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Bed Buying 101
3 Easy Tips in Finding the Best Sacramento Bed and Mattress


Happy New Year! With the holidays now over, you're probably feeling a great need to rest. That Sacramento bed and plush mattress look so inviting don't they? Now, did you know that you are bound to spend a third of your life in bed? No, this isn’t a bad prophecy - this is truth.

According to a research article posted by PubMed, people will spend one-third of their lives sleeping. Since this is the case, you need to shop (more like invest) in a bed and mattress that will last for a long time. 

If you have been having difficulty trying to sleep lately and if you toss and turn a lot, then you could be having a problem – not just with your sleep routine but also probably with your bed or mattress.

If lying in the middle of the night means feeling backaches in the morning, then it’s really time to shop for a bed or mattress replacement.

Sacramento Bed Shopping in 3 Steps 

#1.  Sacramento Bed Must Be Comfortable 


The most important factor that you need to consider when visiting bedroom furniture Sacramento stores is comfort. Keep in mind that you will never enjoy sleeping in a bed that’s uncomfortable. No matter how fashionable it may appear, a bed is a bed and it is meant to be slept in - comfortably.

To shop for a new Sacramento bed, you need to know how it would feel to sleep in it. Find the right bed size. Remember that a bed is your long-term investment which means you’ll own it for no less than 10 years.

A twin size bed is suitable for single sleepers such as a child, a teenager, or a small adult. This is a perfect bed for studio apartments and for smaller rooms (e.g. a guest room). 

The twin XL bed, on the other hand, is a great bed for tall sleeper. It is also great to use in smaller bedrooms or a guest room. 

The full or double bed can sleep two regular size adults minus pets. This is also apt for a single adult who sleeps with his beloved pets. 

The queen size bed is great for one adult with pets or a couple without pets. 

The standard king size bed is best for a single adult with children or pets, or a couple with a large pet or one child. 

Lastly, the California king bed is best for an adult who wants to have extra sleeping space with several children or pets. Two adults with several kids or pets?

No problem. 


 Think also of the size of the room when buying your new Sacramento bed

And since it's almost Chinese New Year, it's time to consider the best Feng Shui for bed placement: 


Will the bed need to conform to your body shape and size? In a manner, yes. If you are having difficulty finding the best position to sleep in your choice of bed then that isn’t the bed that’s meant for you.

#2.  Mattress Also Matters


An important part of fashionable beds is the mattress so you have to research this part thoroughly before you settle in buying one. 

Mattress firmness is that initial feeling that you experience when you lie on top of it. Do you sink right into it or do you feel like you're lightly resting? Does it offer a great amount of push back or does the material follow the contours of your body? 

You can gauge the level of comfort by feeling how soft and firm the mattress feels when it is placed on the bed. This should be comfortable but it must also be able to give you ample support.

Soft or Plush 

Soft or plush mattresses fall within the 3 to 5 over 10 firmness scale range. These are generally made with cushioning materials such as quilted top and thick memory foam sections especially on the top layers. 

A soft mattress is characterized by its body-contouring, deep sinkage, and pressure relief. Side sleepers should find soft mattresses to be the best type of mattress for them because these offer extra comfort on the shoulders, hips, and the lower back. 

The Sealy Maple Lane Plush is an example of this kind of mattress: 

Medium Firm 

Medium firm mattress falls within the 6 to 7 out of 10 firmness scale range. This is often a combination of the soft foam with firmer or sturdier foundations (e.g. pocketed coils or high density polyurethane foam). 

This mattress still offers sinkage but it's not as much as the plush mattress. You're likelier to be lifted up of your chosen Sacramento bed. It is for this reason that it is a great choice for back and combination sleepers. 

The Tempur ADAPT Medium is an example of a medium firmness Tempur mattress:  


Finally, the firm mattress falls within the 8-10 firmness scale range. This rarely uses plush materials on the comfort (top) layers. Instead, there is a thin layer of plush foam on top of springs or high-density poly foam. 

This is an extra supportive mattress as it offers a lot of push back. Stomach sleepers and heavy people will surely love the support that is provided by this mattress. 

The Stearns and Foster Hurston Firm mattress is designed to deliver supreme, indulging comfort with the help of IntelliCoil® and other durable materials. 

Take note that the secret to having a good night’s sleep is to have a quality bed base and a mattress that suit your sleeping style. These two components must always work hand-in-hand. If you observe that you sleep better in a hotel room than in your own bed at home, then you probably have the wrong kind of bed. You should start shopping for a replacement soon.

You need to try lying on the mattress so you’d know whether it’s the right one to buy. If you don’t feel comfortable in the mattress, then move on to the next mattress and bed combination and so on.

Don’t be ashamed to test mattresses in the mattress warehouse. If you’re sharing a Sacramento bed with someone, then make sure that you shop together. Lie with your sleeping partner then attempt to roll towards each other. One of you must not feel the motion as the other one gets out of bed. A bed that’s too soft will sink one or both of you in while one that’s too hard will not mould to your sleeping partner’s or your body contours.

#3.  Find the Best Bedroom Sets Sacramento Experts


Buying a bed does not mean that you just find a piece that you would want to sleep on at night. There is more to just lying in bed. This piece of fine furniture must primarily ensure that you get the best night’s sleep. If not, then it’s not the right bed or mattress for you.

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