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If 2019 Was Rattan's Year, Can I Still Use It to Design My Sacramento Home in 2020?

Forbes magazine cited 2019 as the year of rattan because this material dominated the design industry at that time. Just a year after, people who invested in rattan and wicker furniture are beginning to wonder whether they should keep their rattan pieces. So, should they? 

The answer is, absolutely.

This year is still an awesome time to continue designing and decorating your sunny Sacramento home with this natural material. Are you thinking of furnishing your outdoor domain? Then don't make a decision yet without looking at the beauty of rattan furniture. If you want to optimize the use of your outdoor area, then finding good quality furniture is a must. A lot of people buy furniture with only the aesthetics in mind but what they fail to realize is that they also need to consider the functionality — do not let this happen to you.

According to Wikipedia, rattan also known as Malay rotan is the term that is used for over 600 species of climbing palms that belong to the Calamoideae sub-family. This is also called Malacca or Manila named after the shipment ports of those two cities. 

Rattan Facts

Rattan is a natural and renewable material that is found in the tropical regions of Asia and Australasia. It is commonly used for handicrafts and fine furniture making. Many South and Southeast Asians continue to work with rattan because it is an invaluable part of their livelihood.

Rattan is commonly found at the sea level (up to 3,000 m). Though most rattan species come from the tropical regions mentioned, there is a huge variety that is on distribution.

Rattan often grows in areas that have hills and these are the ones that commercial companies harvest. These hilly areas have a mean annual temperature of about 25 degrees celsius and a yearly rainfall of 2,000 mm.

The different kinds of rattan palms include the low and high climbers, the clustered and single stem plant species, some with underground and short stems, and those that reach as long as 100 meters.

Rattan sheets come with whips and spines for protection. These support the rattan as it grows above the trees and plants in the rainforest.

Indonesia is also a huge producer of rattan just like Vietnam, with the rest of the global supply grown in the Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia,  Laos, and Bangladesh, etc.

A huge percentage of rattan is harvested from tropical rainforests from these nations. There are many uses for rattan because it is durable, and a tad flexible. Its inner core and shoot are both edible so they are also included in some Asian dishes. Rattan is also an approved raw material four houses that are built-in rural areas. It is also a handicraft material with indoor outdoor furniture being the main rattan end product.

The rattan strands have skins that are peeled off and then utilized for various woven purposes. Its red resin known as dragon's blood is believed to have medicinal properties and is also used in dyeing violins.

Rattan is a growing industry with over 4 billion dollars of annual income. Small villages in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam depend heavily on the rattan trade with sales accounting to 50% of their cash revenues.

<img src=&quot;mapofvietnam.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;a bue and yellow map of Vietnam.&quot;>
Vietnam is the leading exporter of rattan products with about 60% of its production being shipped to the European Union in 2005.

Other rattan benefits include the provision of an alternative source to logging timber in forests and other areas that are already denuded. Since rattan grows well under tree covers such as secondary forests and even fruit orchards, planting it provides protection for these areas.

A few rattan species are great for small scale cultivation in rubber tree gardens and other fruit trees. Even small landowners can earn extra money from rattan production.

Rattan and Your Interior Design


Rattan is no longer just crafted for patio furniture. It has become a trendy raw material in indoor outdoor furniture (pieces that can be used indoor or outdoors) as well. It has also become a decorative choice for a more laidback or a beach like interior design style.

Derived from this is a beautiful material that is naturally used in the creation of home accents such as baskets, wall decor, and many interesting pieces of furniture. Rattan is versatile, it can also be painted with any color. The woven patterns automatically add beautiful textures in any room where you bring in the rattan furniture.

Rattan Bed

<img src=&quot;rattanbed.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;a bedroom designed with rattan bed, chairs, indoor plant, and lamps .&quot;>

Who says your bed frame has to be made of metal or wood all of the time? The Lexington Home Brands Paradise Point Bed incorporates bold architectural shapes perfect for the master suite in your Sacramento home. The woven rattan panel is framed by an open fretwork design with soft returns at either end. This is great for homes with a transitional,  casual, or a coastal interior design theme. 

This rattan frame is what bedroom design dreams are all about. Add a few wall accents to make the rattan stand out. Wall clocks are a perfect addition as are some interesting artwork. If you want to make the bedroom cozy add posh accent like ottomans, some pillows, or other rattan chairs

<img src=&quot;colorfulottoman.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;multi-colored cube ottoman with a suede-like fabric .&quot;>

All-Weather Tabletop: The Perfect Pair for Wicker Chairs

<img src=&quot;wickertabletop.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;dining table made with different materials including metal and wood.&quot;>

The Lyon Rectangular Dining Table Top by A.R.T. Furniture borrows its elegant details from the best in traditional European architecture, the Arch. Salvage Outdoor is engineered for an all-year-round exposure to the harsh elements since the materials used include the Sunbrella fabric, cast aluminum,  durable Art Stone, and all-weather wicker. 

