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Fallin’ for Eclectic
10 Reasons Why Eclectic Design Is Perfect for Fall


It’s Fall. It’s the perfect season to infuse an eclectic design and some fine furniture pieces to your home. While the rest of the world may be intimidated by this style – don’t. You can unleash your creative side and create a space that’s all too dreamy for others to even venture into.

Okay, don’t think that eclectic interior design is all about mixing a lot of styles with a whole lot of different interior design elements. Keep in mind that even a stylish person can become a fashion victim if she’s not careful, yet, eclectic style does not require an impeccable sense of fashion so don’t fret.

The best eclectic pieces celebrate harmony even with the differences in textures, styles, and colors. 

Eclectic Sacramento Interiors and Rustic Elements to Fall For 

<img src=&quot;chest.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;bohemian wooden chest.&quot;>

Eclectic style may not be for everyone but it is a design that one can easily adapt to. Eclecticism is not easy to achieve because it means having a keen eye for high end furniture Sacramento pieces that go well with this style. If you want to use this style in your home, then you had better be prepared to learn some rich history, the philosophy behind it, and why it is one of the most unique interior designs that one could ever use. 

Eclecticism: A History


It was during the 19th century that eclecticism became highly known. Victor Cousin defined it as the selection of systems that are good and true and are potentially everlasting. He also longed for the moments when great schools peppered the earlier periods – all the things that are philosophically taught among the Scottish, French, and Germans.

Eclecticism was mainly an architectural design wherein one piece infuses many other elements from different historical styles. In our time, this is something that is nostalgic while also being a melting pot of many cultures and time periods.

Eclecticism in North America has also profoundly affected architecture. Architects who finished their education in Paris, more specifically in Ecolé des Beaux-Arts, were the ones who spurred eclectic architecture in America.

Long before any craftsman made an eclectic Sacramento furniture, the skyscrapers, courthouses, churches, libraries, city halls, and movie theatres were the structures that were eclectically-designed.

Ocean liners also became the home for many eclectic designs. This is mainly due to the people’s wish that they are reminded of home when they spent days to weeks traveling abroad.

So what really is eclecticism?

It is a style that enforces creative freedom. It is a style that has zero guiding rules. The chances of creating a thing of beauty are high as is the risk of having an unsuccessful design. Remember that eclecticism, though without rules, is still an interior design style. This means that the other design elements have to harmonize.

01.  Eclecticism Means Freedom 

<img src=&quot;credenza.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;wooden credenza with painted glass door fronts .&quot;>

The initial step in an eclectic interior design is to resist the temptation to go to different furniture stores in Sacramento area to buy furnishings as a unit. While buying furniture in sets can cut your shopping time in half, still, this is the straight line towards a showroom like home.

Do not coordinate your pieces, instead, ask a reputable furniture outlet Sacramento expert for advice and find varied styles and vibes especially with your larger furniture pieces. If you’re a bit uncertain because you have always done pairings with your furniture, then do not worry.

Go ahead and fuse different accent chairs but those with related color families. It is also an effective strategy to shop only at the best furniture stores in Sacramento

02. A Charming Color Palette 

Here's a sample eclectic color palette from Pinterest. 

Don’t think that eclectic design is supposed to throw all guidelines in picking colors. Your color chart still has a purpose. What you will need is a deliberate and well-chosen color scheme that will harmonize all the mixture of genres and styles in your home.

If you still want to play it safe, then go ahead and pick a single color palette but one that comes in different shades. The shades will give your room ample variety so that it won’t look like one solid block of color that hits your guests in the head.

‘Tempted to go wild? Then don’t hold back. Pick a feature that will pull all the hues in the room (e.g. a Persian rug as an accent wall), then find accents that will all ground this one piece.

Take your eclectic style to the next level by learning How to choose the Best Area Rugs for Your Home

03.  Different Eras In One Style 

<img src=&quot;daybed.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;wrought-iron daybed.&quot;>

The furniture that you eventually pick for your home must be diverse enough. Pair that modern desk with an Art Deco chair. Go rustic but, at the same time, Parisian – now ain’t that sublime?

