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A Foodie’s Kitchen
The 5 Fundamental Sacramento Kitchen Design Tips That You Need to Remember


Are you a recent graduate who wants to move into your own apartment soon? Or are you newlyweds settling in your first home? Whatever your current situation is, this is that phase in your life when you will need some recipes and the right kind of kitchen equipment to complete your Sacramento interior design

Take a long look at your parents’ kitchen and see if you'll see things that will inspire you to jump-start your Sacramento kitchen design. This simple expedition should help you make a list of essentials for prepping, baking, or cooking the most flavorful dishes.

A Functional and Stylish Foodie's Sacramento Kitchen Design 


The kitchen is known as the heart of your home and don’t you agree that it is referred to as such because it is more than just a place where you could cook and eat? The key ingredients to a welcoming kitchen are your family, friends, and your guests. This is an area of socialization, a place where relationships flourish and remain intact.

So what can you do to make the kitchen a social spot?

Generally, people do not like hanging out inside desolate rooms. This means that your kitchen has to be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing so that people will be drawn to it.

The kitchen that comes with a small (or large) dining area has to have a generous amount of seating. Each chair must have comfy cushions. A beautiful dining table accessorized with a big bowl of fresh fruits will give the place a lived-in feel and a more inviting vibe.

You might also want to consider including a casual seating section. You would soon notice that people take more time to spend with you as they sit in that comfy chair in your kitchen. A sofa, cushioned bench, or chair would effortlessly create a welcoming ambiance. Placing the sofa perpendicular to the kitchen island would give the cooking area and chill out zone a more defined division.

Invest in the Right Cooking and Baking Tools 

You can splurge on a set of kitchen knives.

Yeah, go ahead, it’s okay.

It is essential to have a sharp chef’s knife inside your kitchen. This is one of the major tools that you need to always have. Stainless steel, high-carbon knives won’t stain or rust so they are your best option.

The knife that you buy should feel comfortable in your hand as you slice and dice. Invest also on paring knives, and a serrated knife. The types with metal blades extended to the back of the handles offer the perfect balance.

Other cooking tools include the cutting board (plastic, glass, or wood should work); vegetable peeler (the stainless steel type); can opener (the non-slip type); a salad spinner; a cheese grater preferably with soft rubber handles;  grater; steamer; etc.

Must-have appliances include a steamer, oven, toaster oven, or a microwave oven.

Here is A List of Food Preparation Utensils. And don't forget to buy a refrigerator that will store all of your ingredients, beverages, and snacks. Find inspiration in Gordon Ramsay's Refrigerator Essentials

Pick the Correct Kitchen Furniture 

The kitchen island is a freestanding cabinetry piece usually placed in the middle of the kitchen that supplements the countertop space. Featured above is a stylish Canadel kitchen island. Ask a designer about this unique kitchen furniture on Designer on Demand. 

McCreery’s Home Furnishings has a wide array of chairs, dining tables, bar stools, dining benches, buffets, and kitchen islands to choose from. Gather your family around the table for a scrumptious dinner with your new kitchen furniture. Entertain your guests in style with your new Sacramento kitchen design

The dining room isn't the only place where you enjoy your meals with friends and family. At times, in a more laidback setting, the kitchen can also be set up as a place to entertain guests while you show them your Masterclass-level cooking skills. 

In order to create the perfect space, it is crucial to invest in the right kind of furniture. Our shops have individual pieces as well as coordinating choices for both casual and formal dining functions.

One of our fine furniture brandsCanadel Furniture, customizes dining tables and chairs. They also offer to customize kitchen islands so that they will perfectly fit the heart of your home. 

Dining tables range from rectangular, oval, to round styles. Dining chairs can be traditional wood with fabric, leather, or wicker. There are also dining room collections to choose from if in case you want your custom kitchen designer to fuse your dining area with the kitchen. 

How about the benches? These work in either formal or informal dining. These are often used as extra seating to a dining table. Benches can match the dining chairs or they can be eclectic yet still look cohesive, design-wise.

Buffets can store extra stemware, dinnerware, and table linens. The sideboards can also be used to display vases, lamps, and other decorative accessories.

Apart from the dining tables, chairs, and benches, you can also invest in a kitchen island. These are great for prepping meals. It can also serve as an extra countertop for your kitchen. Again, Canadel offers the finest choices for this kitchen element. 

Kitchen carts can also provide extra counter space inside the kitchen. These are smaller than the kitchen island yet they can still provide ample storage space. 

Bar stools are used as casual seating for guests or family members. There are short and tall stools that you can pair with the kitchen islands.

Remember that all kitchen furniture shouldn’t be merely stylish but also durable. Being the foodie that you are, and having invested in these kitchen essentials, all you need now is that first casserole dish to prove that you’re ready to please palates.

A foodie is a person who is particularly interested in food; a gourmet. 

Be Mindful of the Lighting 

Natural lighting is always best but come dusk or the evening, of course, no one wants to be found inside a dingy or poorly-lit room. Make the kitchen as bright as possible. You would want people to be uplifted when they enter that part of your home so better fill the kitchen up with light.

Having the place painted with a pale or white shade is also an easy way to make it appear brighter. Shutters can be used to cover just the lower part of the kitchen windows, allowing sunlight to naturally flow in during the day.

Are You Ready to Update Your Window Treatments for 2020 explains the most stylish ways that you can dress up the windows in your home. 

Choose Your Kitchen Style 

Kitchen + Dining Area 

If your kitchen was naturally built with a dining area, then it would require less effort to make that area feel like a hub. This can become your entertainment hub as opposed to the usual spot which is the living room.

You would be surprised at the number of people that you can actually accommodate in an open layout kitchen-dining space. 

Canadel perfectly captures the beauty of a shared kitchen and dining space in the image above. 

Kitchen + Breakfast Nook/Counter 

If you don’t want to dedicate a dining table inside the kitchen, then that’s okay. You can still set up a spot where guests, friends, and family members can sit down and have a chat while you are busy prepping the meal.

Having a breakfast bar right at the end of the kitchen peninsula or island is the right solution. This provides a comfy place for people to relax, tuck their knees in, and just be themselves.

Or you can mimic the image above where upholstered counter stools were set up right by the counter facing the kitchen. Imagine talking to the chef as he preps the set of meals - it's sublime. 

Kitchen + An Awesome View 

What if you are one of the few who are blessed with a picturesque view right outside the kitchen window? What do you think you would do with that?

When you are planning a kitchen remodel, then think about how you can include that view. Make the kitchen more inviting by facing the dining nook towards the window. If the kitchen has clear windows or doors looking out the terrace or garden, then make sure that everyone faces the beautiful scenery. 

Start Your Sacramento Kitchen Design Now

There's no better time to begin your Sacramento kitchen design project than now. Fill up the refrigerator with your own essentials and then shop for the best kitchen furniture. Search for different pieces that offer durability, value, and beauty. And, yes, you can even get your kitchen furnishings during a special sale event!

The great news is, McCreery's Home Furnishings is currently holding a sales event. Professional kitchen design begins with you picking only the finest furniture for your home. Don't have any idea how to start? That's okay, too. Ask our expert designers on Designer on Demand and you'll have your dream kitchen in no time. 


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