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Which Furniture Store Near Me Has Wood Heirloom Furniture?
Your Investment Now Is A Treasure Tomorrow

There is a reason behind the love for heirloom furniture Sacramento pieces among sophisticated homeowners. This kind of furniture can provide a different level of appeal in any home.  While both softwood and hardwood materials are great for furniture creation, there are benefits and disadvantages for both. As you ask yourself, which furniture stores near me offer quality wood pieces, another important aspect needs to be considered and these are the characteristics of wood and why they are awesome in crafting furniture. 

The Best Heirloom Furniture in Sacramento

Why Wood? 

Wood is grown in trees. If you could take a part of the tree and peel off the bark, you would immediately realize that there are two layers of woods. The first, closest to the edge, is a light, moist layer referred to as sapwood. This is filled with tubes referred to as the xylem.

Deeper and darker into the tree is what’s known as the heartwood. This, in essence, is already dead because the xylem tubes were blocked with gums or resins.

At the sapwood’s outer edge is a thin layer known as the cambium. This is where the tree grows outward to form those annual rings that can tell you how old the tree is. If you take the time to cut the trunk vertically, you would get into the grain. There are also occasional ovals that interrupt the grains. These are the knots. Knots are unique and attractive parts of the wood but they tend to weaken the structure.

Wood’s Chemical Composition 

If you can take a look at some freshly cut wood right under a microscope, you will see that it – just like any other plant – is composed of many cells. These cells are made up of three substances namely cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin.

There are literally hundreds of wood species so it is difficult to make a general adjective that would describe the word wood. See, oak is different from balsa in so many ways. 

Physically, wood is stiff and strong but if you compare it to steel, it is, of course, flexible and light. Still compared to plastic, metal, and ceramic, woods have a unique isotropic inner structure.

<img src=&quot;wood.jpg&quot; alt=“wood with natural grains.”>

Is It Hardwood or Softwood? 

There are two distinct kinds of wood – hardwoods and softwoods. While the names may convey hardness or softness, these don’t always refer to the sturdiness or suppleness of the wood. Hardwoods are woods that come from deciduous trees (those that have broad leaves). Examples of hardwood are birch, beech, ash, maple, teak, mahogany, and walnut.

Softwoods, on the other hand, come from coniferous trees (those that have cones and needles). Examples are cypress, cedar, pine, fir, redwood, and spruce.

Generally, though, hardwoods are harder when compared to softwoods. One of the most famous exceptions is the Balsa wood which is classified as hardwood but is actually soft.

Hardwoods come with beautiful grains which is why they are often used in manufacturing fine furniture. Decorative woodwork also looks great when done with hardwood. Softwoods are most suitable for construction work (e.g. poles and planks) because they are tall and straight.

Hardwoods come from angiosperm trees that produce covered seeds. This is a sturdy material that has been used for centuries in the manufacture of furniture and flooring, too. It is heavier, harder, and classic looking when compared to many kinds of softwoods.

Many high end furniture Sacramento pieces can be found in the market these days. If you want to use a classic, contemporary, traditional, periodic, or rustic theme complete with rustic furniture, then this is the material to acquire. All hardwoods are solid and long-lasting.

Here's a more comprehensive list of softwoods and hardwoods from Wikipedia 

<img src=&quot;diningsetjpg&quot; alt=“Fine Furniture Design Antebellum Double Pedestal Table made of wood.”>

Heirloom Furniture Advantages 

It may be tempting at times to just choose furniture made with inferior materials since they are cheaper. But that is all that they are – inferior. You will, eventually, spend more as you buy a replacement for the low-quality furniture which you settled for.

So, to save yourself a lot of money and energy, even time, consider buying quality wood furniture in the first place. This kind of furniture is an investment that can give you a lot of benefits, first on the list is its natural beauty.

