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Sofa Shopping Made Easy
Learn 10 Stylish Sofa Designs and Shopping Tips

People love sofas. Most spend the lion’s share on their budgets in buying the best sofa Sacramento piece. Just imagine sitting in a comfy sofa sipping a hot mug of cocoa as you peruse a bestseller. It is this level of comfort that’s being offered by this piece of furniture why you need to spend time browsing through websites, magazines, and interior design books.

Let’s make your sofa shopping fun by studying how many sofas there are in the first place and what benefits you’d get from each –

#1. The Sectional

<img src=&quot;sixpiecesectional.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;Hooker Furniture Living Room Savion Grandier 6-Piece Power HR Sectional w/3 Power Recline.&quot;

This may be called a sofa but it is, in essence, a multi-piece sofa design. There are commonly three to five pieces for every sectional set. This can be arranged in different configurations. The more pieces you have, the more configurations you can experiment with. Common configurations include the U and L shapes.

Ideally, every sectional purchase includes fixtures that will connect the different pieces to keep them from separating. Because of the growing popularity of this furniture, there are a lot of styles and materials to choose from. Some are huge while others are small, and there are even mobile pieces now.

#2. The Mid-century Modern Sofa


This is a piece that reigned supreme during the 1940s till the ‘70s. Don’t think that it has stepped down of its lofty position just yet. It has made a comeback recently and people are taking notice.

This sofa design is all about minimalism and highlighting clean lines. There are various styles of this sofa and it was designed to primarily give comfort. Coupled with your choice of home theme, it would surely look fabulous.

#3. The Chesterfield

This sofa offers a tufted design solely on the arms and back. Others include the bench section, too.

‘Wanna be hip and in this year? You would never go wrong with a Chesterfield.
<img src=&quot;chesterfieldsofa.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;neutral-colored Century Furniture Chesterfield Sofa.&quot;>

#4. The Contemporary Mid-Century Modern Sofa

Modern furniture is not what most people think it to be – it is not the same as contemporary pieces. Technically speaking, modern furniture is anything that showcases a mid-century design. Also, contemporary is used for furniture pieces that have been recently made available to the market.

So choose from a contemporary Chesterfield sofa and a modern Chesterfield because they’re different.

#5. The Lawson-Style Sofa

This sofa spells C-O-M-F-O-R-T.  Its signature design is the set of pillows that is separate from the frame. These pieces are separated to up the level of comfort.

This is a popular design even these days. Buy Lawson-style in different colors, sizes, and materials. Move the large pillows as you sit to optimize comfort.

#6. The English Sofa

This is referred to as English because its full term is the English rolled arm. This has low arms compared to the high back.

English also has tight sofa upholstery throughout though it still offers a decent cushion including its arms. This is just like Bridgewater because it has taut upholstery as well as low arms.

#7. The Bridgewater Sofa

This is very comfortable and casual. The arms are also slightly rolled to the sides. These arms are also lower than the back of the sofa.

Any room design can accommodate the beauty of Bridgewater though don’t rely on it to become the highlighted piece in the room. This is reasonably comfortable and it offers a traditional look so it’s best for classic and rustic homes.

#8. The Cabriole Sofa

If you see the equal-height arms and back of the sofa, then you’re definitely staring at a cabriole. The arms often curve inward which creates a long, continuous line from one arm to the next.

There are cabriole designs that have ornate elements while others offer more comfortable features.

Look also for the exposed wood trim at the top of the arms and back as these are also the distinguishing features of the cabriole sofa.

Other one-of-a-kind sofa designs include the chaise lounge, sleeper sofas, pull out sofa bed, Futon, bunk bed, daybed, divan, loveseat, and the settee. 

#9. The Skirted Sofa

Did you feel intimidated by the pleated skirt sofa in the past? Is it because you associated this style with that of the couch that you saw whenever you visited your grandma? Have you embraced the contemporary lifestyle so, by default, you are saying no to the skirted sofa? Or are you simply not sure what style of sofa you would like to use in your living room?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, then worry not, you’re not alone. The skirted sofa can actually make or break the look of your stylish living room. It can easily become the star or it can be an effective background.

Here are some wonderful ways to make the skirted sofa a usable piece in your home –

It Is a Balancing Factor

The skirted sofa is a wonderful way to balance any leggy space. This is that space where the chairs and tables have prominent legs.

When used inside the neutral living area, the skirted sofa can be the perfect supporting cast so that other components will stand out. Leopard prints and strong blue colors will surely stand out with a simple skirted sofa.

The skirted sofa can also serve as a pit stop for the eyes once they travel from a monochrome ceiling, walls, and flooring. The skirting will arrest the eyes especially when the sofa itself offers a delicious array of the palette that’s not found on the backdrop.

It Describes You

If you want to lend a touch of your personality in your habitat, then you might as well find furniture that represents your characteristics. You should also learn to define where furniture begins and stops. You should also seriously consider using a chic trim to your skirted sofa’s hem. Imagine a Greek key trimming on a skirted sofa while a soothing wall sits right behind it. With these, you have just defined the absolute chic place.

