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La Vie En Rose: 9 Characteristics of the French Interior Design
A French-Inspired Home Is Not An Impossibility in Sacramento


        When talking about style, it is impossible not to think about the French people. Everyone wants to dress up like them, dine like them, and basically live fabulously as they do. So what is the secret to designing a Parisian paradise in your Sacramento interior design?

        French Style and Your Interior Design Sacramento Project

        Many interior designers in Sacramento have been approached by clients and asked if they can create a French-style for their house. This may not be the correct term to use but if you ask further, you would then learn that what clients mean are whitewashed furniture, candleholders, lanterns, chandeliers, white lace, and linen towels. They look for silver trays, too.

        Apparently, French-style mostly means French provincial or shabby chic.

        So, what makes a home essentially French?

         A Little French History 

        A portrait of King Louis XIV from Wikimedia Commons. 

        Each region in France comes with its own identity and style. There are also different decorative materials and building structures. These give the regions their own distinctiveness along with a unique regional culture that is hard to ignore.

        Don’t think of Versailles as the capital of everything that’s French. This could prove to be true if you were living in the time of King Louis XIV. His was an era of royal debauchery and the excesses the monarchs had unsurprisingly led to their downfall.

        If you’re thinking of going French then you have to learn to do things in moderation. Being excessive like Louis XV is not the ideal French. In fact, moderation is the very concept of French style. Use deliberate designs but not in a way that they are no longer discreet. The features must look effortless.

        Even children’s bedrooms that are designed in French style should be minimalist. The Sacramento color palette used should be simple and the rest of the space, clean.

        Parisian Interior Design Characteristics

        French interior design is sophisticated and daring yet chic. It can also be quirky as well as personal. If you would travel anywhere in France and would take the time to look inside French homes, you would notice that no two homes look or even feel alike. Their confident vision in terms of designs is the key to getting away with this one-of-a-kind flair.

        French Is Bold 

        When you’re out to decorate your home like the French, you should be ready to experiment and be bold. Do not be afraid to commit mistakes especially when experimenting with textures, hues, and patterns. 

        Look up. Take note that the ceiling is a crucial part of every French home in terms of design. So, take the time to plan how you will make this architectural part of your home a visual delight. If you’re planning to paint it white, then make sure that you’re going to use an interesting shade, not one that’s dull or flat. Do not go overboard when it comes to ruffles, frills, fringes, tassels, and florals. While the French design is sophisticated, it is never garish so your Sacramento interior design must be just as simple. 

        French Is Chic

        The same Cabriole Sofa above is now set up in this cozy living room. 

        The French people like to keep things simple yet you can still see that they remain chic. They make good, elegant use of the neutral color palette. They want to keep things uncomplicated. They are always known to achieve balance since they effectively use design elements that do not clash.

        French interior design is simple and easy to live with, it is easygoing. What you need to do is walk into a house, understand its architecture, place the essential pieces, and then enjoy what you achieve in your interior design Sacramento project. h

        French Is Vintage

        Wikimedia Commons image of a wood pattern parquet floor.

        France has a rich history. Just look at their renowned museums and their architectural wonders. Just take a stroll down the streets of France and you will absorb history without even trying. It is also very French to mix provenance with modernism. For instance, gilded bronze hardware, vintage pieces, and parquet floor are all French elements and they look perfect all together. 

        French Means Fusion

        French interior design means that you are willing to mix contemporary design with Old World elegance. The truly French-inspired folks will know that the refined can be mixed with the rough elements, meaning, the artsy objects can be mixed with neutral elements.

        You will simply love the idea that you create diversity and intrigue even with the simplest elements.

        French Is Whimsical

        The French also love to infuse elements of fun into their artworks. And since the presence of art does complete any home, you should also make it your goal to make good use of art in your Sacramento interior design. Be sure to balance the whimsical elements with things that are serious, though, so that your home won’t end up looking quirky.

        French Is Layered

        The Parisian markets are known for their lovely furniture, jewelry, paintings, lights, sculptures, mirrors, décor, silverware, and other lovely stuff. These gems should be displayed and layered all throughout your home.

        Layering is an effective way of adding a sentimental touch as well as visual interest in your French-inspired home. There are no rules set in stone when it comes to the layering technique.

        French Is Opulent 

        Paris is no less than the most romantic city in the world so you have to set up a home that reflects just that. This means that your home must be filled with charm. And what better way is there to make a place more charming than to add gold or gilded bronze pieces?

        Set up amorous interiors and build it further by adding plush pieces to the melting pot.

        French Is Balanced 

        Almost all French people don’t like vulgarity and garishness. To them, what’s elegant and beautiful are those that have zero glitz, shine, travertine, gold brocade, polished mahogany, or fine silk. The lesson here is, for as long as the home design Sacramento elements feel right to you, then they’re just that – they’re right for you.

        Use basic, natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, and cheesecloth. If you want to leave a wall completely blank, then that's okay, too. 

        Materials that are good for French-style are wood, terra cotta, stone, plaster, iron, and steel. You should consider using prewashed linen because it is soft but has creases, it’s never perfect but it feels just right.

        French Can Be Colorful, Too


        French people don’t live in an all-white home. While many people believe that white is the fundamental color of anything French, this isn’t the case at all. French people actually feel that this color is too impersonal.

        If you want to do it the authentic way, then you’d have to settle for neutrals. The French palette is all about being subtle so use a lot of gray, beige, light blue, black, taupe, brown, or sage. The patterns have to be discreet just like the rest of the design elements.

        When you have to use color, then embrace the vibrant hues that tend to make a statement. Make sure that you keep it simple, though. Use no more than two colors since having too many colors in a room is just not French

        French homes use color in order to maximize space or to define zones. A one-room apartment, for instance, would do well to reduce its clutter and to have small cabinets and accent colors in lime green, peacock blue, terracotta orange, red, hot pink, or mustard yellow.

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