This table isn't just practical, it is also wonderful to pair with rattan chairs

Rattan Etagere

<img src=&quot;rattanetagere.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;rattan etagere.&quot;>

The Atlantis Etagere from Tommy Bahama Home has lovely details such as leather-wrapped rattan base with bent rattan end panels, pencil rattan drawer front, and antique brass metal finials.

By now you probably noticed that the etagere has become a sought-after list in modern home decor. This is a great alternative to the bookshelf because it comes with open shelves or stages for the reception of knickknacks, ornaments, and other small pieces.

This charming piece of fine furniture is made extensively in France in the late 18th century with the term etagere taken from the middle French word estagiere meaning estage floor of a building or station. When referring to Old French, it means scaffold from estage floor

Though the etagere has been around for centuries, it remains trendy. It's charming and elegant shelves are often crafted using brass but nowadays, other materials are also used including rattan. This piece of furniture has definitely gained a different level of appeal these days. You would never go wrong to include it in your interiors. 

Wicker Loveseat

<img src=&quot;wickerloveseat.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;wicker loveseat with cushions.&quot;>

This two-seat wicker loveseat comes with intricately handwoven resin with the look of natural wicker and detailed on each end with all wood overlays. This wicker furniture can help bring indoor style outdoors and vice versa. The loveseat's wicker frame comes with a sweetgrass finish.


Rattan furniture is an all-year-round design element. You can easily transition furniture from summer to fall by adding cozy details and autumn-inspired color scheme

And just like wood, rattan can also be painted or stained to suit your theme.

Rattan Furniture Care

Every rattan furniture piece can last for as long as 20 years even when left outdoors. You wouldn't even have to worry during winter because it is able to withstand the harshest elements. Of course, the strength of the furniture and its longevity depends hugely on the strength of its woven material and aluminum frame, as well as its UV protective coating.

Rattan is a weather-resistant material and so it is also relatively easy to maintain and clean. Here are some ways that you can care for this kind of furniture so it will last longer -


1.  Use garden furniture covers during the rainy and wintry months. The best rattan furniture covers should be made of polyester crafted with a PVC backing as well as water-taped seams. If you can, have your piece fashioned with Sunbrella fabric.

2.  Another way to preserve rattan furniture is to bring in all the cushions indoors when they are not in use. Allowing the cushions to become sodden will result in molds and discoloration.

As much as possible, do not expose furniture directly under the sun. Just a minimal exposure to the harmful UV radiation can guarantee that your furniture will not be bleached or be weakened.

3.  You can also rotate the chairs so each piece gets an equal amount of exposure. This simple chair rotation helps in the even exposure and eventual wearing out of each furniture.

4.  You also have to be careful in cleaning spills right away. Cleaning the rattan furniture regularly, especially liquid spills, will lead to a lengthy furniture life. Wipe the spill with a damp cloth immediately. If you do this straight away, then there is no need to worry about permanent stains.

And do not overlook the care of wicker or rattan furniture feet. This is the mistake of many homeowners when it comes to preserving their wicker furniture. Depending on the style of the furniture, the feet can be made of wood, plastic, rattan, or powder-coated steel. Never drag the furniture feet across the pavers or concrete. The feet, just like the rest of the furniture, also need serious care.

Rattan Treatment

One of the most popular methods of furniture treatment is the use of stain. This is the easiest to do since you only need to apply the stain directly to the furniture using a thick brush. Begin at the top and work your way downwards. Let the stain stand for a number of hours and then wipe any excess liquid using a clean rag.

Find liquid waxes that are used mainly in cleaning outdoor rattan furniture. Use this to pieces that are stained but not painted rattan fine furniture. Just be sure to polish the piece with a reputable brand of liquid wax and make sure to follow the instructions on the bottle.

The best way to waterproof any rattan furniture is to use hardwood furniture treatment. Apply to 2-3 coats of marine varnish annually or every two years and it should be fine.


McCreery's Home Furnishings Has It

Rattan is a lovely material for outdoor furniture but it can also be a charming addition to your interior habitat. Don't miss out on the hottest pieces. Take a Virtual Tour of our 60,000 sq.ft. showroom to find more interesting furniture. You can also get free advice on how to design your home with rattan pieces or you're welcome to ask just about any question on Sacramento interior design. Our expert designers are excited to help, access our Designer on Demand feature now. 

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