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10 Distinctive Spanish Interior Design Elements That Will Look Perfect in Your Folsom CA Home

Hollywood young actress Lili Reinhart recently dazzled the world as she invested in a 4,170 sq. ft. Spanish-inspired property with five bedrooms and five baths in San Fernando Valley dropping a whopping $2.7M. Talk about wise pivoting during the quarantine.  

Why Spanish Interior Design? If you combine their vibrant, colorful, old-fashioned Mediterranean style with the light designs of Folsom furniture, what kind of euphoria will you get as a homeowner?


We have gathered 10 essential Spanish interior design elements that will make your Folsom home perfect.

#01.  Decorative Tiles and Stone 

Spanish tiles are often hand-painted.  The vibrant colors and patterns look great in kitchen floors, shower walls, bathtubs, or wherever you want to make a statement. Folsom furniture stores carry tile and stone flooring options so it's all a matter of finding the patterns that you want for your home.

#02.  Art-Adorned Walls 

You must be one that’s inspired by Spanish artwork like those of Picasso, Miro, and Dali

Spanish interior design calls for walls to be plain, textured, and never incorporates the wallpaper’s use, but they fancy artwork. Creating a textured finish on the walls helps give an authentic Spanish look. You can aim to reach this in two ways; using different types of brush or sponge to apply slightly different tones of the same color to add dimension or to ask a specialized paint finish by mixing the polymer with a cement-based plaster. 

Many homes with a Spanish interior style feature wooden beams across the ceilings. These take on a few different forms and wood types, from pure single rays to more complicated designs that create their designs through multiple layering. There are also wooden accents in the form of panels, wall decor such as relief carvings, wooden candle holders, or ornate designs such as picture or mirror frames.

The wood that is used is usually dark-colored. 

Other excellent ways to create a Spanish environment include carved wooden headboards in the bedroom with matching nightstand accents, large vases in the corners(particularly terracotta or ceramic with colors found within the style), and painted wooden pieces.

#03.  Wrought Iron 

Wrought iron is also a popular accent material found in Spanish interior design. You can find this in the form of candle holders, the more elaborate candelabra, and as fine furniture frames.

It is also used in creating unique lamps, tables, magazine and wine racks, and much more. Wrought iron may also be used to create ornate trims and accents on countertops. Or it is mainly used in designing a beautiful table such as the Hooker Furniture Living Room Treviso Lamp Table above. Don't you just love the way it blended with the wood with dark macchiato finish?

#04.  Interesting and Colorful Stairs 

Do away with solid wood banisters and replace them with wrought iron or concrete whenever possible. Wrought iron is seen throughout homes in the Spanish design, and this elegant metal contrasts beautifully with natural woodwork and tiles.

If you have bare or uncarpeted stairs in your home, consider adding hand-painted terracotta tiles to the risers. Look for interlocking patterns in bright colors like blue, yellow, green, and red that can add a touch of interest and design to this unexpected place.

#05.  Hardwood Flooring 

Carpets aren't common in Spanish-style homes. Instead, one style of hard flooring is usually installed throughout the whole property, with rugs and mats as default requirements. However, if you feel the need to use carpets, then go for beige or cream with green or yellow linear designs.

Keep in mind, though, that the most traditional form of flooring in Spanish interior design is hardwood, although this is more expensive, it is a far warmer option than tiles and it looks more traditional.

Tiles are a more affordable option, though, and can also still achieve a beautiful Spanish interior design especially when you use terracotta tiles with dark grout. However, slate or heavy, matte-finished ceramic tiles can also be an excellent choice.

#06.  Textures Galore 

Another essential element of Spanish interior design is the use of stucco texture, particularly on wall treatments. This is a distinct flavor of this European style and it may include a faux finish incorporating sponge patterns, brush strokes, or smoother textures. You can also use a solid color with a variety of shades or tints that blend harmoniously to create a sense of texture and dimension. 

Texturing can also be added on the flooring to elicit the warmth of Spanish homes. Use patterned tiles with dark grouting. These can be used throughout the home and on countertops, backsplashes, the surface of kitchen islands, or even walls. 

Relief carvings in wood, ornate wrought iron, and brass accent pieces are also items frequently found in Spanish homes. Other incorporations of this element may include framing windows in dark woods either with plain or carved panels.

#07.  Wooden Beams 

Exposed wood beams are an integral part of Spanish style design, as are high ceilings and tall walls. If your ceilings are high enough, consider adding some faux wood beams in a dark wood finish to draw the eye and lend a sense of gravity to your space.

The dining space, above, shows the required wood flooring, wood Folsom furniture, and the wooden beams on the ceiling (featured furniture: Canadel Champlain Collection).

#08.  Patio, Veranda, or Courtyard 

The patio or terrace is a crucial part when creating a home with this theme. Spanish homes aim to incorporate outdoor areas into the house, as much as possible, using French doors or archways leading out from dining areas or sitting rooms.

Dress your patio or veranda with a wrought iron table and chairs or with wooden or wicker Folsom furniture pieces. Include colorful pillows, a fire pit, and plenty of plants and flowers in pots and hanging baskets to make an exquisite Spanish style outside to match the interior of your home.

#09.  Mediterranean-Style Lighting 

Using a variety of lanterns, wrought iron sconces, and candlesticks can add to the Spanish feel of your design. Citronella candles are a typical scent that the Spanish use to help deter mosquitos and other bugs so find out how you can also use this scent inside your home.

Try to make sure that your rooms have as much light as possible, as it will help maintain the Mediterranean feel of your Spanish interior design. 

#10.  Accessories 

Spanish interior design incorporates the use of many accessories, including china, pottery, wrought iron, and fabrics. Use rugs, curtains, and cushion covers to add to your look, along with wrought iron curtain poles, door handles, chandeliers, and display items such as vases or pottery. Don't overdo the knickknacks, though, or your home would be misconstrued as a cluttered space.

This is a decorative style so make use of fine furniture and carved wooden items such as door frames and window grills.

A Spanish home in California can incorporate architectural hallmarks like soft, rounded arches and quaint wood carvings, with the sober Folsom furniture pieces playing their roles well. Go for heavy wooden benches and chairs and opt for straight-backed armchairs, either in leather or upholstered with woven cotton fabrics. 

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