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The Top 10 Chair Styles
This Is Your First Step To Becoming A Chair Expert

Welcome to our catalog of the best types of chairs for your Sacramento interior design. A lot of home furnishings Sacramento CA experts agree that chairs are staple pieces in every home which is why you should take chair shopping seriously.

Chairs and McCreery's Home Furnishings Sacramento CA 

Chairs originated from Ancient Egypt and have been influenced in the Western world by the Greeks and Romans. They’re commonly used in China from the 12th century and were also used by the Aztecs. Some pieces of chairs that have survived are from medieval Europe. These are often brilliant works connected with royalty.

Today, chairs play an essential part in your Sacramento interior design, and they occupy a considerable section in showrooms in Sacramento furniture stores such as ours here at McCreery's Home Furnishings.

Many of the chairs can be used on different locations and mixed and matched depending on the room. The chairs that you pick to be placed in a home versus an office will have some differences, but some designs will overlap.

These days, whether there is a  need for seating in the kitchen, bedroom, or living room, it is guaranteed that you will have options to match your character and style.

01.  Wing Chair

Although the wing chair is very traditional, it has been reinterpreted and given a more contemporary flavor by many modern designers. Wingback chairs are distinguished by the side panels or "wings" on the back, which initially served the purpose of shielding the person from drafts in a room or excessive heat from the fireplaces. Today, the wings provide a comfortable surface to rest the head for taking naps.

A wing chair is perfect for lounging or reading.

02.  Traditional Chair/Arm Chair

Only the best Sacramento furniture stores offer the best kinds of armchairs. These are extremely versatile pieces that are coveted by many due to their armrests. The armrest makes the chair great for lounging. To be considered an armchair, the only real quality a chair needs to possess is that it has arms, which means a good portion of chairs will fall under this category.

03.  Club Chair 

A club chair is a relaxing, upholstered chair with arms. Together with the arms is a low back and is usually upholstered in leather or fabric. The term comes from 19th-century England, where gentlemen's clubs had this type of chairs. Like many other traditional styles, this one has been updated, too, to fit even contemporary homes.

04.  Armless Chair 

Armless chairs are less expensive, lighter, and more versatile than the armchairs. Without arms, this chair can fit pretty much any table or counter and it is easy to sit any way you like on it.

Often in dining rooms with oval tables, the end chairs have arms while the ones on the side are armless to allow more people to fit around the table. Armless chairs are also frequently referred to as slipper chairs.

05.  Side Chair 

Typically, dining room chairs are also side chairs. A side chair is a small chair with a solid structure and it may or may not have arms. The seat and back may or may not be upholstered. Besides being used in the dining room, side chairs may add extra seating in a living room and other spaces.

They are not bulky, like club chairs.

06.  Recliner Chair 

A recliner is a chair that has adjustable seating levels. This is also crafted with a footrest. These footrests are usually accessible by a lever, button, or by simply leaning back on the chair.

Recliners are covered with fabric or leather and can range in style from traditional to contemporary. This is typically placed in a living room or entertainment room for ease in watching television or in doing activities such as reading books, magazines, or newspapers.

07.  Chaise Lounge 

A chaise is essentially a long chair, one on which you can stretch your legs without having to use an ottoman. The back is usually at a semi-reclining angle. Chaise longue became chaise lounge in the English usage, and that is what it is usually called when we allude to a long, narrow lounging chair. 

08.  Accent Chair

You can also use chairs as accent pieces. Accent chairs are seating pieces that have a role beyond function. Manufacturers create them to complement the decor, draw out a particular color, provide a focal point, or add contrast to spice up an otherwise bland, monotonous space.

09.  Ottoman

An ottoman is typically used as a footstool paired with a lounge chair. When guests come over, and seating is limited, ottomans are sturdy enough to be used as seating as well. These versatile pieces can also be used for storage or as a coffee table!

Some ottomans are upholstered while some are unupholstered pieces made of wood or metal. These are commonly used in the living room and bedroom, often situated at the end of the bed or used as end tables.

10.  Bar Stool

Bar stools come in many shapes and sizes, just like other chairs. These are commonly used under islands with long countertops or high top tables. The key to getting a barstool that works for your home is measuring the counter or table, first, to know exactly what size you will need. Some will have adjustable heights, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. Best to consult with the best furniture stores Sacramento experts.

Some barstools have different features, like the capacity to rotate, back, footrests, etc. Often barstools with backs are used when people plan to sit in the stool for extended periods.

Please Take A Seat


These are just a fraction of the types of available chairs, so you can choose what matches your current home furnishings Sacramento CA pieces. Whether your tastes run to modern or traditional, there is a wide variety of options for any room. Search for images and find the types of chairs that appeal to you before you go shopping. This will narrow down the searches and keeps you from being overwhelmed. To make things even easier, take a Virtual Tour of our 60,000 sq.ft. showroom to find out which chairs are also on sale. 'Wanna speak directly to an expert designer? Reach one at Designer on Demand.

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