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Furniture Shopping Advice for Newly Weds

The Fine Furniture Design Bedroom Platform Bed, Queen is sublime for newly married couples. It is heavenly, soft, and comfortable, there’s nothing more that you could ask for.

Have you recently married? Well you’re off to a new life and you are surely happy at this time. After all, those wedding festivities certainly upped your happy hormones plus those gifts waiting to be opened; the world is certainly a great place to be in right now.

But wait, have you thought about how you would furnish your home? Furniture shopping could take some time but when you already have the time to shop with your spouse, this is one of those things that you should prioritize.

Plus furniture shopping is surely fun so make it a point to do it together. This is one enjoyable experience that you need to go through as a married couple. Of course, the challenges that come will also allow you to get to know your spouse some more.

So what do you think is the biggest challenge when it comes to newly weds’ furniture shopping?

Fusing both of your styles is the first obstacle that you need to overcome. While opposites attract, this could be the challenge that would keep you from shopping with ease. Remember these – compromise, comfort, and happiness are the keys to choosing the right pieces.

Argue If You Have To

Furniture shopping does not have to equate to bickering and showing your bad side. This is an experience that you should enjoy as a couple. If you already share the same tastes in furniture, then congratulations, you won’t have as much trouble.

But what if you like rustic pieces and your spouse leans towards the more contemporary furnishings?

It’s okay to argue. If you don’t like French provincial style, then don’t say yes. If modern pieces don’t make your heart skip, then be honest about it. Perhaps you can compromise with transitional pieces until you finally decide which style to go with.

Don’t worry about the arguments. They may seem heated at the moment but you’ll soon laugh about them in the near future.

Bare Essentials

You might have heard an older couple tell you that they only owned a bed in their first few years of marriage. While the bed may be all that a couple needs in the first few months, eventually, they get to realize that other pieces of furniture are a necessity, too.

Other than the bed, bare essentials include any seating unit such as a loveseat (for now), futon, a sofa or a davenport. Nightstands may be mere accessories but they are also pretty useful. These pieces can hold a lot of stuff for you.

Buy two nightstands so that both of you have something to put your stuff on. Buy only one and you risk having to quarrel for storage space.

Go for Double Function

You could consider investing in a futon that can turn into a bed at night. This is especially useful if you have limited space. As a married couple that is just starting on their new life, you should opt for furnishings that offer double (if not triple) functions.

Apart from the practicality of turning the couch into a bed at night, see if you can have nesting tables become your dining table or a desk for your home office. After use, they can be stacked again so that they won’t take up too much space.

A Word of Caution

Know that all marriages begin with the honeymoon phase where everything is rosy and cute and filled with rainbows. All these will eventually wane but don’t let something as trivial as furniture shopping get in the way of your relationship.

Furnish your home together, learn to compromise without becoming a doormat, and everything should turn out well.

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