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Purging the New Year Clutter
5 Decluttering Tips for Your Sacramento Home


Happy New Year! The start of a new year is often seen as an opportunity to begin anew. If you’re also planning on taking advantage of this fresh start, then you need to tackle a few things that should have been a part of your past. The non-essentials or clutter should have been purged even before the New Year had set in. If you haven't done this, well, it's not too late.

We, here at McCreery's Home Furnishings don't just wish you the happiest New Year but also a whole year of sublime Sacramento home design. Let's start by removing clutter and redesigning your home for 2021. 

Sacramento Interior Design 2021 Starts with New Year Decluttering


Clutter, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is a crowded or confused mass or collection; while decluttering, according to Oxford dictionary, is the process of removing unnecessary items from an untidy or overcrowded place 

Redefine What You Want 

<img src=&quot;home office&quot; alt=&quot;home office designed with wooden cabinets, desk, and upholstered swivel chair&quot;>

Utilize every possible storage unit such as cabinets, wooden chests, and even those drawers underneath your office desks and beds. Featured furniture is the Elon Two-Door Cabinet. 

Try to remember why you need to declutter in the first place. Would you like to be able to find things more easily? Would you like to experience more peace in your home? Or would you like your home to be close to godliness this 2021? Would you be interested to learn How Oprah Learned to Declutter?

Jump-starting an organized life is a good moment to reflect or even confront your attitude towards material possessions, what the most important things in life are, wonder what can make you feel contented, and even how you define success in life. 

Plan to Declutter

<img src=&quot;living room&quot; alt=&quot;living room designed with dark-colored console with two doors, brown sofa, two side tables, an upholstered chair, and area rug&quot;>

The Eastport 65" Highboy Console with two doors offers more storage in this living room. The wicker baskets in the shelves and underneath the side tables make for a stylish storage. 

Probably the biggest obstacles when it comes to decluttering are not knowing where to begin and which pieces need to go. Perhaps you already have a huge pile of unused or rarely used stuff, so it could get disheartening to gaze upon. And, mind you, the longer they remain in their storage boxes, the more that it gets difficult to bring them out.

Since this is so, you should have a workable strategy for cleaning up unwanted pieces. Don’t complicate your approach. In fact, the simpler it is, the likelier that you’d be able to do it, so go ahead and find the items that you can still donate or sell.

Learn How to Let Go of Stuff with Sentimental Value. If you don't, then you'll only be left with the chinaware that your grandmother handed down to your mom, which you now own, but had been sitting in the garage; or that boxful of baby clothing and toys; or even the stored appliances that you got as wedding gifts.  

And while you said yes to decluttering in just one go, you should not pressure yourself to finish at once. If it really isn’t realistic to do everything at once, don’t be too hard on yourself.

Your sanity is more important than finishing the task on schedule and there are many more things in life than this cleanup.

Always go back to the very purpose of this declutter which is to celebrate a new year with a cleaner space. Once you have this down pat, then you can go ahead and declutter room by room, create a sorting system, and plan for a major garage sale or rent a dumpster. Yelp suggests these Top 10 Best Dumpster Rental in Sacramento CA

Get Rid of Your Personal Clutter First

<img src=&quot;wardrobe&quot; alt=&quot;two door, wooden wardrobe&quot;>

An eclectic remix of old and new, the romantic Beaumont Wardrobe blends Sheaf, a light oak finish on the case front, with an ingot metal finish that wrps the exterior. Mottled copper hardware in a ring pull shape is the perfect complement. Behind the two doors are three adjustable wood shelves and four removable partitions to create storage cubbies, and a clothing rod. 

You will soon notice that your spouse or children even accumulated more clutter than you did. But before you begin battling their clutter and starting your Sacramento interior design project, begin by cleaning yours first. Just as they say when you’re about to fly, you should put the oxygen mask on you first. You can only help others if you’re already okay.

Now that that’s settled, how would you like to begin? Would you like to do it with baby steps or would you like to do it all at once? You know yourself best and there are no rules that are set in stone when it comes to cleanups.

You are the owner of all the stuff in your home. Whether you have signed up to become a minimalist or not, the amount of stuff that you get to keep in the end still depends on which ones you would want to keep.

Here are two McCreery's Home Furnishings articles that can serve as a guide in starting your journey towards minimalism: 

Minimalism: A Beginner's Roadmap

How to Make Minimalist Interior Design Work for You

When stumped, remember this simple rule – if you’re struggling to justify keeping a certain piece, then know that it is time to let it go.

Throw Then Invest 


Getting rid of the biggest pieces of fine furniture (that no longer serve any purpose) will surely create instant space. Maybe these furnishings are too old and battered, or maybe they already look outdated.

The freed up space can even be used as an area to gather the clutter. So before you even get to throw baby clothes and toys, it also pays to find the bulkiest items such as fine furniture, sports equipment or even strollers.

Make sure to complete the purging first before you even begin to acquire new items. Then create a wish list of the fine furniture brands that you'll soon buy. 



Sacramento home design comes next to furniture shopping and will serve as the cherry on top of the cake. After you've taken a tour of the furniture showroom, whether that's a Virtual Tour or an actual tour of the furniture studio, it is your right to find the best furniture sale Sacramento deals. The New Year is one of the best times to visit the showroom because the newest fine furniture pieces have arrived in winter. You're at a better position to look for the New Year fine furniture sale events. 

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