Mahogany, mango, and acacia are all naturally beautiful. They automatically increase the level of warmth and coziness in your home. Genuine pieces of wood furniture are not difficult to spot. Just run your hand through the surface of the wood and you would know that you are touching the right thing.

Another benefit that comes with owning heirloom furniture is its sturdiness. Invest in quality wood furniture and this will surely become an antique, years from now. Wood even improves with age and is even built to outlast the owners. This means that hardwood furniture is the perfect kind of heirloom piece that you can pass on to your posterity.

The toughness also comes with all the other benefits of wood furniture. Of course, you already know that buying cheap flat-pack pieces can be easily damaged by children and pets. 

On the other hand, buying from a reliable heirloom furniture Sacramento dealer that sells high-quality woods means that these pieces can withstand scratches and even bigger problems. They are repairable and can be polished to look new all the time – this is something that you cannot expect with cheap furniture.

The classification of wood as to its hardness or softness comes down to its physical characteristics. While it is generally true that hardwoods are harder than softwoods, there are also exceptions like in the case of yew. This is classified as softwood yet it is relatively hard. Balsa, as mentioned, is a type of wood that is much softer than most softwoods.

Most hardwoods are used in the creation of sturdy desks, cabinets, flooring materials, and decks while softwood is used in some building components with most used in paper manufacturing and the creation of medium-density fiberboards.

Heirloom pieces are also easy to clean -- if you know the right techniques. To maintain, all you would need is daily dusting and an occasional application of polish or cleaning with mild detergent.

Choosing wood furniture that can live for hundreds of years means investing in the toughest and densest materials; you will never be wrong to select hardwood furniture. It won’t just last for years, it is also stunning and classy, a surefire sign of your impeccable taste. 

<img src=&quot;ffdmdresser.jpg&quot; alt=“ffdmfranklingoddarddresser.”>

Your First Heirloom Piece: Reasons to Visit Local Furniture Stores Soon 

The world of interior design is not as stylish without the beauty of real wood furniture. Both contemporary and traditional homes can use this unique material to their advantage. Wood can be locally sourced, it can be recycled or it can be harvested from a sustainable environment. Wooden buildings are also a great way to seamlessly fuse your interiors with the beauty of nature.

Since the dawn of time, man has been living close or even on trees. Many wooden homes have been built over thousands of years. Wood offers organic warmth, softness, and classic beauty. This is no less than the best construction material today and in the years to come.

Be Mother Earth’s Best Friend 

Stylizing your home with wood furniture, walls or flooring makes it a haven of nature (more so when the materials were harvested from a sustainable society). 

There are now sustainable ways of harvesting wood. So if you’re obsessing over owning wood furniture but are worried about your responsibility to planet Earth, there’s no need to fret anymore. You can now make savvy choices with your heirloom quality furniture. 

Modern sustainability means cutting down trees from tree farms only. This could also mean keeping the same piece of furniture in your family for a very long time. Several generations could end up enjoying this one piece so what could be greener than that?

Wood Is Strong 

Wood is a construction or building material that comes with many useful properties. It is strong and is a natural thermal insulator. It is effective storage for heat. It is also able to control humidity in the right setting.

As you buy from an heirloom-quality furniture showroom near you, choose this material because it is sure to last for a long time. 

Wood Has Controlled Temperature 

Because of wood’s property to insulate, your heirloom-quality furniture will have a more comfortable temperature. Imagine how it will keep you and your loved ones warm especially during the coldest seasons. Buying one from a furniture warehouse near you is one of the smartest investments that you can give to yourself and your posterity. 

<img src=&quot;cocktailtable.jpg&quot; alt=“Hooker Furniture Living Room Crafted Cocktail Table.”>

Wood Furniture Has An Awesome Aesthetic Appeal 

The lumber market is an expansive one and there is a great reason behind that. Wood is a classic material whether you use it to build your home or on furniture. Lumber looks great whether you bought it directly from the mill or if you buy from the best home furnishing shops. 