The skirted sofa may appear too traditional for many reasons. It is this style, though, that makes it a personality-defining piece. Imagine a painted and exposed brick wall, some exposed concrete and lines that show industrial design – these are the best frames to an otherwise basic skirted sofa.

It Pairs Beautifully

The traditional skirted sofa often pairs wonderfully with any modern velvet chair. Preferably an armchair, the skirted sofa, and velvet armchair combo offer a graceful, inviting, and luxurious living room furniture Sacramento style that is difficult to achieve with any other material.

It Is the Perfect Frame

At times, there are living room pieces that are a tad more difficult to see. For instance, a glass coffee table can be hard to immediately see. Continue the visual plane from the flooring all the way to the cushions then the skirted sofa should provide the perfect backdrop for the rest of the design pieces.
<img src=&quot;tuftedsofa.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;Jonathan Louis tufted Layla Sofa.&quot;>

#10. Try Tufted Sofas

Apart from mattresses, cushioned chairs and luxury sofas are often the most tufted object in the world. Back in the day, mattresses had tufting to hold the stuffing or batting in place. This was before the mattress coil technology was developed. Untufted pieces almost always ended up with stuffing shifting to the end or on just one side of the mattress.

Buttons are being used nowadays for a more decorative look. These are placed there more for the style than for function. Mattress interiors now come with foam, springs, and coils.

Button tufting can be accomplished with the use of button forms. These are metal button blanks covered with contrasting or the same fabrics then placed to the object being tufted. Most of these buttons come in shank style or the type of button that has plastic, metal, or wire loops where the thread could pass. These buttons are then sewn to the sofa cushion.

Tufting needles are used with or without the wooden handle. This needle is inserted through the cushion and the master artisan works diligently with it. There are also long upholstery needles used for projects with less thickness. These are used on dolls, throw pillows, and some cradle mattresses.

An upholsterer can also work on furniture’s backside or its front.

Another kind of tufting is stitch tufting. This is the traditional kind of tufting where button thread, twine, waxed thread, or industrial threads are used. Each of the stitches is sewn to the stuffing. This is often used in doll mattresses, bassinet, and cradles. The thread’s strength must be able to withstand the pressures of washing and shifting.

Loop or chenille tufted fabrics come with vertical rows of yarn or fiber loops. These are sewn through then formed into a pile. The designs such as leaves, flowers, even human figures can be tufted into the fabric.

Why Tufting Works

Chesterfield sofa was originally made of velvet but only the crushed velvet type became mainstream. Hollywood homes are filled with this kind of sofa because of the highest levels of sophistication that they are able to offer.

Tufting and color blocking can create a focus in any minimalist space. Don’t go gaga over the colors. Let the tufted piece speak for itself and become the star of the show.

Tufted sofas or loveseats are relatively traditional which makes them perfect in any Old World or rustic setting. If you want to go modern, then all you have to do is to create a traditional layout inside a house with modern architecture.

Tufted sofas can also be transitional pieces. Transitional homes come with furnishings with clean lines so the tufted sofa will make a perfect focal piece.

Always consider scale and mass when you are buying a tufted sofa or any large furniture. The tufted sofa will become an anchor point in any room where you place it. You would, of course, want to be deliberate when making your choices. You could look through an interesting array of tufted sofas then decide on which one would make your theme leap to life.

Many home offices are also using tufted sofas recently. Some even go through great lengths 

Sofa Shopping 101

The best way to check for sofa quality is to scrutinize the construction and engineering aspects. While your hands are limited to the touch as well as the feel of the materials, these can pretty much tell you a lot about the skirted sofa that you are about to buy.

The best frame is made of kiln-dried wood held by nails and glue. You can enjoy 15 years and more with this kind of frame.

As for the seating support, make sure that it provides good support on your back. Check for the suspension which is the webbing across the back and the seat itself. Feel also the cushion filling as you sit on the sofa. The firmer cushions come at a higher density and the softest materials foam wrapped with cotton.

Of course, a sofa Sacramento piece has to be an investment, it won’t come cheap. But if there’s one thing that you can be sure of, it’s that you will feel comfortable in it and you would use it for a long time.

The purchase of a sofa is one of the first investments that a homeowner has to make. It is a permanent furniture piece that will sit in the living room for a long time so, yes, take your sweet, sweet time in shopping for the right one.

First, Research

Buying your first sofa or even your second or third is not an easy task. This is something that requires a lot of thinking and wise decision-making. This is, after all, the focal point in the family room. When used daily, it could even be subjected to the most rigorous family activities.

Your sofa is an investment piece. So scour the Internet, magazines, and books on interior design to know what kind you would bring home.

Define What You Want

Just like any other decision in life, you must first know what you want. In order to pick the type of sofa for the living room or just about any space in your home, consider its function, the room size, as well as its configurations.

