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Lovin’ Leather


An Ekaterina Kvelidze image from Wikimedia Commons.

For hundreds of years now, cattle hide was used to cover books, even to bind them. Cowboys from the West also used this material as a part of their outfits. Later on, leather became a luxurious addition to pricey car interiors. Today, it has dominated the world of fashion and interior design.

Many people just dream of owning a genuine leather sofa situated inside their spacious family room. The smooth Italian leather can be used on the best leather recliner or that highly functional leather sleeper sofa

Leather can be mixed and matched or you can just pick a piece to balance the fabrics in a room.

<img src=&quot;chair.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;red leather chair.&quot;>

Leather furniture pieces have the capacity to stand on their own in terms of aesthetic appeal and quality. Mix it with other fabrics or use it as a base for fabric or silk covered cushions. It can also add a twist to your home if you use it on architectural detailing or finishing.

Leather has gone a long way from being a cowboy hat or boot. It is now the star of many furniture shops. McCreery’s Home Furnishings offers the best genuine leather couches and chairs. If you want to go beyond furniture pieces in utilizing this wonderful material, then have it installed as a part of your flooring or walls.

Wood wainscoting may be a lovely design idea but you can surprise everyone by using leather tiles. What you will get is a unique and sophisticated look. You will be amazed at how this wall finishing can make a bland place appear more elegant if not sophisticated.

<img src=&quot;ottoman.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;leather tufted ottoman.&quot;>

Bradington Young Kearney Ottoman 

         The Kearney Ottoman is offered in hundreds of leather options and includes a standard nailhead trim #9 in natural finish. Other decorative nailhead finishes are available. Comes with a standard mahogany finish. Other finishes are available. 

As to interior decor, there isn’t a material out there that can be more adaptable than the good old leather. It is versatile, meaning, you have the leeway to use the real leather couch in modern settings or in timeless dwellings.

This is a wonderful neutral piece that should be used sparingly. It can be easily mixed and matched with different furniture groups which consist of upholstered pieces. Remember that too much leather can also make a room appear daunting and cold. Avoid this result by including just a single genuine leather sofa as a feature piece. You can finish off with colorful accent pillows.

Take a look at this beautiful real leather couch donated by McCreery's Home Furnishings to Charles Peck Elementary School. Special thanks also to Sami Kader from Sami's Circuit. for being a part of that exciting event. 

Genuine leather couches also get better with age so you won’t have to worry about replacing them soon. Leather furniture bought today will look amazingly wonderful two decades from now.

Buying Leather Furniture


Not all leather items come with the same standard. Some leather grades have a higher quality than the rest that are being sold in the market so it is up to you to distinguish which ones you will take home.

Identifying genuine leather is a matter of getting used to the touch and appearance of this material.

Full-grain leather is the la creme de la creme of all leathers. This is also the toughest kind. A basic way to find out if you're inspecting full-grain leather is to search for scars and other small imperfections. If nothing has been done to hide such, then these natural imperfections will point to the genuineness of the material.

Each Bradington Young Leather Sofa is handcrafted to provide nothing but quality leather furniture

Top grain, on the other hand, is a notch below full grain. The split layer is taken off from the layer of the top grain. The majority of the imperfections have been removed, thus, making the piece look a tad like plastic.

Corrected grain leather is manufactured hides that contain bite marks, scars, and many imperfections. Such imperfections are unsuitable for use on genuine leather couches, hence, they were removed through buffing and pigmentation.


Every American Leather sofa, American leather sectional and chair, is one-hundred percent American made so you are guaranteed high quality and heirloom quality fine furniture

Lastly, faux leather can also be a great alternative but your concerted effort should be centered on inspecting edges, examining the pores, and touching the skin. Real leather can have a coarse feel and it has a distinct smell that can never be replicated in any leather furniture manufacturing shop.

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