere between 45⁰F and 65⁰. Of course, this is never an exact science especially since the location of your chosen wine storage area will also add to the eventual flavors and aromas of your wines.

Don’t get too worried if your assigned wine room is not too cool. So long as you consume the wines within a few years, you should be good. 

But Not Too Cool

Coming Soon on Hooker Furniture: Dining Room Melange Bale Bar Cabinet 

Refrigerating your wine bottles for just a couple of months is fine but to go for years of fridge storage means you will soon dry up the cork stopper. Your fridge lacks ample moisture to keep the cork stopper on the bottle’s mouth so it is best to plan your home improvement Sacramento project around your wine storage goals. 

If refrigeration can become an enemy of wine storage, then so is freezing. Frozen wine produces ice crystals that, in turn, expand the wine in the bottle. This results in the cork being pushed out.

Lights Off Please

<img src=&quot;bar cabinet.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;wooden bar cabinet.&quot;>

As mentioned, sunlight, and just about any type of direct lighting, is a potential problem for wine storage. The UV rays of the sun could age wine prematurely which is why most wine bottles come in dark colors.

The bulbs in the wine room or wherever you chose to store the wine bottles may not age the wine but they can, over time, fade the wine labels so it is best to use incandescent bulbs or halogen lamps rather than fluorescent lamps.

And that wine cabinet? Keep its doors closed so only minimal amounts of light are let in. 

A Little Humidity Please

<img src=&quot;bar cabinet.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;wooden bar cabinet.&quot;>                    Hooker Furniture Dining Room Ciao Bella Bar Cabinet

The ideal humidity level for wine storage is within 50-70%. Humidity that is higher than 70% leads to mold growth and the degradation of the glue and wine labels; below 50% means the cork will dry out resulting in evaporation and degradation. 

Since dry air can eventually dry out the corks and eventually spoil the wine, it is best to have just a little moisture. With the right Sacramento interior design plan, these humidity issues can be solved and even totally avoided. If you need professionals to do the planning for you, then set an appointment with one of our expert designers on Designer on Demand

Keeping a pan of water in your wine cellar should improve the wines’ condition. Make sure also that you consume the wine within 10 years or you will need to worry about professional storage.

You can also install a vapor barrier. A cooling unit, on its own, will not add humidity or moisture in the cellar air. You will still need to install a humidifier to do that. See if you can invest in a humidifier that comes with a cooling unit so all your humidity problems are solved. 

Just Go Sideways

More often than not, wine bottles are stored on their sides – and they are stored in this manner for a good reason. This is not just a space-efficient way of storing them but also a definite way to keep the corks damp. Standing bottles result in dry corks over time which results in bland-tasting wine.

This storage technique is also especially useful where there are no glass, screw caps, or plastic corks to stop your wine bottles.

If you’re going to consume the wines that you bought in the next few years, though, then it’s perfectly fine to have them stored – standing – in a cabinet.

Shake Not

<img src=&quot;bar cabinet.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;wooden bar cabinet.&quot;>

There are many theories which state that vibration can cause chemical reactions that can damage the wine. The world’s most serious wine collectors are quite obsessive about the non-vibrating setup for their wine bottles. It’s been observed that significant vibration has disturbed older wines’ sediments making them gritty in the process.

And Now the Essentials


For the inexperienced, the world of wines can be daunting. There are, after all, many different tastes to consider and storage rules to remember. Although this is the case, wine storage does not have to be complicated.

You can begin by shopping for the right wine cabinet. This rack or cabinet must also be able to hold other wine storage essentials, not just your bottles of wine.

Learn about the different kinds of racks. The free-standing wine rack can easily blend with any kind of décor. This is mostly made of metal or wood. This fits well in modern settings and can also be considered as the pièce de résistance of your design.

Wine rack storage systems are sensible investments for people who want to enjoy wine every few days. The best racks can keep wines stored in top condition for many years for as long as the room temperature is ideal. 

Countertop wine racks, on the other hand, are ideal for kitchen counters. They can also be set up in any part of your home or in a dedicated wine cellar.

The wine cabinet comes with drawers and often has extra shelving where you can store wine glasses, towels, and other home bar paraphernalia.

The wine console table is a fusion of the wine rack and an accent table so it is a stylish accent piece that you can place in any area where you want to entertain people.

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