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Fashionable Beds 2020
Wake Up Beautiful by Finding the Perfect Bed

Updated: June 23, 2020

Sleep with Ease From Now On

Covid-19 has recently brought the world on lockdown, with economies plummeting, and everyone staying indoors. So with more and more people staying put in their homes, it is understandable that sleeping is one of the major activities that we do nowadays. Knowing the benefits of sleep and having a well-designed bedroom can contribute to your physical and mental wellness during these trying times, it also spells the difference between melancholy and happiness. So you'd better take fashionable beds Sacramento shopping seriously. 

<img src=&quot;lonelyguy.jpg&quot; alt=“depression and sleeplessness are common during a pandemic.”>
Beat sleeplessness and depression with the right bedroom setup. 

All About Sleep

Sleep is crucial in maintaining one's overall wellness including a functioning immune system, decreased stress, and emotional stability. All these health benefits are useful to us during this global pandemic. 

A lot of people complained about their insomnia even before the crisis. And while everyone now has more time to stay indoors and catch up on their sleep, there are now new challenges including cabin fever, irritability, and restlessness. 

 So just like the situations before the global lockdowns, you still need to be on top of your schedule especially when it comes to getting enough snooze hours. 

What's An Ideal Bedroom?  

The National Sleep Foundation mentioned six things that will help make your bedroom more sleep-friendly --

dimmed lights
a space that is relaxing and peaceful
cool temperature
soft pillows, sheets, and mattresses
reduced noise
relaxing scents 

To make the most of that third of your day spent in that's room, remember that the space needs to be carefully planned, organized, and set up in a way that will improve your sleep.

Bedroom planning begins with knowing the standard bed shapes and sizes. Fashionable beds Sacramento pieces are waiting for you so as soon as you determine your bed and room dimensions, it's time to make other decisions such as shopping for other furniture such as chests, benches, chairs, dressers, nightstands, and bedroom accessories.  

Measure the Bedroom 

A large bedroom (usually the master bedroom) that measures 17 feet by 14 feet must be fitted with standard furniture pieces and should have an entry point, a circulation point, and even a sitting or dressing area. 

How huge the dressing or sitting areas would be, depend on the extra space as well as your personal requirements. 

Know the Different Sacramento Bed Types 

How the beds are categorized depends on what aspect is being discussed. There are different bed sizes, styles, colors, and frames. It can be easy to imagine at first but there are a bazillion options when it comes to having a new bed. There are also thousands of materials out there that you can mix and match according to your preferences. 

Do you have a flashy personality? By all means, go and get those bold colored stylish beds that are available. If you're a bit more old school and you can go for the antique or vintage-looking wooden beds. You also need to consider your home's style as well as its current decor.

Here are just some of the leading bed choices among homeowners these days -- 

The Folding Bed 

A folding bed is unique because they come with a hinged frame allowing you to fold it up when you no longer need it. This is a great bed choice for small spaces such as an apartment or a condominium unit. 

The Platform Bed 

<img src=&quot;platformbed.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;Charleston Platform Panel Queen Bed.&quot;>

Platform beds do not come with bulky box springs. They have wooden slats or latticed structures that are able to support even the heaviest mattresses. You also won't have to worry about mold and mildew build-up because these are properly ventilated.

The panel bed comes with decorations, is flat, and has all wooden panels for both the headboard and the footboard. Moldings divide the sections just as you would see on wall paneling. 

The Sleigh Bed 

<img src=&quot;sleighbed.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;Antebellum Cal King Sleigh Bed by Fine Furniture Design.&quot;

A sleigh bed is called as such because it looks like a sleigh. This can be made of different materials including steel, aluminum, iron, and wood.  It is one of the stylish beds that were first seen in the early 19th century during the French and American Empire period. 

The Daybed 

This is quite popular in teens' and kids' bedrooms. There are, technically, two beds in this one frame and the idea is to save space as the second bed is tucked away during the day. When the evening comes, just pull the bottom bed and it is ready to be used again. This is not a bulky bed that is why it is suitable for small users and small spaces. 

There are many purposes for the daybed. You can lounge, sit, recline, and sleep in it. This is quite popular in many guest rooms because of its multiple uses. And because it is a cross between a couch and the bed, it's shape is also a fusion of both.  

The Poster Bed 

<img src=&quot;posterbed.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;The Sovereign Poster Cal King Bed.&quot;>

If you see the four vertical columns in each corner of your bed, then you are looking at a poster bed. There are varieties that come with a canopy and there are different sizes to choose from. 

