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Can You Recognize A Fine Furniture Sacramento Piece?
Find Out the 4 Tell-tale Signs

The definition of fine furniture can be pretty straightforward. To others, though, it is a lot more than good furniture. Fine furniture Sacramento pieces are created to last and would only be called as such once it has proven its worth.

When you are out to invest in something, you may as well make the endeavor worthwhile – it should last forever. And in order to solidify this claim, an artisan must not be afraid to give at least a warranty on the product.

What Is Fine Furniture?

Fine furniture, in essence, is a fusion of strength, structure, and good design. It also comes with a full finish that can easily go in and out of styling eras.

Fine furniture brands defy trends because they will always have a place in anyone’s home. Each piece is classic and chic, it is everything that you would want in an heirloom quality furniture.

Have you tried to define fine furniture? What are they really? If you Google the term, it will give you a lengthy list of dealers and top brands that sell quality furniture. But is the pricey sales tag equal to a fine furniture Sacramento piece? 

It is possible that the furniture is expensive because the craftsman or designer is known in the furniture industry. If this is the case, then what other qualifiers must you know to start finding the best furniture stores in Sacramento

The word fine has many meanings. For instance, answering the question of how are you doing means you need the adverb form of the word fine which means satisfactory. 

The adjective form, well, that’s a totally different meaning altogether. Fine, when used as an adjective, means of high quality. 

To a lot of people, fine furniture is equal to quality craftsmanship. For instance, the joinery is built to keep the furniture together for many, many years. The best construction methods can even make pieces last a lifetime (or more). 

Yet furniture is an oft-abused piece. It is often tipped, pulled, stood on, and stacked. There are also times when furniture is mishandled. You will know that what you have is fine furniture if it is able to withstand such pressures easily. 

Apart from the joinery, the framework and the rest of the furniture parts are also visually balanced. Most of these are natural wood furniture pieces that have the correct height, length, and width. All these play a part in creating that fine piece of furniture that you so admire.  Another evidence of quality is when you see each molding with its perfect dimensions that help bring harmony to the entire piece.

Fine Furniture Making

The study of past furniture styles in history can educate the present generation. This knowledge could lay the needed groundwork for the future pieces that are going to be created. 

There are two purposes for fine furniture. First, it must serve its function, and then it must have quality construction that will make it last a lifetime. 

Oh, there is even a third – that it must be beautiful enough to be admired by everyone. 

Learning about the past furniture pieces will give the present artisans something to build on. Just imagine the secret symbols in all those Egyptian hieroglyphs and the carvings in many European homes – they are all inspiring concepts that present-day artisans can now study. 

Yet another meaning to the word fine is unmarred discipline. This means considering also the heart and soul of the entire creative process. There will always be a certain level of responsibility for each piece that’s being created. 

Just consider natural wood furniture. This can only be made because a certain tree had been hewn down and now its timber is being used to construct a quality piece of furniture. This tree had to grow for decades or hundreds of years in order to provide the wood that’s now being crafted by a master artisan. 

You don’t just saw and hammer a quality piece of hardwood – you give it ample time, expertise, and energy so that it will become a beautiful piece that’s worthy of admiration. 

Every wooden piece has its own unique qualities. These should be brought out during the creation process. This can be the durability of the wood or its elegant grains. It could also be the curves naturally brought about by years of being exposed to the elements. 

Working upon the unique qualities of the woods and combining it with the features of other materials will bring about a harmony that’s refined and one-of-a-kind. 

Remember that every piece of fine furniture is built with heart. The craftsmen know that they were able to give life to something that will provide comfort, shelter, and even happiness. In a way, a special bond has been formed between the master craftsman and his creation, and utmost reverence is observed during the process. 

The most respected fine furniture makers talk about their work caliber. They are constantly looking for improvements, the right questions to ask, and what could hamper them from producing the pieces with the highest quality. 

So what else should you look for when finding furniture that has the highest levels of craftsmanship? You see, the finest furniture is built to last so it is also meant to be timeless. 

The fusion of structure, exceptional design, and strength provide the characteristics of fine furniture. This is that furniture piece that won’t go in and out of style. 

Now let’s break down the rest of the things that you need to check to make sure that you’re buying no less than fine furniture – 

#1.  Only the Finest Materials 

<img src=&quot;posterbed.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;Fine Furniture Quintessence Baldwin King Bed.&quot;>

One of the key indicators that you’re buying fine furniture is the way the timbers were constructed. Check how the colors match. 