The standard sofa range from about 6-8 feet long. Its average height is around 37 inches but the contemporary ones could be 4 inches shorter. If you have a taller and a bulkier couch then be sure to place it against the wall.

recliner is a sofa that is generally suitable for family and media rooms. Judging by its name, of course, it offers an amazing reclining feature.

chaise, on the other hand, is a sofa that allows you to prop your feet up. It looks stylish as it is a cross between a sectional and the recliner.

Lastly, the sectional is generally for bigger rooms or for smaller rooms that don’t seem to look right with scattered chairs.

Another thing that you need to check is the type of cushions that will go on the sofa. Will you take the loose-cushion back, the semi-attached back, or the tight back?

Nailheads and tufted back and arms are perfect for those who are looking to add some flair to their home.
<img src=&quot;sofawnailheadtrim.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;Aspen Home Oxford Whiskey Brown Office Chair.&quot;>

As for the upholstery, you have a choice among microfiber (best for homes with kids and pets), acrylic (great for sunroom or patio use), leather (withstands wear and tear), and linen (for elegance and formality).

Choose also if you’re going to use slipcovers or not.

Check the Sofa Construction

Quality sofas are often heavy and solid. Check the kind of wood that was used to make this piece of furniture. Frames that are made of kiln-dried wood like birch, alder, or maple are all surely durable.

Check also the frame and its joints. Look for the double dowel types and also the glued then screwed on corner blocks. The best sofas have legs that are a continuous part of the frame (though there are sofas that have removable feet so they can be easily brought in through smaller doorways).

If you’re choosing leather or fabric, make sure that you have the durable type.

Measurements Matter

Before your sofa shopping, measure the room size. Measure also the current furniture’s dimensions. You can only afford to get the overstuffed sofa piece if you have a sprawling space to place it in. If not, there are many other options to save some space while not totally giving up on style and comfort.

Furniture measurement generally asks for the width, length, depth, and height. You need these dimensions so that you can determine whether or not the sofa will fit in. Measure also the diagonal depth if you have to bring in a sofa to a tight entryway.

Sofa Details

When you’ve been seriously thinking about updating your sofa, you might want to look at other factors apart from the fabric. The details like banding, tufting, and nailheads can present a dressed up sofa or one that’s just casual.

Learn which ones can make your sofa appear more traditional, modern, or simply spectacular.

The Sofa Seam

One element that makes a sofa unique is the seam. Seam styles vary greatly from one sofa to the next. If you have no idea what a seam looks like, then find the edges right where the fabric is sewn. This may be a small part of the sofa and its impact may even be subtle but this is one of those things that can make your sofa look casual or formal.

The Sofa Flat Stitches

There are various stitch types but there are only some that produce a flat-looking seam. Top stitches are quite common and as are the blind seam and the French seam. The overall look that these types of stitches provide is a modern one. Compared to welts, they are less fancy because they are meant to tone down sofas.

The Sofa Welt

That part of your sofa that appears like a thin cord and runs along its seams are your welts. These are also commonly found on the seat cushion and throw pillow edges. Welts add a tailored look to your sofa, hence, they make your sofa appear more traditional.

Make this part of your seat pop by making it a different color from the fabric. Graphic touches work well with pieces that come in distinct shapes.

The Sofa Skirt Banding

If your sofa has a skirt, then you can have a band added. This is a different kind of fabric that’s sewn at the bottom. It is about 1-9 inches wide and it used to break up the upholstery’s monotony. When you’re going to use it, though, be sure to limit it to just one seating unit and not the entire furniture fleet as these bands can also overwhelm.

The Non-skirt Banding Type

Banding can also be used on sofas that do not have a skirt. This is done when half an inch of fabric is added at the bottom then keeps the piece in place by adding nailheads.

This is a wonderful decorative style in more traditional settings. If you want an ultra-modern setup, then this is not your go-to design.

The Sofa Flange

This is a fabric right on the cushion which extends beyond the sofa seam. You are bound to see a border that resembles a flat fabric. This is also used on sofa cushions, throws, and slipcovered seating units.

A sofa flange is supposed to give the seat a more formal appearance.

The Sofa Diamond Tufting

If you’ve seen depressions on the most stylish sofas in the past, then you have probably seen tufting. This is created by pulling a button and threading it through the fabric. Tufting that creates a diamond pattern is known as the diamond tuft – quite an apt name don’t you think?

Diamond tufting offers a formal or a more traditional look. The buttons’ fabrics can also be altered. Use faux pearls if you want to up the level of poshness in your living room.

There are many other kinds of tufting. Find out if the waffle tuft, which is created through the sewing of fabric together, is the style for you. This kind is not too fancy so it’s alright to use in masculine or Mid-century style homes.

The Sofa Nailhead Trim

Nailhead trim is most apt for rustic, modern, or formal surroundings, meaning, it is highly adaptable. While it is seen as a more traditional decorative element, you still can use it with a mixture of traditional and modern.

Nailheads are commonly seen on sofa borders either at one part of the seating unit or throughout the entire piece. So, now that you know all these things about sofa designs,  which living room furniture Sacramento shop will you visit soon? If you don't feel like leaving your home, take our Virtual Tour and check out our latest items on sale that you can add on your sofa shopping list. 


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