McCreery’s Home Furnishings features the loveliest rustic furniture pieces that you can proudly display in your home.

Wood Is Holistic 

In a world where holistic living is now an ongoing trend, there is no recourse but to join in. Your home could have an ambitious space or it could be homey but if you use wood in either, what you achieve is an aesthetic beauty coupled with durability.

Try living in a wooden home and bring in the rustic beauty of wood furniture sets. Your home could also come with wood insulation and wood finishes. Use treated wood so it is fortified against pests and the onslaught of the harshest elements.

Isn’t wood divine?

There’s plenty of wood on the planet. It is warm, cozy, it is strong and durable, it can even last for hundreds if not thousands of years. Wood has many uses including the building of bridges, manufacturing paper, or heating homes. This is one of the most versatile materials in the world with thousands of practical uses. But what do you think makes wood great?

Wood Is Long-Lasting 

One of the greatest things about wood is that it can last for a very long time. This is why wooden structures made thousands of years ago are still being unearthed by archeologists. This means that wood can easily outlast the person who invested in it.

Wood can rot when forces of nature get a hold of it. Organisms like insects and fungi can also nibble at the cellulose and lignin. If you want your wood furniture to last, make sure that you know how to care for it. Ask your furniture retailer about cleaning solutions that could help you maintain your furniture’s beauty.

Being able to tell which rustic furniture is real or fake takes skills. Of course, wanting to make an heirloom of a furniture piece means you have to recognize solid wood from laminated or veneer pieces. Here are some of the determining factors –

Wood is heavy, really heavy, actually. A fairly lightweight piece means it is something else.

<img src=&quot;andoverbreakfrontchina.png&quot; alt=&quot;Fine Furniture Design's Andover Breakfront China is an example of a probable heirloom piece.&quot;>

High Quality 

One of the most obvious indicators of a potential heirloom piece is its dovetail construction. The tongue and groove that you see right where the drawer is linked to the drawer, spell quality; coming from the drawer construction, it’s time to check the sides and bottom part of the furniture.

You will be able to see veneer if you check on the side. It would be easy to see the veneer sheet that is attached to the front of the furniture. Unfinished wood at the bottom is an indicator that you are looking at solid wood furniture. Laminate pieces tend to cover every part of the furniture, from top to bottom.

Check also the wood grain. Horizontal grains right on the edges indicate veneers. Solid wood has zero grains on the edges.

If you can feel the grain or even see a pattern, then what you see is probably solid wood furniture. It might be difficult to feel using your fingertips at times especially when proper sealing was done. To inspect, check if you see any repetitive patterns. This isn’t possible with solid wood since it has a natural, unique texture. A smooth surface is probably veneer, too.

Define Heirloom with Quality Carving

<img src=&quot;woodcarvingontable.jpg&quot; alt=“Fine Furniture Design Double Pedestal Table.”>

Shoddily constructed furniture cannot bear carvings, meaning, you won’t see them on veneers and laminates. Carved details on furniture have the power to transform an ordinary piece of wood into an ornamental wonder.

Wood carving is far from easy, more so for beginners. This means that only master craftsmen are able to come up with carved pieces that are sold in a real wood furniture shop. And since only the experts are able to create these designs on furniture, such pieces automatically cost more.

The cost is worth it, though. You don’t just invest in an heirloom piece but a piece that will be highly-sought in terms of visual pleasure.

Lastly, Wood Is All Natural 

Real wood has naturally beautiful lines and patterns. These are difficult to achieve in other materials. Throughout the years, solid wood pieces would show their age yet they can be kept at that state or refinished.

With proper care, you won’t even have to worry about mold or termite. Small scratches and nicks can be easily touched up. 

So go ahead and consider us on your list of furniture places in Sacramento then say to yourself now – I am ready to go to a furniture store near me. That heirloom furniture Sacramento piece, after all, is yours for the taking. 

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