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You Glow, Girl: 3 Mimic-Worthy Metallic Themes
A Guide to Metallic Theme When Your Home Is In Sacramento

Metal is undeniably hot these days but are you ready to incorporate it in your home and shop for metallic fine furniture? How you feel towards this design depends a lot on your preferred and current home design. Those who love modern design often feel at home with steel and other metals. Yet even those who have rustic or country homes can also make good use of this style if they want to add a little intrigue or texture into their homes. 

Do you still define your metallic interiors as either gold or silver? Those days are long gone. Today, homes don’t have to resort to just the warm or cool metals anymore. You won’t have to worry about clashing your Sacramento furniture pieces any longer. Many interior design experts agree that mixed metallics are cool, not cold.

If you insist on using gold, then that's fine, too, because it's still a fashionable theme for this year. Read the 10 Golden Elements of Gold Interior Design

Now, let’s establish what the cool and warm metals are.

The cool metals are steel, silver, and nickel. These help bring a sleeker and more modern surroundings. The ones with warmer tones, on the other hand, include gold, bronze, copper, rose gold, brass, and others. These are inviting and they are even perceived to be more glamorous when used on fine furniture Sacramento sets.


Mixing these two tones can help you define a more unique look. This style is modern with a hint of glamour. It is also minimalist but with a homier appeal since the rawness of the warm metals helps define the welcoming ambiance.

Metals are also effortlessly daring so you will surely catch the attention of your visitors when you shop for these elements in fine furniture stores

Here’s a tip, though, never let your metallics become mere neutrals in your home. These are natural attention-getters so use them in the most stylish way that you can think of. In short, don’t be afraid to show off those metals that you purchased from a reputable high end furniture Sacramento shop. 

Almost every metallic tone can now be found in glass, artwork, curtains, upholstery, and wall coverings. Just take a look at the lovely silver-gray fabric which is now a staple in many modern homes and you’d know the different kind of appeal that it brings to a room. 

You can also consider using accent metallics, for example, donning the living room with a silver upholstery if you have a tuxedo-hued sofa. This can be paired with a golden coffee table or a stylish console in the same gold tone.

Always remember that warm tones such as gold or brass offer a pop of color as well as texture. The cool metals, on the other hand, such as chrome and silver, are there to frame that palpable texture. Don’t get into the vibe of matching finishes. If you're still a bit confused, that's fine, you can be assisted by an expert during your discount furniture Sacramento shopping via Designer on Demand

A lot of people have been fooled into thinking that coordinating the finishes in their home will render a coordinated look but, on the contrary, it creates a linear, monochromatic look so be careful when buying metal pieces from a furniture showroom

Endless Metallic Choices, Three Distinct Looks 


You won’t be reading about every possible metal that you can find on the planet but what you’ll know is a range of metals that is often used in interiors and buildings. You need to begin by understanding the application as well as the use of the metal.

Metal can be defined as an element that is characterized by its electrical and thermal conductivity, as well as its opacity. Metals are so dense that light cannot easily pass through. They are also often hard. Metals can be mixed by melting, eventually, they form into alloys.

All metals that are being used in building structures today are able to conduct electricity and heat. They are also malleable which means you can bend and roll them according to the thickness or shape that you require. This is why you will find different metallic forms in many fine furniture sale events. 

Here’s a tip in mixing warm with cool metallics – always pick a dominant metal. If you fail to do this, then you would be left with a very confusing space. So for your own sanity, find a prominent metal then unify the rest of the design elements using this tone.

If the kitchen hardware is all copper, then you can accentuate with bronze to add some more to the warm glow which the copper already staged.

The more modern kitchens need a lot of stainless steel sinks, appliances, chandeliers, and such. Finding a vintage looking gold or silver piece as a charm can also add to the texture of the room.

While you are encouraged to mix and match, it is also crucial that you always have your color palette in mind. More often than not, people use warm metals also with warm hues such as yellows, reds, and browns. The cool metals they decide to pair with violet, green or blue. Go with these tested sets.

If you happen to have a neutral room to decorate, then add texture and warmth above all. If you are already using some gray tones then a gold mirror should be able to breathe life into the room.

Metal and Contemporary Design 

<img src=&quot;floor lamp.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;steel floor lamp.&quot;>

Enthusiasts who like this style know that it is sleek and minimalist. Metal fits right in with this kind of style.  Be sure to include metallic touches to your furniture, fixtures, accessories, mirrors, and room dividers.

An example is metallic furniture as a conversation piece. A set of chrome tables can be an interesting addition to what could have been a ho-hum room.

As for contemporary bathrooms, nothing is set in stone so you can go ahead and deviate from the traditional design guidelines. A dark, contemporary bathroom would do well to have a gold mirror or any metallic piece. 

If you want a look that is sleek, stark, and minimalist, then always remember that metals are at your disposal. The best metallic finishes for contemporary design are stainless steel, nickel, and chrome. As for metallic touches, you can have them on accessories, furniture, fixtures, mirrors, and room dividers.

You can have a woven wire shower curtain so that you will add texture and glimmer to the bathroom.

Metal and Rustic Design 

<img src=&quot;living room.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;living room with metallic and wood elements.&quot;>

Country interior design boasts of a traditional and homey feel. You would want to use warmer metal pieces for your country interiors. Look for copper, gold, or brass metal finishes. Brass, most especially, adds a fancy touch to an otherwise simple country home.

Be careful in using too much metal, though, as you might break the old world charm that defines the country style. Use metallic pieces that are not too bold or unnatural. Add vintage decors such as pans, pots, and fixtures that would go well with the major fine furniture pieces. 

Country style is also about decadence. Polished faucets inside bathrooms and kitchens, with crystal chandeliers in dining areas lending instant glamour. Copper is the greatest choice for rustic, laidback country abodes. If you are not ready to trade the current look of your kitchen for a French countertop, then displaying rows of copper pots would provide the same mesmerizing effect.

Metal and Eclectic Style 

<img src=&quot;dining chairs.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;wood and metal dining chairs.&quot;>

Eclectic is always perceived to be fun yet quirky. Metal is at home in this kind of design so go ahead and experiment as you do your living room furniture online shopping. Just as long as the choices you make coincide with your personal choices, then they will surely look right inside your home.

The best metallic touches for this style are large mirrors, walls, and large pieces of furniture.

Have a chrome lamp brought inside the bedroom or a mesh sofa can become the focal point inside the living room. Your goal is to make funky look like art. Eclectic design means someone's interiors serve as a canvas for their personality.

Eclectic means you are not afraid to go out there and experiment in terms of fine furniture selection, decor placement, and such. For as long as you feel that the items are congruent and that they reflect your individuality, then you’re on the right track.

Always bear in mind that metals can give you the chance to declare your biggest statement.

Do not recoil!

Use large mirrors, walls, and huge blocks of furniture for your metallic pieces. Display a chrome lamp right on the side of your chosen sofa to add excitement to the room.

Your goal in setting up an eclectic home is to be at peace with pieces of furniture that speak to you. Funky may not be the world’s taste but it is you.

Find metal items that will complement your style. The more unexpected metals you use, the more eclectic yet glamorous your metal interior design would be.



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