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7 Tips on How to Make the Most of Outdoor Views

Would you dare not look at a picturesque scene right outside of your living room or dining room?

Have you ever thought about how the rooms with the most pleasant vibe in your home are actually those that present a wonderful view of the outdoors? You might think that your landscaping, window fashions, and the snow-capped mountain near your home have nothing to do with your Sacramento interior design but they can actually play a huge role in terms of aesthetics.

If you live near a seashore or if your home happens to be surrounded by a lot of trees, then you can increase the beauty of your interiors by taking advantage of these tantalizing outdoor views.

Utilizing Outdoor Views in Your Sacramento Home

<img src=&quot;dining room.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;white walled dining room with a picturesque view, wooden dining set, and other dining room design elements.&quot;>

#1.  Plan

Prior to setting up the landscaping on your exterior grounds, you can plan that space by looking from the inside out. More often than not, homeowners plan their landscaping standing outdoors, buying the plants right away, and positioning them where they look best coming from the street. 

You can actually change this approach.

Go inside your home then see how you can create the perfect view for those massive windows. McCreery's Home Furnishings also offers Hunter Douglas window treatments that can perfectly frame scenic views and skylines. 

You would also want to plan a layout that will perfectly frame the trees and the bushes that are grown outdoors. Cap your project by highlighting flowering plants.

Don’t be limited to just one room, though. Remember that landscaping can be viewed from three or even more rooms at the same time. The earlier you plan the layout, the happier you will be with the result that you will accomplish. 

#2.  Use An Outdoor-Based Palette

<img src=&quot;living room.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;living room with large glass windows, seating units, and other design elements.&quot;>

That huge glass pane could serve as one of the walls in a living room. This is the case for a lot of homes that are set up to optimize daylight. It’s like having a full wall painted with nature’s colors. Just imagine if you have a home that overlooks the Pacific Ocean – you will see the sandy hues and the blues and greens each day.

For outdoor views that are brighter and more vibrant, consider using neutrals for your interior palette so that the focus will now be shifted to the fabulous vistas. Ask a window treatment specialist to plan the perfect window coverings Sacramento styles for your home. 

#3.  Create Panoramic Views

<img src=&quot;sectional.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;two tone sectional in a well-lit living room.&quot;>

If you don’t already have them at the moment, then there’s no better time than now to create one.

Remodel your home to include a sunroom, porch, conservatory, or outdoor rooms that are all great ways to bring nature in. Make sure that this new room will not disrupt the present floor plan.

Set up a screen if you already have a porch. You can also have your landscape designed with fountains, planters, or even simple potted plants. 

Living in a condominium? No problem. 

Draw those window treatment Sacramento curtains or drapes and showcase the breathtaking skyline throughout the day or at night. 

#4.  Topple Walls and Bring In Greeneries

<img src=&quot;living room.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;neutral-colored living room with sectional and other design elements.&quot;>

If your Sacramento home is like a lot of homes nowadays with the outdoors blocked with heavy draperies, opaque walls, and dark colors, then it’s up to you to create a vista. Here’s a compromise that you will have to make, though – you need to plan the entry points for natural light since the plants will need this as you and your family would, too.

Open up your space by breaking down walls if necessary. You can also place potted plants on the outer part of the windowsills and have the inner sills filled with these potted beauties, too. What you’ll have created is a unified look that will fuse the outdoor and indoor greeneries.

Should you have a window that looks out to an unsightly part of the neighborhood, then turn this around by planting ivy and allowing it to climb on a decorative trellis. Before you know it, your home will be paradisiacal.

#5.  One Window Is All It Takes

<img src=&quot;condominium.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;condominium unit with neutral-colored seating units.&quot;>

Sometimes, all it takes to connect the indoors with the outdoors is one huge window that will provide the best viewing experience. When uncertain, pick a clean, uninterrupted, panoramic view as much as you can.

Pick the floor-to-ceiling type of window complete with sliding doors going straight to the patio. An alternative is the picture window, sliding window, or casement window.

Say no to grilles.

There is also another single window that could provide all the views that you would need. It can even help with the illumination in your home. Installing a skylight allows you to rely on natural lighting as you also get to have a good view of the blue skies.

#6.  Aesthetics and Security


Apart from its aesthetic benefits, a home office window that looks out into the yard will allow the parent to work while still keeping an eye on his or her kids. You also have the advantage of seeing who approaches your property.

Privacy is the main concern for glass window installations, though. If you don’t want people looking into your home all the time, then you could partially obscure the window glasses or have the glass panes tinted. Just be sure to use Hunter Douglas window blinds or curtains at night because the tint will only obscure the view during the day. 

Speaking of window treatments, you will surely get a lot of useful tips in our previous article - Are You Ready to Update Your Window Treatments for 2020

#7.  Install the Right Window


The window materials aren’t the only things that you should be concerned about. These materials, after all, need the proper architectural frames so that they could truly feature the outdoor sceneries.

Here are the window types that are often used to showcase the best outdoor scenery

Bay. This is a projecting, three-paneled unit. It is often wide enough to present the landscape in a single frame. It can easily fuse with any architectural feature or it can also be perennially Victorian. It is versatile so it can even be used to replace an old picture window.

Bow. This is much like the bay window but with extra broad glass panes. It can house up to six panels. The sub-windows can be operated so you can let in the breeze while clearly enjoying the views outside.

Picture. This can easily become the focal point in a home. It is basically large so it can provide an expansive view of the outdoors. This does not open, though, so you can combine it with an operating window or two.

Sliding. These may be short but they are wide so they’re the best for smaller rooms that come with low ceilings. You also don’t sacrifice a lot of wall space so you get to enjoy nature without eating up much square footage.

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