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Bunk Beds Sacramento
What Are Your Best Options?

Sleeping alone is never fun. If the siblings can share a bedroom with a properly installed bunk beds, parents are sure to become so much happier. 

If your little ones request that they want new bunk beds, would you concede? After all, what could make them happier? They could climb and play and have their own private spot where the adults are off limits. How cool would it also be to have their summer camp setup right in your own home? ‘Time to consider your bunk beds Sacramento choices. 

First, let’s make it clear that you’re able to identify a bunk bed from a loft. Some homeowners are actually thinking of a loft when they go searching for a bunk bed. The loft bed sits high and also provides the features that a bunk bed has. 

There are many sleep options for your kids’ bedroom. Learn the differences as well as the possibilities. By the time that you’re furniture shopping, you should already discuss what you require of your bunk bed. 

It can be an overwhelming feeling when you’re redecorating because the kids are actually growing. And this is not just a question of having enough space or unlimited budget. But the homeowner who has a limited space to work with or someone who wants to have multiple uses for one piece of furniture would often resort to furniture like a bunk bed. 

Bunks vs. Lofts 

By definition, the bunk bed is one bed on top of another. There could be added layers if the owner wants to but the least number of bed is two. The bunk bed variation includes the twin bunk beds. The height variations are low, medium, and high. 

If the twin bunk is too small, then there are bigger options such as the Queen, Full and XL. For three or more kids, you can already begin searching for triple or the quadruple bunk beds. 

So which style would you go for? The entry options include angled ladders, the straight variety, or the stair type. Bunk bed storage is also available for homeowners who want to customize. A third trundle could also be added so that more sleeping space could be installed. 

The best way to dress up the kids’ bunk bed is to use slides and curtains. 

Lofts, on the other hand, are designed to have an extras workstation or desk. That’s what that bottom bunk is all about. Don’t expect a pullout bed in there. The materials often used for bunk beds are metal and wood while the loft bed can be any of these two or plastic. 

The top bunk of a loft is also used only for sleeping but the bunk bed’s top part could be repurposed to become a storage unit. Simply put, you can have multiple sleeping layers on a bunk bed but the loft comes with just the top bunk. 

Both the bunk beds and the loft bed are able to free up floor space for homeowners who want to do more with their space. And now that you know the similarities and difference of the two, it’s time to break down the information about bunk beds. 

Bunk Beds Sacramento History 

If you are to trace back the history of bunk beds in general, you will learn that they haven’t been around that long. They may be one of the staple pieces for large or growing families but their starting point is pretty difficult to pinpoint. 

Since the bed was first used in ancient Egypt, it would be safe to presume that people used to sleep on the ground before that time. Their beds were simple hay that’s used as a floor buffer. 

Such beds are far from comfortable or relaxing so, soon, the Egyptians made a frame that was filed with soft filling like feathers or cotton. These beds were originally meant for the noble and elites but they eventually became a normal part of every bedroom. 

There were no particular people that were considered as the inventors of bunk beds, although, it is believed that they were already existing during the medieval times when the poor badly needed to save on space. 

The military made this bed more popular as they were able to allow more soldiers to sleep. From those number of rested soldiers that were doubled came the staple that is now seen in many homes with more or younger family members. Even ships and dorms now make good use of this useful piece of furniture. 

The bunk bed is, more often than not, made of wood or metal. This offered the classic look while the bunk beds that had metal framing were the ones that showed a more contemporary style. 

The twin over twin bunk bed is, simply, a twin size bed on top of the other similar-sized bed. The traditional twin bunk bed is also referred to as standard bunk bed. 

There are also L-shaped bunk beds, and the futon bunk bed. 

The L-shaped variety is designed with an right-angled bed at the bottom. The other side of this bunk bed is often used as a study or worktable. The three bunk beds is for families with three kids. There is a twin size bed on top and another one that’s perpendicular to it. The bottom part is a either a full size or twin-sized bed. 

It is great to witness how the bunk beds have evolved and eventually reached North America. The standard bunk bed is now more sophisticated. There are fun bunk beds, futon bunk beds, and other varieties to choose from. These are the best choices for homes that are limited on space. In the process, you even satiate the kids’ need to play, sleep, and study. 

Are bunk beds also good to be used by teenagers? 

Why not? The multiple sleeping spaces are ideal for teenaged kids who want to bring over some friends for an overnighter. The multiple sleeping spaces offer three, or even more people, a restful sleeping area. There’s no need to sacrifice floor space anymore because you can add sleeping spaces vertically. 

Having bunk beds will also eliminate the need to have a box spring and mattress fusion. Can you imagine what a pain it is to find the right mattress for your box spring? 

That’s a dilemma no more. The bunk bed Sacramento styles come with built-in support system for mattresses. You can even save some money on your shopping process. 

Don’t worry about sleeping like the military because the bunk beds have gone a long way from the rough designs that they used to have. The railings are now even sturdier and the mattress is now softer than ever. 

So let’s go ahead and utilize that generous vertical space once and for all. Shop for bunk beds Sacramento pieces now. 

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