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Have you ever given the history of leather a deep thought? Leather-making is such an interesting process that it deserves to be told and retold to people especially those that have a good many pieces of the said stuff. And if you own one such as Bradington Young leather furniture, then you have to wonder why it is durable and what processes are involved in crafting such as charming piece. 

Bradington Young Leather Furniture and Leather Fundamentals 


A long, long time ago, primitive man hunted food by going after animals. He then removed the skins and hides from the dead animals and used them as clothing, footwear, even tents. The earliest recorded use of leather was in the Paleolithic period where cave paintings showed the primitive man’s use of leather clothing.

The Paleolithic sites also showed a lot of bones that were used in scraping skins and hides for the removal of hair.

Not long after, man discovered leather preservation through smoke. He also discovered leather treatment when he infused tannin in leaves, barks, twigs and fruits of a few plants and trees.

Much later, earth salts and alum were finally used as tanning agents. These then produced softer and white leather. These were also dyed using different plant dyes.

Leather manufacturing was introduced in Britain by religious groups and Roman invaders. Most of the monks from these places were leather experts especially in using it for writing. The Britons had a lot of uses for leather from clothing, shoes, bags and even some warfare articles.

Throughout the centuries, leather creation expanded and grew steadily over the medieval times. So it’s no surprise that you would see period films featuring leather tanneries during the medieval era.

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Real or Faux Leather?

So, do you really have to smell or touch leather in order to recognize its authenticity?

Genuine leather, keep in mind, is made from animal skin. These are skins of cattle, pigs, sheep and goats. There are various kinds of leather. The three types are aniline, semi-aniline, and the pigmented kind.

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When picking the type of leather that you would use, consider how it would eventually look. Consider also the foot traffic in the room where it is going to be placed.

Aniline leather is the top-grain, quality leather that does not come with any protective treatment. It is a natural-looking leather because it comes complete with markings. It is susceptible to surface scratches, though.

Semi-aniline, on the other hand, is still pure aniline but it comes with a coating of clear finish or pigment. This makes the leather more durable as it protects it from spills and stains. The coating also gives the assurance that the color will be consistent throughout the entire surface.

Lastly, the pigmented kind is still a top-grain leather but this one is coated with a clear top pigment or layer. The pigments are either shiny or bright-colored. It appears less natural, of course, as the colors are often used to hide the imperfections on the leather.

This is the kind of leather that is often found in many auto upholstery and furniture shops.

The leading differences between real and fake lather are the following:


  • Labels proudly announce that the product is true leather. If you read man-made leather, then it means you’re not looking at the real deal.
  • Check the edges of the fine furniture or garment. Faux leather looks pristine on the edge. It also feels foamy compared to the rough-around-the-edge look that real leather offers.
  • Check the pores. These have to be inconsistent. Only faux leather furniture has consistent pore patterns.
  • And here are the last and most important part of the real leather couch determination process – smell and touch the leather furniture. Real leather is soft and flexible. One that feels like plastic is probably faux.

Smelling also will help you tell that the leather is real. There is a distinct smell to a genuine leather sofa that can never be replicated by furniture makers.

Bradington Young: 


Connecting with your family and friends in a comfortable environment has never been more important to anyone. Bradington Young is dedicated to providing posh seating, comfort, quality upholstery and genuine leather sofa that can help you relax and socialize in your living room, family room, entertainment room, or home theater.

It all began more than 30 years ago with this simple philosophy: 

Build high quality products at a fair price. 

Bradington Young started with humble beginnings but they also desired to be the best in furniture making. This is a division of Hooker Furniture with the former no less than one of the world's biggest and most respected fine furniture makers. 

Bradington Young also operates as a complete upholstery resource with a special dedication to leather. They offer a diverse palette of covers and styles. Every leather and fabric piece is meticulously hand-crafted with the enduring quality that distinguishes Bradington Young as an industry leader. 

This company only uses premium, choice leathers from resources around the world. More than 250 leather selections comprise a unique palette of colors and textures in natural, supple, and high-quality leathers. They also have hundreds of fabric cover choices. 

Their skilled artisans then carefully construct the frames only from the finest multi-ply 7/8" laminated hardwoods. Bradington Young is known for durable sofas, loveseats, and chairs featuring genuine eight-way hand-tied custom coils that is unique in terms of comfort and durability. The mechanisms in each reclining piece are cycle-tested to ensure many years of trouble-free, comfy, and fluid operation.  

Whether you wish for stationary or motion furniture, the result is the same. Bradington Young leather furniture is designed and engineered with enduring quality, outstanding comfort, and timeless styling. 

BY's collection of luxury motion silhouettes provides the highest quality seating available in various styles, premium leathers, and fabrics ranging from timelessly traditional to modern. 

Plus, their new assortment of city-scaled frames with clean designs and classic styling can now deliver our world-class reclining functionality to smaller living spaces. 

Power footrests, headrests, and optional lumbar support on individual styles provide exceptional comfort with sleek, tailored designs that are activated by our stylish Bradington Young controls to precisely and efficiently adjust your comfort level. 

Here are some Bradington Young leather furniture pieces that you can purchase, here, at McCreery's Home Furnishings

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