The twist in eclectic interior design is knowing how to fuse two different eras and styles to still achieve a stylish-looking room.

04.  Lively Textures 

What better way is there to add texture than to use a rug? 

Click to Buy the Rustivy Rug

If you’re in an eclectic space, then you have to remember to make sense of the chaos. Add layers without creating heavy aesthetics. You must learn to create just enough visual layers from sleek pieces, velvet bedding, mud cloth (a.k.a. Bògòlanfini), natural hide, and wallpaper.

These different textures create an amazing impact while limiting the palette. If you want to establish a more masculine look, then pair dark metals with exposed bricks and other such natural elements.

If you’re feeling more experimental, use lacquered pieces with velvet and other plush fabrics. It is also not wrong to mix rough and smooth textures. These opposing looks will add visual and tactile interest.

Now don’t forget to use a single texture many times. Use it in different rooms to, once again, achieve a cohesive look.

05.  Eclectic Means Comfort 

When you are designing an eclectic space, remember that it is so easy to get lost in the varied styles and periods. You could also end up being confused between Mid-century and rustic styles. While it is great to think outside of the box, you must tread this path with care.

Search Google and you’d immediately see hordes of eclectic house plans. One thing that you’d notice is that all these spaces have furnishings in proper placement.

The furniture layout must be comfortable (as comfort is always key) and the fine furniture pieces just as comfy. 

06.  A Charming Pièce de Résistance 

What is an eclectic home without a focal point? It could easily be that quirky chandelier that you bought years ago. Bring it out and find out how you can use it to brighten up your unique home. Or shop for a new rustic lighting piece such as the Albiano, One Light Mini Pendant

Design around the layout that you initially made. While there can be different styles fused, make sure that you don’t lose focus. Create a focal point that highlights an existing one. This can be the accent wall, a fireplace, or that bold decorative piece in a rustic hue. 

07.  Eclectic Is Functional 


As you find proper décor, do not forget that you will live in this home together with your family. Consider having bookshelves, tables, baskets, and trays for all your storage needs. These elements do not just store stuff but they also provide your home with a lived-in appeal.

Don't limit your home storage planning to just the major rooms in your home. The home office is also a place that needs storage planning. A lovely Hooker Furniture desk should help with your storage needs in that room. Other Hooker office furniture such as filing cabinets, bookcases, and shelves are also wonderful storage and aesthetic additions. 

08.  Eclectic Means Harmony 

Okay, don’t be confused. You’re not asked to match everything. Eclectic is naturally varied, true, but all the pieces are still complementing each other. Your place is sure to look disjointed if the design elements do not harmonize in any manner.

The simplest way to achieve this is to have a single go-to hue. This will serve as the color that will pull everything together. Remember, you must always return to this color whether you’re picking your decorative items, furniture, or wall color.

09.  Eclectic Is YOU

The whole point of eclectic interior design is making a space that suits and describes you. So go ahead and keep the stuff personal. Fuse all the colors and textures that you love because, at the end of the day, these will make you happy.

10.  Eclectic Means Fun Fall Shopping 


If we are to be downright honest, we all know that furniture is a huge investment. Renovations and revamping cost money so you have to know some ways that you can save some bucks while not necessarily going for dirt-cheap, substandard stuff.

Say Yes to Online Shopping

What a lot of people do not comprehend is that going to brick and mortar shops means spending money on gas and allotting time to go around to shop around for the best fine furniture pieces. When you choose to take a Virtual Tour of our furniture showroom, all you have to worry about is finding the perfect piece that will suit your chosen theme and then we'd even throw in a design advice or two.

You have savings to look forward to as you look through McCreery's Home Furnishings' fall lineup instead. The more you buy, too, the more that you get to save.

Fine Furniture Brands Spell Durability

You have probably heard of the best furniture brands – American Leather, Hooker Furniture, Bradington Young, Canadel, etc., these are names that spell one thing – durability. 

Lastly, it is best to invest in a few but durable furniture pieces. Resist the urge to buy cheaper just so you could get more pieces.

Pace yourself. Spend time and money only on the pieces that matter. Instead of putting your budget on items that will eventually fall apart, it is best to find a few fine furniture pieces that you can use for many, many years.

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