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8 Exciting 4th of July Activities
How to Make the Day More Memorable in Your Sacramento Home

According to Wikipedia, independence day, known colloquially as the fourth of July, is a federal holiday that commemorates the declaration of independence in the united states.  This was done on July 4, 1776. Nowadays, this is a holiday that is commonly associated with family barbeques, fireworks, carnivals, parades, fairs, family reunions, baseball games, and other ceremonies. 

Don't think that this day is just for the 4th of July party. It's summer so the weather is warm so you can go out with your family to share delicious food outdoors. But, of course, this year is different because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the social distancing requirements. This shouldn't be a reason to say no to the celebration, though, because there are many other activities that you can do to safely observe the holiday without breaking social distancing protocols.

Here are some more 4th of July ideas to consider -- 

Go Patriotic with Arts and Crafts


A huge part of any 4th of July party list the decor. There are fireworks and different red white and blue motifs in homes. As soon as you have figured out what food and beverages to serve and what activities to do on this festive day, think about the decorations and activities, too. 

Creating 4th of July crafts should not eat your time. Make sure that you still have enough time to prepare for the patriotic event. 

This first activity will test your paper folding skills and techniques. It is also a great diversion for adults who are prepping for the activity and for the youngsters who need to be kept busy while the adults' hands are full. The materials that you will need for this craft are cheap and most of the tools are already in your home. You will need a pair of scissors, a ruler, paper (preferably gift wrapper), and double stick tape (optional). To follow the steps on how to create a basic paper boat as one of your 4th of July ideas, watch this one-minute YouTube video -- 


After making the paper boat, stick a mini flag in the middle then make some more pieces. Ise the patriotic paper boats as simple home decor. 

The next activity is a pillowcase making activity that is something you can do with grandma. While the pillowcases may be one of the overlooked interior design ideas in the bedroom, these little pieces have the power to make or break the overall stylishness of the space. You may spend as little or as much time crafting the pillowcases. You can do this, days before the 4th of July party, or have this become one of the activities on that day.

Here is a YouTube pillowcase making tutorial with a fourth of July theme --


You can also come up with window fashions or dress up your front yard with simple decor such as buntings, bald eagle, a poster of Uncle Sam, medallions, or dress up the gazebo with miniature flags. You can also go four stick-on stars as embellishments for your table runners and doormats.

How about thinking of window fashions that are suitable for the occasion? Since windows are one of the leading house parts that get redecorated during independence day, then you might want to go all the way and set up the most stylish yet functional Hunter Douglas window treatments. Read about Updating Window Treatments for 2020

Water Activities

Again, since there is a need for social distancing, you can just create a simple water park in your home using the garden sprinklers and hose extension. The kids will surely be happy with their many hours of play as they also bring out their water guns. 

Read American History

For the bibliophiles, this is the perfect time to know what the 4th of July is all about and why it is celebrated as a holiday in the U.S. Read, together with your kids, some motivational books such as I Am Rosa Parks written by Brad Meltzer.

Just as patriotic is the commemoration of famous American speeches. Parents and kids can learn together as the little ones perform the greatest speeches such as the Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln or the winning speech by Martin Luther King entitled I Have A Dream

In-Home Hotdog Eating Contest

What could be more American for the fourth of July than hotdogs? Stage your own version of Nathan's Famous hotdog eating contest or have the kids try different versions of hotdogs with unique relishes and mustards.

4th of July Party or Picnic

No fourth of July party is complete without food and beverages. Since you cannot invite a lot of people at the moment, have your family share some mouthwatering appetizers, finger foods, and drinks. This time, spread the picnic blanket and share it with your loved ones. 

Try other food ideas such as chicken dogs, vegetable pizza, kebabs, and other outdoor feasts. Take into consideration the foods and drinks that are appealing to both adults and kids. If you are a meat-loving family, then there is no point in making a vegetarian pizza. And what is a fourth of July night if not capped with cakes and cupcakes for dessert?

The great thing about cakes and cupcakes these days is that they double as decor. You can go ahead and decorate with the obvious elements for the event such as red, white, and blue cakes. You can also serve bundt pound cakes, ice cream pops complete with frozen berries, and Alaska's. Check out these other 4th of July desserts that are just as colorful and exciting as the fireworks show. 

4th of July Beach Trip

If you live within driving distance of one of the beaches, then you can pack for a simple fun day under the sun. You may spend the whole day there so plan the food that you will pack for your beach picnic. Be sure to check with local authorities to make sure that the beach where you're planning to hold your 4th of July get together is open. And see if you will be allowed to stay until the evening.

Just a Walk in the Park

If the beach is not an option and especially when you are concerned about social distancing then you can just take a walk in the park together with your family. Explore the neighborhood park and bring easy to carry fruits and beverages in your backpacks. This should be a fun enough activity that will not require huge gatherings.

If you're feeling up for a ball game since the professional baseball has been canceled because of the coronavirus when you might as well play ball with your family. Have the kids play a game filled with friendly competition.

Hunt for Furniture Sale Events  


Did you notice that major furniture sales events are centered on major holidays? The 4th of July is no different. And the biggest summer season sale is now here. Get a 15% discount on major items. This is your chance to redress the outdoor dining area as you set it up for alfresco dining or the front yard for the upcoming fourth of July decorations. Here are some inspiring interior design ideas to replicate using your 4th of July sale furniture pieces. 

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