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The 10 Steps to Becoming A Furniture Fashionista
Own the Most Stylish Furniture Pieces In Your Block

With the conclusion of the digitally-presented, socially-distanced runway show on New York Fashion Week (NYFW), the fashion industry is, once again, ablaze with excitement. Naturally, the interior design industry follows suit. Locally, fine furniture Sacramento experts are also setting up their stage for what's in.  The Spring 2021 collections designed by the who's who in the fashion industry showed a lot of bright colors from yellow-green to pink, orange hues, and even solid, primary colors. Of course, floral designs were also present. 

Here at McCreery's Home Furnishings, we take furniture fashion seriously. That's why we showed you what the Fashionable Beds Sacramento 2020 and Fall 2020 Trends are; or why that trending strawberry dress is even significant to your Sacramento interior design in the first place. 

According to, a fashionista is "a designer, promoter, or follower of the latest fashions". If you want to stay on top of fine furniture Sacramento fashion, know that there are crucial steps to take. 

Fine Furniture Sacramento and the Furniture Fashionista That Is You

Every fashion designer can attest that fashion is a form of art. Anyone can just buy or make a dress to keep oneself warm or covered but to appear stylish is a totally different thing - this is also true with furniture fashion. Furnishings also have their own set of tones, patterns, and textures that you need to consider; there are also the principles of balance, emphasis, proportion, etc.  

Here are some tips from trending social media fashionistas. Find out how you can apply these tips in setting up your Sacramento interior design - 

01.  Be Passionate 

<img src=&quot;neon sign.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;fuel your passion neon sign.&quot;>

Just like any endeavor in life, you must have a passion for what you do. It's not just important to know the benefits of having a good interior design, equally crucial is to show who you are through your style. A true blue fashionista takes inspiration from blogs, magazines, and social media.

As a furniture fashionista, you need to keep your eyes open to new things about fashion and the interior design industries. We found an interesting online quiz that could help you determine your interior design style and how you feel about furniture fashion in general.

Take the quiz here. So, did your heart skip a beat while taking the fun quiz? 

02.  Be Confident  

You must design with confidence. Follow your instinct. If you've been reading (and rereading) an interior design magazine and you default at page number 7 each time, then you know what interior design and fine furniture Sacramento style you want. 

Begin by studying the features of the rooms that you're going to design. Try to picture the wood furniture and what fine furniture brands you'll shop. 

Plan around the focal points such as alcoves or fireplaces. Is your living room ceiling high? Then plan your fine furniture shopping around that fact. 

What color of paint or wallpaper was used? If your current theme is Scandi, for instance, then go for more vibrant furniture such as the Huntington House Chair 7473 above. If you've embraced a colorful, eclectic vibe, then go for something neutral and simple. 

Take the time to measure the space, put a scale drawing on paper, and then take a Virtual Tour of a showroom that will give you ample furniture choices. 

03.  Mix and Match 

Look, it's impossible to alter your style overnight but you can start experimenting with different styles and looks now by mixing and matching different elements. A furniture fashionista can match a pattern that will best highlight the sofa in the living room.

Begin with small doses so you slowly build your confidence. Mix different styles by building a blend of furnishings that harmonize in a variety of scales. Having a simple edging on top of your dining table and balancing this with similar finishes elsewhere is a traditional approach to interior design. To infuse a sense of playfulness from one room to the next, use tonal colors and prints. 

04.  Be Creative 

"A key difference between dull or mediocre design and work of real excellence is precisely the level of creative thinking that the designer has generated. (Pile, 2003)" 

To say that being creative is a part of interior design is a point that many interior designers in Sacramento would agree on. However, the meaning of creativity can be quite ambiguous when perceived collectively.

So what is creativity in terms of being a design expert and a furniture connoisseur? Creativity is defined a one's ability to come up with a novel and appropriate product. With design, this means concocting a style that is both functional and visually appropriate. In terms of attributes, these are -

Willingness to take risks
Artistic inclinations
A vivid imagination

We're pretty sure you can add more to this list but you do get the picture. You need to unleash your creative side to make interior design marvels such as the Bernhardt Interiors designed space below - 

<img src=&quot;glass-walled room.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;glass table with a gold metallic base surrounded with three upholstered chairs.&quot;>

05.  Choose the Right Color 

<img src=&quot;white living room.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;two chairs, one with geometric patterns, and the other a white one, are in a white living room with other design elements.&quot;>

We cannot reiterate enough how every furniture fashionista needs to be color-conscious. Understand how your chosen color palette works with your home's architecture, your preferences, and even the current interior design trends.

