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Top 5 US Furniture Brands That People Trust
And Why You Should, Too

If you are just like the rest of the American population then you probably spent most of your young adult life in a dorm or in a roommate’s couch. But people mature and eventually settle with their own families, building their homes, and designing the rooms therein. These are the moments when you become more particular about furniture brands and what good quality furniture you are going to set up in your home.

So you are probably in the market right now scouring for a new couch, a few armchairs, or a bed that will make you sleep more soundly. Keep in mind that furniture is all about the creation of a tranquil space where you, your family, and friends can spend time.

Start with the basics such as shopping for a comfy sofa, a table that will blend well with the chairs, area rugs that will anchor the furniture pieces, and searching for the major furniture pieces in each room. Take into consideration – not just the fine furniture brands – but also their proper placement so that you're habitat will be more welcoming.

But what is quality furniture? Are the high-end furniture brands always the best? Or would you settle for the affordable pieces that are a dime a dozen in the market these days?

Here are the top five furniture brands we recommend to people with a discerning taste –

<img src=&quot;americanleatherrecliner.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;a blue-colored American Leather Cirrus Plush Recliner.&quot;

American Leather: Good Quality Furniture from Texas

Leather furniture is equal to classic furniture. The designs may differ but there is no doubt that leather pieces art timeless, elegant, and classy. 

American Leather prides itself on providing quality leather furniture. Founded by engineers in 1990, the company was created with the thought that no one has to wait for customized furniture for too long. To them, three months is a long time so the standard is now set to just 30 days.

American Leather has a fascinating story. It started with just a small team in a facility that was just borrowed in Dallas, Texas. Now, they have more than 600 employees and are renowned for their craftsmanship, performance, and technological innovations.


American Leather is one of the founding members of the Sustainable Furnishings Council which is a non-profit organization that upholds sustainable practices, specifically, in the furniture industry. it is a brand that is committed to crafting products and using only environment-friendly manufacturing operations.

They also claim that they use only water-based pigment so their leather furniture is environment-friendly. Since they are using innovative techniques, when cutting leather for furniture, there are only a few scraps.  The leftover pieces are either resold or recycled for the production of smaller leather furniture.  

American Leather furniture styles also use BiOH® Polyols Renew which is a soy-based foam cushioning that is recyclable. It is available in a wide array of densities and firmness.

Experts estimate that leather furniture lasts four times longer than fabric pieces. It is also more flexible durable, and it even naturally resists tears and punctures. It will remain strong even around the seams as it is also able to resist spills and dirt.


Bradington Young: Good Quality Sofas  

The Bradington Young brand was founded over 30 years ago in Cherryville, North Carolina, a small town surrounded by the Great Smoky Mountains foothills. in 1978, Charles S. Young Jr. bought a shattered textile plant and started his new business of manufacturing and providing premier leather furniture.

Its current headquarters is now in Hickory, NC employing over 200 craftsmen and women.

Bradington Young always begins each design with basic sketches. The frames are then engineered using the finest multiple-ply 7/8" laminated hardwood parts. They are then cut by precision machines so that they fit the frame to provide over a lifetime of durability.

Their stationary offerings provide only the genuine eight-way hand-tied customized coil construction which is industry standard for quality and comfort.

Motion furniture styles use bar spring units that are much like eight-tied processed pieces. This, too, provides years of durability.

Both their motion and stationary seats can be upholstered with leather or fabric. Choose from their quality finishes and nail options.

Hooker Furniture: Good Quality Furniture from Virginia

Hooker Furniture corporation was founded by J. Clyde Hooker in 1924. It was at a moment when Martinsville, Virginia, a small town was going through difficult times. He was just 29 years old when he launched his furniture factory with the vision to provide jobs.

The small business began by crafting bedroom suites. In its first year alone, the company's revenues were already at $1,000,000 USD. Soon the dining room line was added in 1928.

Clyde Hooker Jr. became the company’s leader for many decades before he stepped down as the CEO in  December 2000.

What’s great about Hooker Furniture is that they're not only thinking of revenues, they also give back to their community as was evidenced by the establishment of their Furniture Community Improvement Fund, an organization that helps charities and civic groups.

One of its leading markets is home office users. They are constantly innovating their manufacturing methods so automation is widely used such as the utilization of finishing machines and art sanders.

Another one of their niches is the juvenile bedroom furniture. Their Youth Furniture line was launched in 2004 and is age-appropriate even for non-teens. The beds are also suitable for guest rooms, master bedrooms, and other areas that are in need of bed solutions.

<img src=&quot;HungtingtonHousechair.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;Huntington House 7723 chair is customizable.&quot;>

Huntington House: Custom Furniture at Its Best

For three decades now, the Huntington House has become a brand that is associated with custom upholstered furniture and high-end craftsmanship. Only the most skilled North Carolina designers design the diverse furniture line making use of plush cushions, durable frames, and fabulous fabrics. Every furniture that comes out of their warehouse is created with your comfort in mind.

Created in 1980, their intention was to craft classic customized upholstery. They also offer an eclectic collection of leather and fabric pieces, all beautifully designed in North Carolina.

Experts agree that custom furniture tends to be sturdier so that you get more years of use for each piece. There is a bit of waiting time but you are given furniture that is designed according to your liking. You are also assured of its uniqueness, and how your personality is evoked by the piece.

You are also helping local businesses by purchasing custom made furniture. This is great especially in times like this when you need to encourage the rise of the local economy by spending money on local businesses.

Once you've gone down the custom furniture road, you will realize but it should have been the only option that you had for your furniture. Customization is, in a way, a long term investment for your family and your home.

<img src=&quot;MargeCarsondresser.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;Marge Carson Lyric Dresser.&quot;>
Marge Carson

Marge Carson is a luxury home furnishings brand that was founded by designer Marge Carson in 1947. She was based in Pomona, California and she led the privately-owned furniture company which is a famous go-to site now for bedroom needs, upholstery, dining sets, and occasional furniture.

Marge Carson pieces are generously-scaled furniture, and they have only the finest trims, finishes, and design details. It is a brand that is equated to fashion, a good reputation, and quality craftsmanship.

Explore the Marge Carson line with their exciting textures, applications, colors, coverings, and their broad selection of upholstery and bedding.

This brand is continuously innovating as the company researched into veneers and complex finishes. There are 700 amazing fabrics to choose from, 75 finishes, and a wide array of embellishments for you to look at.

These are our top five most recommended brands for 2020. And since you are buying furniture and on a quest to find the statement piece that you will use in your home, it is best to rely on the time-tested names. Apart from making sure that you are buying a need, that it is a good investment, and that you do love the piece, it makes sense that you find good quality furniture that many Americans before you have already tested.

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