5 Rustically Romantic Elements for a Couple’s Habitat
Last of the McCreery's Home Furnishings Valentine's Day Ideas Series

Designing a couple’s first home entails a lot of things. First, you must consider the level of romance that must be brought forth. It also involves fusing their color preferences, fine furniture options as well as their decorating styles. The romantic getaway, after all, is a home for two individuals who are different in so many ways.

So, how do you create a romantic home that caters to both the partners? Here's the last wave of Valentine's Day ideas for your Sacramento interior design

Optimize the Space 

<img src=&quot;bedroom&quot; alt=&quot;bedroom with wooden bed, dual nightstands, drawers, and other rustic elements&quot;>

If you’re designing for a couple – especially newlyweds – it's a must to include their preferences and their needs. It is your duty to set up a more accommodating habitat that will utilize the available floor space to its optimum level.

You can begin by converting a second bedroom to the couple’s home office especially when one of the partners operates a business that’s home-based.

If you are met with the open space layout of an apartment or a studio type space, then customize the floor plan that best suits the couple. Just add visual demarcations along the spaces where the living room is supposed to separate from the dining area or the dining room from the kitchen.

For couples whose priority is to entertain people with lavish dinners or parties, then you have to be more careful with your visual definition. Tuck a huge area rug beneath the dining set, this way, you already marked the dining spot.

You can then proceed to position the sofa allowing it to face the architectural focal point in the space. This can be that crackling fireplace or a pair of Greek columns.

A Shared Color Palette 

<img src=&quot;dining room&quot; alt=&quot;rustic dining room complete with wooden dining set&quot;>

Just like in a relationship, you need to give and take. In terms of Sacramento interior design, you need to combine the distinct styles of the couple. When he loves contemporary and the lady loves things that belong to a cottage, then you got a bit of a thing to think about here.

For rustic style, use a neutral palette, to begin with, then agree on a color scheme that will have the gray (from contemporary) mixed with yellows (from cottage). Since both these hues are huge this year, you might want to learn more on how you can use them in your home: 

Ultimate Gray and Illuminating - Are You Ready for Pantone 2021 Colors of the Year?

Add black to create a pleasing palette that will infuse the individuality of the couple. The more rustic you go when it comes to colors, the safer you will be.

Remember to tastefully mix the rustic elements so that you increase the visual interest in their home.

Window Treatments Matter 

<img src=&quot;woven shades&quot; alt=&quot;woven wood shades over a bricked area&quot;>

Hunter Douglas window treatments Provenance® Woven Wood Shades may be ordered at McCreery's Home Furnishings

Get your preferred rustic window fashions for a cabin or farmhouse style home. Explore fabrics such as gingham, burlap, or plaid. You can also opt for wood shutters and valances. 

Choose Only Fine Furnishings 


Pick fine furniture pieces that are able to conform to the individuality of each partner. A brown leather sofa is the safest piece to invest in. An ottoman is also ideal for the tall husband who enjoys propping up his feet when he’s watching his favorite game on TV.

The petite wife can have the cozy sofa.

Black leather is also a safe choice. It blends pretty well in any environment or theme, hence, it will also look great in a rustic setting. The key here is to set up a space that’s filled with heirloom replicas and their corresponding accents.

Be sure to keep your accents to a bare minimum, though. This is so the place won’t look cluttered. The best accent is to use some black and white wedding photos that have been beautifully framed. These should create more interesting walls.

Bring in some potted greens or succulents to finish your couple’s rustic, romantic getaway.

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