Colors can even affect one's psyche so you need to be careful about the colors that you will use in your Sacramento interior design. Learn the answer to the question - Is There A One-Size-Fits-All Color Palette - so you'll know what hues to include to your home's color scheme. 

06.  Find the Right Patterns 

Robert Allen Fabric Patterns (Clockwise from the left): Helios Plaid, Aqua, Damask-Red Pepper, Charcoal, Marrakech Green, and Peacock. 

This can get tricky and overwhelming even when you already know the color scheme that you want. But allow us to walk you through that process - literally through thousands of pattern choices by categorizing them under classic and unique. The classics, or the most common patterns, include stripes, basketweave, checkered, brocade, chevron, Chinoiserie, chintz, damask, paisley, polka dots, Fleur-de-Lis and other florals, etc.

As for the unique patterns, well, the sky's technically the limit to these. Think of the herringbone pattern, harlequin check, geometric patterns, animal prints, and just about every possible artistic rendition that a designer could fabricate.

You can take risks when choosing smaller pieces of fabrics but be careful in picking the large pieces. For the latter, make sure that you're okay to live with the fabric for a while. 

07.  Pick the Right Textures 

A common misconception in fine furniture shopping is that the statement piece (usually the sofa, bed, or the dining table) will always dictate the style and mood of a room. While these large pieces should reflect your personal style, you cannot just put a sofa in the middle of a room and expect it to provide a homey atmosphere right away. Your color, material, and texture choices that were correctly layered create the perfect ambiance.

So how do you pick the textures that reflect who you are?

Remember that texture is responsible for adding interest, warmth, and depth to any room. Minus this element, a room will feel bland and sparse so choose your textures well.

Wooly, plush textures evoke an inviting feeling and also warmth. Consider your options now since the winter months are nearing. Yet even minimalist homes can add textures through the right window treatments, cozy throws in neutral hues, and houseplants.

You can also combine color and texture so you can holistically experience your favorite colors. Say, if you go gaga over red, then think of how much you would love this on a butter-soft leather sofa. 

08.  Seek Out Fine Furniture Finds 


Just like a fashionista who can scour the market for discounted yet quality clothing and accessories, as a new furniture fashionista, it is also your duty to find fine furniture sale items that will complete your home style. 

And you're in luck because we are currently holding a sales event that will surely give you the heftiest discounts! If you want to learn more about fine furniture shopping, read - The Five Phases of Fine Furniture Shopping and 7 Exclusive Fine Furniture Sacramento Shopping Tips.   

09.  Ask An Expert to Guide You 

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Sue Van Den Broeke

Sue brings over 13 years experience in the furniture/design field, including thorough knowledge of Hunter Douglas products and beautiful custom window treatments. In addition, using her art background (i.e., drawing, oil painting, etc), Sue has the ability to bring a balance of colors and textures to their rooms/projects.

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Melissa Webb 

Melissa brings over 22 years of experience in the Interior Design field, 10 years of which she was a senior designer at Ethan Allen. Melissa has been featured in both Home Magazine and The Sacramento Bee for her residential designs..

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Sandi Kaseman

Over 20 years of experience.  Knowing proper proportion, scale, functionality, and today’s durable fabrics are imperative to creating beautiful spaces. From furniture, area rugs, lighting, custom window treatments to wall color selection, and home décor.

Talk To An Expert Designer

Since you're trying to develop your sense of style, it would greatly help if you seek the assistance of an expert in the field. An expert designer can amplify your design potential so do not hesitate to reach one of our professionals on Designer on Demand

10.  Shop! 


Let's put your furniture fashionista training to the test. With our ongoing Sacramento furniture sale event, there are hundreds of furnishings to choose from. Find which fine furniture Sacramento pieces will satiate your design requirements and get them at super discounted prices! 

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