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What Is A Sitting Room?
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Have you ever been invited to a sitting room? Did you know exactly where to go? And what fine furniture pieces indicate that you are in a sitting room? 

Consulting the dictionary will give you a synonymous meaning to both the sitting room and the living room – this isn’t exactly right, though. The sitting room, in the olden days, simply is not the living room. 

The Sitting Room Explained 

Sitting Room Definition

Sitting room - according to, the sitting room is a small living room, often one that forms a part of a suite in a hotel, private house, etc. 

Sitting Room History 

Social historians recorded that a formal parlor was always included in mid-19th century homes. These are often referred to as sacred spaces where weddings, funerals, and other such public events were conducted. Material culture research often referred to county probate records which inventoried and appraised furnishings. These records also indicated the location of every item within a house. 

One such inventory in Spartanburg County for the estate of a certain Harriet Evins in the late 19th century indicated the major differences in the traditional functions of the parlor and the sitting room. 

<img src=&quot;bench&quot; alt=&quot;wooden bench with drawers&quot;>

Parlor or parlour fine furniture composed of a square rosewood piano, also included, were "a mahogany stand for bric-a-brac", and a mahogany table topped with marble. Added were two, big upholstered rosewood sofas, two big chairs, and five small chairs upholstered with the same material. 

As opposed to this, the sitting room furnishings included a pair of bookcases with glass doors, a writing table made of walnut wood, and about a hundred books; there were also three, wooden rocking chairs, an upholstered sofa made of mahogany, and a sewing machine. 

Family reading in the 18th century (Warne, n.d.)

It would seem that the sitting room furniture was cozier and was chiefly used for reading and crafting. Families often gathered in the sitting room during the evening as they drew close to share the kerosene or oil lamp. Reading is a fairly common activity in this room where one family member (often the man of the house) read aloud as others listened. Women did their quiet activity of handwork and sewing in this room. 

If there were no men present, then the women took turns reading from a book. 

Sitting Room Design

French window/door in a sitting room. 

The sitting room can look elegant even if it is lacking in square footage. In fact, you can make use of the limited space to bring in unique design elements such as French doors which can make the room appear more spacious.

Trumeau by Les Meloures at Luxembourgish Wikipedia.

A trumeau right above the fireplace can offer the needful proportions as the eyes are drawn upwards. You don’t have to worry too much about adding a lot of decorative elements. A duo of floor lamps would do as are draperies that represent the pattern, texture and colors of your chosen theme.

If you happen to be blessed with woodworks in your sitting room, then you can bank on the warmth that they offer. Do not paint the fireplace or the paneled walls. Allow the richness of the wood grain and plush rug, even the colorful draperies to add drama.

Allow a little contrast on the light and dark elements in your sitting room. Focus on or highlight the architectural elegance that your sitting room might hold. Sophisticated architecture can also be simple.

A sitting room is not the biggest room inside a house. It can be situated anywhere and it even serves more purpose if it is placed right next to the kitchen since it is the place where you and your family can relax after enjoying a meal prepared in the heart of your home.

While the living room has to have a Sacramento sofa set that offers both elegance and comfort as well as other furniture pieces such as an armchair, a center table, a TV stand, perhaps even a coffee table; for the sitting room, you have the leeway to put in any kind of fine furniture that you want. It is a simple room in your home, sometimes it’s not even a room but just a section.

Possible parts of a sitting room design are bookshelves, a sound system, a fireplace, a desk and a chair, TV, and a small center table. The sitting room can be the venue for playing games, eating, surfing on the Internet, talking or just reading some good books. You can also listen to your favorite music in that section of your home.


The living room accent is a crucial part of your Sacramento interior design. Whether you choose a formal or modern design, you have to consider harmonizing every single element that will be included. As for the sitting room, plan on setting up things for your daily activities.

The living room paint color should be appropriate to your chosen design, accents, and even the lighting.

Should the sitting room be located in the same room as your living room then be sure to fuse the design elements that you used for each section.


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