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A Practical Guide To Owning A Custom Dining Table
Featuring Canadel Furniture


So, you’ve lived all your life having a dining table in your dining room, right? Well, it’s really difficult to imagine a time when this piece of fine furniture is non-existent. Store-bought pieces are great but an even greater option is to shop for custom dining table meant for your Sacramento home design

Throughout a huge part of furniture history, though, people ate on smaller tables. There was also a time when round stone platforms, referred to as mensa lunata by the Romans, even served as dining tables. The larger dining tables actually didn’t come till much later. 

And as we all know, tables were (and still are) being used when playing games and writing. 

The Dining Table: Earliest History

<img src=&quot;dining room&quot; alt=&quot;dining room with wooden floorboards, white walls, white ceilings, wooden dining table, and white, upholstered chairs&quot;>

Most homes have the dining table as the focal piece of fine furniture in the dining room. At times, it can also be found in the great room or the kitchen. But this was not the case back in time. Historically, the kitchen and the dining room were far away from one another, which makes sense since the kitchen can get hot and could easily cause house fires. 

Back in the Middle Ages, the dining room table was long yet portable. This is so adjustments can be easily made when everyone in the castle needed to be seated. Dining was almost always done at the Great Hall which is a huge multi-function room that could easily accommodate the entire castle population. 

Parts of a dining table (A Pinterest image).

So what happened to this dining table? Why did it suddenly become a lot smaller? 

Eventually, the nobles began to ask for a more intimate gathering in their parlors so the dining was taken off of the main hall. This kind of dining ushered in greater comfort for everyone. This was also quite suitable to the political setting at that time. 

As the years passed, the dining room table went farther and farther away from the Great Hall and, eventually, it was just reserved for special occasions. 


The Dining Table: Unique Trivia

On the outset of the 18th century, it was pretty common for men to stay in the dining area while the ladies withdrew to their rooms. The gents had to stay to discuss business and other matters (‘remember that scene in the 1997 movie Titanic?) so they also used the dining room as a conference room of sorts. 

It’s because of this that the décor as well as the fine furniture reflected the affairs of that time. 

In the Victorian Era, even the mere suggestion of a female-shaped dining table leg was taboo. The indecorous table legs were often covered so that men won’t imagine something else when they see them. 

The Dining Table: Modern Times 

<img src=&quot;condominium&quot; alt=&quot;condominium unit designed with a Canadel dining set, a marble kitchen sink, and leather sofa&quot;>

Modern dining room design now include tables and sets of chairs. These are situated at the center of the room with other furnishings such as china cabinet, consoles, and side tables

The dining rooms are increasingly being used for holidays and formal occasions when numerous guests flock while the family meals are already eaten at the breakfast nook, kitchen, or breakfast bar

The dining table – no matter where it is situated – says a lot about you and your home. It will tell the guests that you have a close-knit family or you only use it as a complement to the rest of your Sacramento interior design

Sitting and eating with your family during mealtime is reflective of a healthy home. And that dining table is not just a focal point but also a shining testament of that fact. 

The Dining Table: It's Shopping Time 


The dining table is mainly a place for you to eat and sit. It also comes with other functions such as a place where the kids could do their assignments or a place where meetings can be conducted. 

There are many factors that you need to consider when shopping for your custom dining table such as: 

Material. There are different combinations as well as styles that you can pick from. And as you pick the material, ensure that it will fuse well with the rest of your home’s theme. 

Shape. The shape of a custom dining table, you may not realize it at first, is a determinant on whether or not it will harmonize with the rest of your Sacramento interior design

The round table, for instance, is calmer and smoother as opposed to the broader and more imposing look that a rectangular dining table would offer. 

Colors. The color is also one of the most difficult choices to look through when you want to pick the right custom furniture piece. Neutrals are a popular choice because they are easy to blend with the rest of any interior design Sacramento project. The bolder individuals go for bright hues  and that’s fine, too. 

The Custom Dining Table


A lot of fine furniture brands are mass-producing their pieces because it makes shopping more convenient for a lot of customers. But, the downside to this is that you’re going to end up with the same bookshelf or sofa that your neighbor might already have. 

‘Going bespoke? Why not? 

Remember that custom furniture pieces are built to last. Ordering from a known brand such as Canadel Furniture means your furniture will perfectly fit. So if you’re designing for a home with bay windows, cornices or a fireplace, then the dining table won’t look odd with gaps anymore.

You also put the power in your hands when you go for customized furniture. Just look at it this way – there is no need to settle for dirt-cheap, flimsy pieces of furniture anymore. Instead, you can pick the style from the Canadel dining table roster that will specifically address your personal needs. 

If you’re an eco-friendly consumer, then customized furniture is also a great option. There is now a wide range of environment friendly and sustainable materials like recycled wood, bamboo, and hemp board. 

Canadel promises to reduce its impact to the environment as they purchase materials locally, recycle, and use packing materials that are manufactured from recycled fibers. 


Now let’s talk of uniqueness. If you want your home to become an expression of who you really are, then, by all means, you should customize your furniture. 

Work hand-in-hand with a Sacramento interior designer so you could both come to a concession on the materials and style that you require on your custom dining table

McCreery's Home Furnishings has a team of experts that can help you with your customization needs. 

Are you planning on having a piece of custom wood dining table that you could hand down to your posterity? Then bespoke is also a great option. Custom creation is equal to quality craftsmanship, high end interior design, the best materials, and a unique look so you are ensured that the piece will last for generations. 

Complete the look that you’ve concocted with the right fabric, finish, and nailheads. 

Explore more customized Canadel options at our furniture showroom. Also, you might want to read more about this custom dining tables Sacramento brand that's one of the world's finest:

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That custom dining table by Canadel Furniture piece is now waiting for you so what are you going to do about it? 

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