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Iconic and Spanish

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There are certain things that are unique to a country or region. Spain is one country that’s so unique that it’s easy to tell when a design element comes from there. Just think of their cuisine, architecture, music, and art and you’ve only tapped a third of their uniqueness.

Of course you’ve heard of the siesta, right? This is that 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon that’s practice by farmers so that they do not labor during the hottest hours in the afternoon. Modern Spain has abandoned this practice, though.

When it comes to dance, who hasn’t heard of the Flamenco? This originates from the Eastern European gypsy music. It is a unique to Extremadura, Andalucia, and Murcia where guitar, singing, hand clapping and dancing are forged into one.

If you’re a lover of Spanish art, then you wouldn’t wanna miss on a Pablo Picasso piece. Picasso was an influential artist who hand-painted, made sculptures, and shaped ceramics.

Cubism came from his artistic mind and he even co-invented the collage.

All these beautiful things about Spain make it an amazing style resource.

Spanish Style Fundamentals

Spanish interior design has many common elements with the Mediterranean styles. Just look at the architecture and crafts in Morocco, Greece and France, and you’ll sense a deep influence from these equally unique styles.

So what are the basics of Spanish design?

Since its influences come from its neighboring Mediterranean region, Spanish style showcases a color palette that highlights the coastline colors of green, blue, browns, and whites.

Terracotta reds and shades of oranges give the needed warmth to the chiefly cool palette. Just take a look at the Spanish roofs and floors and you’ll commonly see terracotta tiles.

Stone and ceramic elements are also quite common as are wrought-iron pieces, pottery, iron pieces, carved wooden panel, and candelabra. It is also common to see copper accents as a part of the design.

Spanish style wall finishes come with heavy textures of plaster or stucco. It’s easy to establish visual depth with these features. Used in conjunction with these walls are the soft neutral glazes. Together, they create color and more definition.

The wall décor for Spanish homes include wrought-iron grilles, woven tapestries and others that add an elegant, rustic touch. Keep the accessories to a bare minimum but make sure that the highlighted items such as vases, urns, pots, and planters are big enough to catch people’s attention.

Spanish Colonial

Spanish colonial and Native American cultures merged in the Spanish Colonial style. Also referred to as the Mission style, it got its name from the mission churches that were built within the region.

The architecture for this style is emphasized by tile rooftops, courtyards, stucco walls, and arches. The landscape in the surrounding southwestern region shows the influence of deep yellows, beige, purple, red, white, and pink.

Furniture and accessories in this style are rustically down-to-earth. It is common to find solid woods like oak. Very little ornamentation is seen. Other features include freestanding cabinets; corner, bell-shaped fireplaces; and wall benches. The earthy ceramic, stone or rock floors make these features even more striking.

Spanish Revival

The 1920’s was the era of Spanish Revival homes in California. These were built to satiate the demand for Spanish architectural styles. It is a hybrid style that showcases Spanish elements of stucco walls, wooden beams, adobe bricks, terracotta roofing, and carved entryways. The gates are almost always wrought-iron as are the window grilles, railings, and banisters.

Modern Spanish

You can get inspiration from these Spanish styles. Don’t forget the textured walls with faux finishes in apricot, off white, gold and burnt sienna. Be sure to use solid wood banisters or have metal versions installed. The stairs must also feature tiles and natural woodwork.

Other essentials are exposed beams bare floors, and terracotta accents.

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