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Stickley Furniture: 100% American Craftsmanship and Heirloom Quality
McCreery's Home Furnishings Opens Its Doors to Stickley Furniture!

It is difficult to look at Stickley Furniture, whether online or in an actual furniture showroom, and not think of commitment and legacy. This renowned furniture brand that creates heirloom furniture makes sure that every piece is made in the United States and that the materials have a high quality. Their furniture collections have been a part of people’s heirloom possessions for many generations. 

McCreery's Home Furnishings offers some of the best rustic interior design elements through Stickley Furniture.

Stickley Furniture has an unprecedented resale value, and the Stickley brand is sought after by antique dealers for this particular reason. Apart from its rustic charm, Stickley also has a rich history to boot. 

Stickley Furniture Is Now At McCreery's Home Furnishings 

Stickley Furniture: The Origins

As the oldest of the five brothers (Leopold, Charles, Albert, and John George), Gustav Stickley has created mission furniture as a unified style. They were all active members of the Arts and Crafts movement under a variety of trade names.

All natives of Wisconsin, they later moved to upstate New York. In 1898, Gustav formed what was previously known as the Gustav Stickley Company. He started United Crafts in 1901 and Craftsman Workshops in 1904.

While Gustav's initial designs leaned more toward the Art Nouveau style, he eventually adapted and improved his techniques to create the Mission style by 1900. Leopold Stickley joined his brother Gustav as a foreman and, together, they eventually formed the Onondaga Shops in Fayetteville, NY. John George also joined them in the end.

Onondaga Shops rebranded to Leopold and John George Stickley in 1907 and they proved to be the most successful of the Stickley brothers in building an enduring business. Interior design firms Sacramento experts know Stickley Furniture is synonymous with heirloom-quality furniture and, now, it's here with us! 

"When a man's home is born out of his heart and developed through his labor and perfected through his sense of beauty, it is the very cornerstone of life." 

- Gustav Stickley 

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What makes Stickley living room furniture and other furniture pieces timeless and enduring is the tried and tested traditional joinery, making the furniture strong and long-lasting.

Each furniture joint has pinned mortise and tenon joinery. These joints are tenoned, glued, and stapled with wooden pins, that lock the joint, thus supplying additional strength.

Another popular Stickley construction method is the use of quadrilinear posts. Four quarter sawn boards are mitered together around a solid core to achieve this look, ultimately increasing the post’s durability.

Thankfully, many fine furniture brands still take pride in building high-quality heirloom collections that can be passed on to future generations. Stickley Furniture is one such brand.  Fine wood craftsmanship and attention to detail make the furniture hold up to the tests of time, thus, creating many memories for families, for many, many years. 

Stickley Furniture Is Sustainable

The world that Gustav Stickley lived in had many of the same concerns that are still evident today. An avid believer in conservation, Stickley observed in 1909, that “our native woods are becoming too scarce, and therefore too valuable, for us longer to degrade them to wasteful and unlovely uses." With this enforced respect for their materials, he said, they reasonably hope to see "housebuilders become homebuilders, and furniture makers once again animated by the true spirit of craftsmanship…”

You can see a lot of cheap furniture stores in Sacramento but when you're looking for fine furniture brands, then be sure to seek out reputable dealers only.

McCreery's Home Furnishings houses the best fine furniture brands, hence, it is but natural that we now unveil our finest Stickley Furniture collections. 

Still on sustainability, the hardwoods and other materials, used to manufacture Stickley Furniture, are too precious to be wasted. Stickley’s goal is to come out with high-quality products without damaging the environment in any way. 

Stickley Furniture also decreases the need for recurring furniture purchases, making the brand a more sustainable purchase decision. They use solid wood and handcrafted pieces made to last for generations so you - or even your posterity - won't have to worry about furniture replacement for decades. 

The craftsmanship evident in Stickley collections cuts back on the unnecessary waste created by cheap furniture Sacramento stores, reducing the number of old sofas and coffee tables that are all headed to landfills.

The Stickley philosophy is “living in harmony with nature.” This philosophy focuses on durability, quality, and long-lasting furniture. Stickley is also a proud member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council and complies with federal, state, and local environmental regulations. 

Stickley Means Quality 

Craftsmanship and attention to detail can get lost in the process of mass production which is why Stickley has consistently stayed true to the quality that defines their brand.

Every piece that's built is made with the old Flemish saying, Als Ik Kan or, “to the best of my ability” kept in mind. Every Stickley product is built solid, thus, built to last.

Stickley Furniture is intentionally overbuilt, made with much higher standards than is necessary for an average piece of fine furniture. This high standard of manufacturing quality ensures that the customer is getting only the best in heirloom-quality furniture.

Overbuilding has been the company’s standard since its founding over a century ago, and the result is evident in the furniture that we see from their collections. 

Quality Construction 

Here are some construction practices that help make Stickley Furniture one of the best fine furniture brands in the United States:

Quarter-Sawn Timber

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Part of Stickley’s effort to remain sustainable is using the quarter sawing method.

Contrary to flat-sawn timber, quarter-sawn timber aims to get the maximum use out of the tree and creates solid wood pieces that are much less susceptible to warping and cracking. Besides the less wasteful use of wood, quarter-sawn wood also makes what they call a “tiger-stripe” pattern, which adds unparalleled, noteworthy details to each piece.

Mortise and Tenon Joints

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Many modern furniture manufacturers use nails, screws, and glue, which can eventually affect the wood’s integrity. The wood can crack and split causing your furniture to break down.

Mortise and tenon joints are an old furniture construction method that remains useful even in modern furniture making because it has been proven to result in sturdier and longer-lasting pieces. Such joints do not use screws or nails, and the joint will last for many generations if properly maintained.

Tongue and Groove Joints

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Tongue and groove joints are boards that are aligned and attached to each other which results in a more durable furniture piece. These joints also help protect the wood during contraction and expansion due to temperature changes.

We are excited for you. Gone are the days of cheap furniture Sacramento. pieces taking the center stage. Nowadays, homeowners are more meticulous when it comes to furniture shopping.

So shop only for high-quality fine furniture. A hundred years from now, you'll be grateful because the Stickley Furniture that you would invest in today will surely still be durable and useful by then. 

Stickley Furniture Is On Sale


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