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5 Must-Know Master Bedroom Design Tips

The bedroom is that spot where you’re supposed to unwind after a long day at work or in school. But if this space has become more of a source of stress rather than a place of relaxation lately, then it’s high time to upgrade. Welcome to your master bedroom decorating guide.

Not a lot of people spend a lot of time planning to buy a Sacramento bed or decorating their bedrooms. The bedroom, after all, is a room that is not seen by visitors, hence, they often end up being neglected. 

Of Fashionable Beds and Master Bedroom Essentials 

In creating a more restful master bedroom, you have to go back to basics. Ask yourself – what is this room for?

Know that bigger is not always better. For the longest time now, the construction industry has included the master bedroom in the creation of contemporary homes. But do you know the average size of a bedroom before you can consider it as a master bedroom?

The average size for a master bedroom is about 200 to 250 square feet, with the larger ones going as big as 350 sq.ft. 

Plan the Master Bedroom Size 

Go Big 

If you want to have a room for dressing up, then it is more suitable that you also have a big master bedroom built. A large bedroom can easily accommodate the huge dresser, full-length mirror, bed or a couple of stylish beds, and a bench.

If, however, it is impossible to add more floor space, then just optimize the current space in the bedroom. Have a loft built and easily accessed by a staircase or a ladder. This is a plan that depends heavily on how high or low the ceiling is so consider your options before you even begin this project.

A better benefit is the one that you place under the loft. This space can be turned into a home office, a den, guest room, or any room that you have been dreaming of.

More space means more ideas that you can work on. You can also create a private getaway for your other housemates or kids. This can also be a rec room for everyone where adults can do crafts and kids can play.

If you crave more space to do your activities such as yoga, then set up a quiet space where you can meditate. This space can also be a storage place for your yoga and exercise gear.

The possibilities are actually endless. 

Or Go Small 

This is the case if you want the size of a sleeping nook rather than a huge room. If you are the type who only uses the bedroom as a place to sleep, then you can make do with a sleeping nook. The amount of space should be enough to fit a bed and one nightstand. This is a space-saving version of the master bedroom. 

A good way to open up a small master bedroom is to have a glass door installed. This is pretty much like expanding the bedroom since you are able to see beyond the room and into the area leading to the other rooms. 

French and sliding glass doors can be installed in the master bedroom. This can be used as a quick access to the garden or a lofty deck.

Instead of thinking of adding more space, try to look at the blueprint of your master bedroom. A professional can help you come up with solutions for creating space without toppling down walls. Speak to one of our expert designers on Designer on Demand

Find the Right Sacramento Bed

You have to realize the fact that the master bedroom can be a complex project to make. The biggest feature that you have to worry about is the bed. Since this is the focal point of the room, then you have to carefully pick it. You also have to consider how you will place this furniture piece for optimized comfort.

The traditional way to create more space in any bedroom is to place the headboard against one wall. This wall has to be the one that is opposite the bedroom door. Make sure also that the side of the bed will not create a visual distraction especially in the area where you are supposed to walk in. Don’t resort to diagonal placement, too, since this can take up more space than necessary.

You also need to set your priorities. Are you a wide reader? Do you like watching TV before you go to bed? Or do you love looking at the scenic view outside once you wake up in the morning? Whatever you prefer, make your decision around this preference.

Learn how to choose the most Fashionable Beds Sacramento 2020. Find out which bedroom sets Sacramento experts are raving about. 

Create an Accent Wall

The accent wall is that differently-colored wall in a space. This is an effective way to liven up space, though, you have to be extra careful in choosing the color that you paint it with. If you’re planning to use a warm color, then use shades of red, orange, or yellow. These colors tend to pull the beholder’s eyes towards that accent wall.

A perfect wall to use a warm accent color on is that long, narrow bedroom wall. Painting this space offers a more balanced look.

As for the cool color enthusiasts, you should look into blues, greens, and the lighter tints of purple. These tend to pull away the attention, thus, making a room appear larger. When you use a cool color as an accent wall in a small bedroom, then you make it appear larger. This cool color will also give the impression that you actually have a higher ceiling.

Using a bedroom accent wall is also being ready to define the visual temperature in your room of relaxation. The east or north-facing bedroom should use warm hues since they tend to appear cooler. As for the south or west-facing rooms, these should be painted with a cool hue in order to lower the visual temperature.

Another option for an accent wall is to create a gallery wall. 

The gallery wall is often set up in a living room but rarely in a bedroom. So why not create one in your master bedroom for a change?

Choose artwork, photos, or abstract pieces to create that master bedroom gallery wall.

Install An Accent Rug 

So now, how do you choose the area rug that will help define your bedroom furniture Sacramento ensemble? The general rules are simple –

  • First, the area rug must not touch any of the bedroom walls. Leave five inches between the area rug’s edges from the wall.
  • An area rug must never push against any of the large pieces of furniture inside the bedroom such as the bed, the wardrobe, or a drawer.
  • If you have to choose an area rug for a tiny bedroom, then don’t go shopping for an equally tiny one. Instead, find a large area rug that will almost fill up the space leaving just a few inches bare.
  • The area rug must not be at a location where the bedroom door swings. If there’s no way around it, then the bedroom door should be high enough to not drag the rug.

Here are some more ideas on How to Choose the Best Area Rugs for Your Home

Bring In the Relaxation Elements

Lastly, aromatic candles are a wonderful addition because they can help in your quest to relax more fully inside the master bedroom. The most relaxing fragrances include vanilla, lavender, and chamomile.

You need to rest and relax! So bring in the elements that will help you achieve just that. Invest in jars and baskets of essential oils, soaps, bubble baths, etc. 



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