Low poster fashionable beds are just what they are. They are poster beds with lower posts. These are a few inches shorter than their taller predecessors. 

The Divan 

<img src=&quot;divanhistoricalportrait.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;Louvre painting showing two people with colorful costumes seated on a divan.&quot;>

Divan beds are great solutions for people with limited space. Nowadays, these bed models even come with built-in drawers for storage. The French painting above shows two people seated on a low-lying ancient divan. (Wikipedia, n.d.

The Futon 

The futon is also an awesome solution for small space problems. It is just like a divan because it is both a couch and a bed. When you are not using it as a bed, then fold it up so it can be used as a seating unit. 

The Double Deck 

The double-deck is also known as a bunk bed and they are great for shared bedrooms. The traditional form is a twin bed stacked on top of the first one with a ladder propped on the side. Different variations have also been crafted as the years passed. 

There are also L-shaped bunk beds, loft bunks, futon bunk, hanging beds, and the twin bunk bed. 

Other kinds of beds include water bed air bed the adjustable varieties. 

As for bed sizes in relation to the mattress dimensions, there are the twin,  twin XL, full queen, king, and the California king. 

What Bed Size Do You Want? 

Based on size and dimension, beds and mattresses are categorized as -- 

Twin                     39" by 75" 

Twin XL                39"  by 80"

Full                        54" by 75" 

Queen                 60" by 80" 

King                      76" by 80" 

Cal King              72" by 84" 

It is not easy to choose the mattress and bed sizes now that there are more options in the market but you can make your shopping expedition easy by doing your measurements beforehand. If you know how large the bedroom is, then you can, more or less, estimate the size of your ideal bed. 

Consider if you are going to sleep with a spouse or partner and if you sleep on your side, back, or tummy. Do you have pets who like to hang around at night? If you're on the taller side, then you also need to record the bed dimensions that will satisfy your sleeping needs. 


Shopping for New Stylish Beds 

Is it time for you to shop for a new bed? Perhaps you’ve been sleeping on your creaking Sacramento bed for a long time now. Or you could be growing tired of the style that you chose many years ago.

Don’t hit the shops until you learn the hottest tips in shopping for fashionable beds 2020 style – 

In buying the perfect bed frame, you have to know the size of your current mattress.  If you already have a mattress that you happen to love, then shopping for the correct bed frame means that you look for one that has ample space for your mattress. 

A full-size mattress, for instance, needs a double bed frame.  The king-size mattress requires a California king bed frame while a queen size mattress must have its matching queen size frames.  

Shopping for a new Sacramento bed means measuring both the bed frame and the mattress. Since you previously measure the bedroom size, now, you can optimize the space. It is incorrect to cramp a huge bed inside a small bedroom, likewise, setting up a small bed in a spacious room is just poor planning. 

Another thing that you need to consider when shopping for a bed is seat bulkiness and height. If your bedroom space can do with a little drama, then look for a canopy or four-poster bed. If you are embracing a minimalist lifestyle then you need to find a sleeker bed that suits your style. 

Be able to match the decorating style in the bedroom. Remember that the bed is the focal point in that room so shopping for the right size, style, and color is paramount. It is also important to create a welcoming, warm, and comfy feeling because this is a room for resting and relaxation.

Online or Traditional Bedroom Furniture Shopping?  

You can choose the traditional route if you want to physically feel the bed before buying it. Visit our mattress store, look through the aisles, and our staff will be more than happy to negotiate with you. But if the very thought of traveling these times are overwhelming, then don't rush, you can also visit our website and look through the different beds and mattresses

Shopping, nowadays, as everyone knows,  is a totally different story.  Shop online as it's a newer alternative that offers convenience and ease of delivery. 

If you want to do it like a pro, then prepare to exert a bit of effort. It can be satisfying to put together your bedroom and elevating its style as you add those details, layers, and textures. 

Begin with a solid foundation since you are going to spend a third of your life and this room. And since you already shopped for the bed and the mattress, now it's time to decide what sheets you are going to invest in.

White is a classic hue that is easy to layer using patterns and prints. 

Lay the flat sheet on its reverse side so that you will feel the softness as you get into bed each night. 

Regardless of what time of the year it is, adding fashionable beds Sacramento pieces and layering are crucial to having a stylish bedroom. Go for comfy chairs and neutrals and do not be afraid to play with colors and patterns. A fashionable Sacramento bed, plus all these, will create contrast and depth. 

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