Creating furniture with one piece of timber is not enough. Fine furniture should level up to the point where the timber isn’t just balancing its own looks but also the rest of your home design. 

Bespoke makers also have a close relationship with the best timber millers. They know where the best sources of wood are. 

Don’t automatically think, though, that fine furniture is always made of wood and that it is supposed to be rustic or traditional looking. The finest pieces can be contemporary, progressive, or modern yet they can still be classified as fine pieces. 

Wood is just one of the finest materials used to create fine furniture but remember that it is not the only one. Check out other pieces such as those made with metal and leather. 

In this video, find out how Bradington Young, a custom leather furniture maker, creates fine furniture -- 


#2.  Finest Construction and Design 

<img src=&quot;leatherchair.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;Bradington Young Kirby Stationary Chair.&quot;>
Great design is a lot more than an aesthetically created piece. When keeping timber, you must remember that the best ones must always be on the move. This means furniture makers must seriously think about the furniture piece moving more often.

Simply put, bolted and screwed furniture pieces are usually not fine furniture. You should look for slotted screw holes and joints that have no gaps or even dark shadow lines (indicative of poor joinery).

You must also consider the furniture finish. A lot of fine furniture comes with a Danish or oil finish instead of the mass-produced, haphazardly-done pieces.

The key indicator that what you have is fine furniture is how well-matched the timbers are. This means, all the materials used to create that one piece of furniture is coordinated.

The creation of furniture with just one kind of timber is not enough, though. Fine furniture takes furniture making to a higher level. The fine timber must also be selected for its fine look as well as its potential

Natural wood furniture makers sometimes use the most complex ways to use wood when a different material could be the more feasible option to keep the costs down.  But great design is more than just aesthetics -- keep in mind that solid timber must not move.

Bolts and screws should have been properly driven in place. The rest of the joineries can be wood pieces locked together. There should be zero gaps so that you’re assured that it’s fine furniture that you’re looking at.  

#3.  Fine Maker 

<img src=&quot;manholdsplaner.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;A man wearing a neutral-colored shirt holds a planer.&quot;

What else can be the finest aspect of fine furniture? Apart from selecting the right materials and checking the construction and design, finding the right maker is also just as important. 

Be sure to ask about the maker’s training and experience. Match the aesthetics of your home with a maker who can provide the kind of fine furniture that you need. 

If you’re able to do your homework well, then you will soon be able to find the best names and brands that are equated to fine furniture. We've mentioned Brandington Young; other fine furniture brands include Hooker Furniture, American Leather, Flexsteel, Huntington House, to name a few. 

When picking a furniture maker, it is crucial to take a careful look at the body of work. Take the time to scrutinize the actual pieces and, if you can, ask about the furniture maker’s experience and training.

Be able to match your aesthetic requirements with the furniture maker who can deliver your kind of furniture choice. If you have done your homework, this expert should understand what you are requiring and how you can get that result.

#4.  Fine Price 

When you are buying fine furniture, what you are investing in is the attention to detail. This translates to time and, yes, cost. What you will pay for is labor. Let's stress the importance of making the furniture last for many years which is why you must be ready to invest, not simply buy.

If you've been searching for a long time for local furniture stores, well, your search is over. At McCreery’s Home Furnishings, we commit to deliver only the finest pieces that will satisfy your aesthetic and permanency requirements. You can realize your design ideas through our finest ensembles. You may also take a Virtual Tour and have fun virtually shopping for the finest pieces on display. If you want to collaborate with our designers, our Designer on Demand is your go-to place. 


With over 60 years of experience in making people happy in the Sacramento area, we offer the finest level of service and design possibilities for your home. McCreery’s Home Furnishings offers you a wide array of fine furniture manufacturers that are renowned for their quality. It’s time to see what options you have and enjoy the decisions that you will eventually make.

Remember that you’re buying furniture and what you’re actually paying is not just the materials but more so the artisan’s craftsmanship and his attention to detail. 

All these are equal to time, expertise, and energy, thus, cost. Fine furniture should last so it is an investment piece. And, bluntly put, investments cannot be had with cents.  

Here is fine furniture Sacramento in a nutshell -- 

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