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Pièce De Résistance: What Are the Focal Points in Interior Design?
And How to Make Focal Points Work in Your Sacramento Home


Now let’s practice. Where do your eyes go when you see this picture? The Bello Low Leg Sectional is difficult to miss in this high end interior design, isn’t it? 

When talking about focal points in terms of photographic composition, you are looking at the site right where the parallel light rays converge. This same concept can be said when talking about Sacramento interior design. Every focal point has a tremendous effect on the appreciation and reading of a given scenario.

Pièce De Résistance (the Focal Point) and Aesthetics

As you walk into a room, what is the first thing that catches your attention? That is definitely the room’s focal point. This is an attractive feature, it can be a view of the garden outdoors that’s carefully framed by the large window or it can be the fireplace in the living room.

This focal point will have a huge influence on the eventual Sacramento furniture arrangement. Your role now is to decorate the room based on your chosen feature piece. Energize your space by taking the attention right to that focal point.

In the bedroom, more often than not, this is the bed. Inside the sunroom, the eyes have to go to that interesting reading nook that’s furnished with a comfy chair and a small side table.

Generally, every room has a designated focal point. You don’t have to think that you have to default to these features, though. So, this means that the living room can have the sectional as the star of the show rather than the fireplace. Yup, you can downplay the fireplace and have the center of attention shifted to the seating unit.

As to the usual focal points, a group of windows or even just a single-window does not just let in an awesome amount of light but could also serve as a pièce de résistance. A skyline or an outdoor element, even an amazing landscape could also do the trick.

Look for the strongest architectural detail inside the room and that should be the focal point.

Identify the Focal Points 

If you don’t have an existing focal point in the room, that's okay, you can go ahead and create one. The creation of a focal point is easy. 

First, find the largest wall in the room. Create a feature wall by having this decorated and set apart from the rest of the walls. This feature wall adds a strong feature to any room. Be sure to group the furniture around the focal wall. If you’re not ready to create an ensemble, then just balance the horizontal elements throughout.

You can also cover unsightly windows with floral or other bold-patterned curtains. These can also act as the best feature in your room.

A furniture piece that is brightly-colored can easily become the focal point. Imagine a sectional covered with fabric that has the most interesting geometric patterns. Now picture that in a sea of white or beige – it becomes even more amazing, right?

Do you have collections of books or knickknacks? These can also be organized in a lovely shelf and would instantly serve as the focal point in the living room, bedroom, or dining room.

Even large mirrors can be used as focal points, as are groups of artwork, or woven baskets filled with collectibles.

Defining the focal point means you should be ready to be bold. Imagine having the ceiling painted in bright red and then framing it with dark-colored molding. This combination should add an interesting focal point to what could have been a bland-looking room.

So let us begin with the obvious architectural focal points –

Lexington Upholstery Bradbury Chair

Fireplaces. This is the very anchor of a bedroom, living room, or dining room. The key to making the most of this focal point is to arrange the seating units all around this architectural feature. As much as you can, hang a bold art piece right above the mantel.

Vaulted ceiling. This is one architectural part of the home that does not beg for extra design. Even so, you still have to make sure that it is always freshly-painted and, yes, cobweb-free. If you want to ascertain that the vaulted ceiling won’t be missed, then hang a lovely lighting fixture for everyone to appreciate. This can be a crystal chandelier or a unique pendant light.

Windows and picturesque views. 

If your home happens to be blessed with eye-catching views, then you won’t have to put much effort in highlighting those focal points. Again, since these are naturally beautiful views, eyes will naturally travel there so just relax and make sure that the windows are unobscured so that everyone gets to see the lovely scenery.

As you chose an outdoor view as the focal point, be sure also to orient all the fine furniture pieces inside to take advantage of the window zones. Imagine looking outdoors to a garden or a landscape. It’s a mesmerizing view that will surely be remembered.

Angled Walls, a Pinterest image. 

Angled walls. You can make one of these as a focal point if you create an accent wall. There are many ways to achieve this type of wall. You can go dark and be dramatic or you can offset the neutral colors of the other three walls with a bold, vibrant hue. After all, who wouldn’t want to look at an orange wall?

Another way to create a focal wall is to use wallpaper. Find a pattern or design that coincides with the rest of your home’s theme while being able to stand out from the other walls.

Choose Works of Art

Other than architectural parts of your home, you can bring in some works of art that are big enough to be referred to as a statement. This statement art can be replaced by a mirror but rather than go for the traditional or default mirror, why not hype things up a bit and place something that will excite the viewers’ senses?

In determining which artwork to use, you might want to use the go-to art piece - the painting. Big, bold paintings are wonderful focal pieces or you can also find a lovely bust to display and highlight.

Buy Fine Furniture and Learn Furniture Placement


Imagine walking into a room and your eyes can’t seem to rest on something substantial. Or picture the opposite where your eyes go from one point to the next because every little thing in the room seems to be crying for attention. This is that situation when the room has no definite focal point.

But what is a focal point and why is it so important in every room in your home? Any room will become much more inviting if you tastefully arrange furnishings and accessories around one focal point.

Most of the time, a focal point is a piece of fine furniture. At times, it can be a lovely architectural feature. It can also be a work of art or even a special framed family photo.

If you do not see a distinctive architectural feature, the next step is to look for the biggest furniture pieces in that room. Any of these can be the focal point. So, if you do not have a fireplace in the middle of the living room, the next logical choice for the focal point is that comfy sectional or chaise. 

While you are advised that your fine furniture choices should primarily be practical, this does not mean that you can no longer create a sense of excitement with your choices. A unique piece that has a bold pattern, fabric, or shape can readily steal the spotlight from other design elements in the room.

The natural focal pieces include the sectional, a large couch, the bed, the dining table, and the china cabinet. Be sure to use placement techniques that work. For instance, if you want to highlight a decorative lamp, then be sure to place it right at the very front and center of a console table.

Dual Focal Points and Framing Elements  

Can a photograph have two focal points?

Why not?

Going back to photography, would you waste the wonderful redness of the apple all because you chose to highlight the succulent lemon? Why not have both?

When you do this, be careful that you’re not emphasizing the lesser element with the better one. For instance, more people would like to see the outdoors more than the fireplace so the furniture layout must give more emphasis to the scenic views. 

Choose two wonderful architectural features, a combination of one architectural feature and Sacramento furniture piece, or two interesting design pieces (e.g. a piano and a sectional) – your options are limitless. 

Lighting can also be used to enhance any focal point. There are many picture lights on the Internet as there are wall washer fixtures for painting or any wall display. If you made a shelf or a mantel as the focal point, then be sure to use correct accessories on them such as potted plants; flowers in beautiful, ornate vases; and other such accessories.

Always make sure that you use contrasting colors for the focal point and other design elements in the room. If the focal point is a flaming red, don’t turn the rest of your furnishings in the same flaming red shade. Instead, find tints of the same hue to accessorize.

Remember to decorate and frame the focal points with other design elements such as curtains, art, or plants. And when shopping, find Sacramento furniture sale events such as the ongoing Special Order Savings Event here at McCreery's Home Furnishings

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