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Top 10 Highly-Recommended Sofas
A McCreery's Home Furnishings List of the Most Fashionable and Functional Sofa Sacramento Styles

A sofa Sacramento piece is no less than the hub of domestic living. It is a spot where you can relax, lie down, and watch your favorite TV shows after a grueling day at the office. This is also one of the pieces of furniture that effortlessly gathers the family.  

Sofa History 


Generally, furniture is defined as any mobile object created to make a space more comfortable and suitable for working and living. The first pieces of furniture during the Neolithic period were crafted with stone; with beds, dressers, and cupboards being the first forms of furniture.

Chairs came before sofas as ancient pharaohs and queens owned these seating units when they were living and even when they have passed on. 

The term couch originated in Middle English, coming from the Old French term couche meaning, to lie down. This was originally used to refer to a furniture piece that was intended for lying down or sleeping on. Through the years, though, sofas, in general, are also already referred to as couches.

Before the Renaissance, people used a chaise lounge type of seating unit with pillows to make sitting more comfortable. Christian records even prove that, in the ancient world, people even reclined when they ate so they used a seating unit that allowed them to lean forward or lie back.

Upholstery became an interior design fixture at the end of the Elizabethan Era. The societal values always have a tremendous effect on how things looked. So, as more and more people asked for comfort, it resulted in nicer seating units which included the earliest versions of the couch. One historical figure who is always mentioned when it comes to the history of sofa is the Fourth Earl of Chesterfield, Lord Philip Stanhope who was a trendsetter. A seating unit still bears his name to this day. Chesterfield sofas are genuine leather couches with a distinct buttoned upholstery, charming rolled arms, and equal arm and back heights. The purpose of this seat was to allow the well-dressed nobles to sit in comfort so they can still maintain their poise and manners. 

10 Must-Have Sofa Sacramento Styles 

If people are asked to pick the most important furniture piece for them, most would probably pick the sofa. First off, it's an anchor piece and it provides comfort for everyone. So, yes, it is a functional piece and - when chosen carefully - it can also be the biggest piece of art in the living room.

We, at McCreery's Home Furnishings, have come up with our Top 10 Most Recommended sofas for this year. If you've been searching for the best living room furniture Sacramento shops, then look no further.

Here are five fabric and five leather sofa options for you to choose from - 

01.  The Cleo Sectional by Jonathan Louis 

<img src=&quot;sectional.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;orange-colored curved, upholstered sectional.&quot;>

This Jonathan Louis sectional is ultra-luxe with a serpentine silhouette. You have a choice between the three-piece ensemble or the smaller, space-saving silhouette. Whichever one you end up choosing, you're sure to fall in love with Cleo's curves. 

Cleo Features

Fabric Types 

Chenille, cotton, canvas, faux fur, Jacquard, linen look, velvet, and woven texture. 

Color Families

Blacks and purples, blues, browns, greens and yellows, greys and charcoal, pinks, reds, oranges, and whites and naturals. 

Solid or Patterned

Take your pick. 


126" x 78" x 32" 

Fabrics Used on the Above Image

Continuum Autumn Leaves (body fabric) and Rizzo Diamond (pillow fabric)


Mid-Century Modern stationary sectional

02.  American Leather Barcelona Sectional 

The Barcelona sectional comes with a plush channel, double-needle quilting fused with a single-needle-top-stitching which all add to this piece's character. 

Choose from different contrasting thread colors or match it with your chosen upholstery. 

Barcelona has sturdy aluminum legs. 

Available finishes are black, bronze, or polished look. This sectional is currently on sale and on display in our showroom. 

03.  Bradington Young Taylor Stationary Loveseat Eight-Way Hand Tie

Okay, you might wonder, what exactly is an eight-way hand tie? Simply put, this is the manner in which the springs were constructed inside a leather sofa Sacramento piece. This spring or coil system makes up the durable seat suspension.

This sole loveseat on our list makes it to the roll because of its beautiful, traditional/formal style. This is the kind of sofa that won't let you worry in terms of harmonizing with the living room design. 

This leather furniture Sacramento CA piece is a must-have in smaller apartments, townhouses, or condominium units. 

04.  Avondale Hampstead Settee (Lexington Home Brands)

We simply cannot resist the luscious color of this modern or eclectic settee.

Do you want a leather upholstery for this settee style? No worries! We'll customize it for you. 

Avondale Hampstead Settee Dimensions







Arm Height


Seat Height, Width, and Depth

19", 47", 18" respectively

Starting at 


05.  3366 Sofa 

If you like your living room look to be simple, then this is a sofa that you should invest in. Anchor your space with this charming sofa that comes with a graceful scalloped back.

Get this living room furniture online through our Virtual Tour feature.  If you want to configure this sofa according to your seating requirements, then just let us know. 

06.  Louis Sofa (Jonathan Louis) 

We just can't get enough of the colorful sofas. After all, the recently concluded New York Fashion Week featured a lot of colorful fashion clothing so, naturally, the world of interior design follows suit. 

The USA-made Louis Sofa is a retro-chic, well-rounded design from the Louis Collection. It comes with a curved silhouette and Pluma Plush toss pillows that will surely provide the utmost comfort. 







07.  Chesterfield Sofa 

Of course, this list isn't complete without a Chesterfield sofa. This is available in leather or fabric and it comes with the standard decorative tacked head as well as the rolled arms. 

It is also available in this fabric color with two 20" x 20" throw pillows. 

Its dimensions are 31" (Height), 87" (Width), and 38-41" (Depth). 

08.  Brookings Reclining Sofa 

Big or small, your family can surely benefit from the unequaled comfort that is offered by a motion sofa (also called a reclining sofa). This motion seating unit allows the individual to recline at an angle that he or she desires - now isn't that the most relaxing thing? 

The Brookings Reclining Sofa comes with a transitional style so you won't have to worry about messing the living room theme. 

09.  American Leather Bryson Comfort Sleeper

A sleeper sofa Sacramento piece such as the American Leather Bryson Comfort Sleeper offers both function and beauty. Its dual function as a sofa and a bed make it the perfect sofa to own when you commonly welcome guests over. Any room practically can turn into a guest room with this piece of furniture. 

In the morning, it's a comfy sofa. 

Spread it in the evening and you've got an even comfier bed. 

10.  Protegé Upholstery Chaise 

And now we pay homage to one of the oldest sofa designs - the chaise lounge. Its unique shape makes it the perfect sofa to use even in those tight corners. It can be an additional seating in the living room and is the next best movie-watching sofa (the recliner is still the best). 



These sofa Sacramento styles are now on display in our showroom or are available for custom orders. Talk to our expert designers on Designer on Demand to find out how you can own one now! 

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