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8 Powerful Tips to A Fashionable Sacramento Living Room
Plus Take a Peek at the Hottest Furniture and Accessories

A living room's primary function is to gather family members in one space. Others believe that one’s identity can also be communicated through this room and that a design criterion needs to be met when setting it up. First, you have to recognize that this can be both a private and a public room. It’s a private room when you stay there with your loved ones or a public space when you’re hosting parties for friends and, in both functions, you are in need of the best living room furniture Sacramento pieces.

Recognize that memories of your family time and moments with your friends in a living room can affect the connotation that they have of this space. After all, this space can be a place of solitude or a place for the biggest parties, it can be a spot for a formal meeting or a more laidback gathering.

#1.  Define Your Living Room...and You

Anyone who walks into your living room should be able to know a bit of you in just one glance. The living room shouldn’t be merely a pretty room. Apart from the fine furniture Sacramento pieces, there are various elements that make up the overall experience in this room. These all have effects on how you feel or even how you relate to your surroundings.

Scientifically speaking, there are five major ways that humans experience an environment.

The first is through your sense of touch, sight, hearing, taste, and smell.

          Another way is through time.

          The third way is through memory, imagination, or reasoning.

The fourth type is through emotions whether pleasant and unpleasant.

Lastly, experiences become unique because of anticipation or expectations.

<img src=&quot;candleandflowers.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;lit votive beside a white pitcher filled with flowers, a stack of books, and a basket with more flowers.&quot;>
This is why the living room should be filled with balanced colors, patterns, lighting, and the best spatial arrangement that you can come up with. Candles and flowers can also make an appealing difference. Add texture to further please the senses. If you want your visitors to feel comfortable in your living room, then you should also feel that way when you are in that area.

You also need to decide whether you will go for contemporary or traditional elements. If the environment you create is filled with traditional furniture living room Sacramento pieces, then you may have a lot of stories to tell. Having a lot of wicker, rattan, or willow pieces may say that you love things that are natural. You can also become an advocate of environmentalism through a minimalist living room.

Another consideration for your living room is the amount of space that you can work on. Be sure to create a sense of fluidity from this area to other rooms in your home. Every space is created differently but when you’re considering space, think of movement patterns, even the distance of furniture pieces from each other.

If you want people to feel energized when they are in your living room, then you should be ready to embrace warmer colors. These warm hues are great for people who use their living room as an activity or recreation center. It is especially fashionable for your Sacramento home.

For those who want to use the living room as a more relaxing zone, pick cooler colors. Color psychology says a lot about the feelings or emotions that humans feel toward a particular hue. The warmer tones, such as red, evoke increased activity while the cooler hues tend to relax the senses.

Having an organized living room means that you want things to be where they should be. This means that there are ample storage units to hold more stuff. The paintings, framed photographs, and other works of art should be placed in a symmetrical or asymmetrical form.

Consider these elements for your living room’s overall look. These will help you define the room for a more enhanced experience.

#2. Understand the Key Concepts to a Stylish Living Room 

Every living room must have a sofa.

Some like placing a table in front of the sofa to create symmetry in the room. 

Artwork can also be displayed on living room walls. Other objects can have the same purpose as artwork (e.g. framed photos, knickknacks, or gifts). Books are a common display on walls, too.

Not a lot of people spend moments of solitude such as writing, reading, and contemplating inside the living room even when the physical elements in that space are used to foster privacy. But for those who do, it would be nice to check out living room furniture online or visit a furniture showroom that carries a plethora of stylish pieces.

#3.  Create the Best Living Room Design

There are two stages in designing the living room. First, take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Look at the room while it is still bare space. Next, find out how you can arrange the furnishings in the room.

Have a graphing paper and draw the room that you wish to achieve. There is no need to have a drafting degree for this kind of drawing. Have one square on the graph represent 6 inches, this means that a 10 by 8 feet space should have 20 by 16 squares.

Draw the doors, windows, furniture placements, and fireplaces, every element that affects how you move around. Now create some copies and use these as your sketchpad. Draw many different chairs and sofa placements before anyone rearranges or sets up anything. Being able to view the room in an abstract sort of way can help you find new style options.

The flow is the traffic pattern in a room. This is how people travel through the room and what paths are made available. 

Figuring out the best layout for your living room means you have to prioritize flow, function as well as the focal point. As for the room’s function, this can be defined by seeing the stuff that you will put in the space. 
<img src=&quot;entertainmentconsole.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;living room with a TV unit on a wooden entertainment console.&quot;>

If the modern home furniture pieces are mainly TV, subwoofers, speakers, and such, then it’s a living room that’s mainly for entertainment such as the one above. 

<img src=&quot;woodenbookcase.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;bookcase filled with books placed in front of an upholstered, red reading chair.&quot;>

Sometimes, it’s as easy as setting up the television. The focal point is what you and your family get to see as soon as they walk into the living room. The rest of the furniture and other design elements are arranged all around it.

Now it’s time to place the furniture at the right angles. This will offer a dynamic space. Leave no less than 36 inches of width for your living room traffic. Smaller groups of furniture should have 18 inches of space, at the very least, in front of them so that they can be accessed with ease.

#4. Check Out Living Room Trends

Living room trends come and go. If you’re looking for furniture styles that last no matter how much time has already passed, then you have to know what traditional furniture living room Sacramento pieces to look for. Being classic or timeless means a lot of things – it could be the finish, fabrics, or size of the furniture that is being taken into consideration. These are those investment pieces that will be with you for the long haul. Even designers’ tastes may change over time but these classic interior styles will surely remain –

Barn Door Trend: Going Strong

<img src=&quot;barndoordecor.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;wooden barn door used as a living room decor.&quot;>
This unique living room piece was at the forefront of living room design in 2015. It remains one of the strongest elements to stylize the living room.

The barn door looks great this season while also saving you a lot of floor space. This kind of door is the type that slides rather than opens inwards or outwards. Or it can serve as a room divider to mark off the spot where the living room separates from, say, the dining room. 

You may need more wall space to accommodate it but this is a more practical option for a small living room. The barn door is not just practical, it also adds to the architectural interest in any vintage to modern living room space. It even pairs well with any traditional furniture living room Sacramento piece.

Barn doors are usually made of reclaimed wood but they have evolved significantly using different kinds of materials. Don’t worry about your barn door ever going out of style because they have been around for decades now.

Sectionals for Living Rooms

If you’re thinking that the sectional is a modern seating unit, then you’re clearly mistaken. Over the last hundred years, they have managed to seat more people than you can ever imagine.

These huge seating pieces are timeless when you religiously care for them. They are sure to last but the issue is whether or not you would stay in a big house for a long time. If, down the road, you do decide to downsize your dwelling place, then this furniture piece may no longer be a practical seat for you and your family.

Go ahead and invest in a sectional if you’re sure that you’re gonna be staying in a large home for quite a while. For smaller spaces, go for a fabric or leather sofa.

Why Layer Rugs?

This isn’t a new trend in the world of design. Layering rugs, especially the patterned and colorful ones, made of sisal or jute has long been used to create a Bohemian vibe in the living room. This technique has also become quite popular in many other interior design styles. In most cases, this is used when a big rug isn’t enough to cover a huge section of the living room.

Mixing different textures is also a reason why rug layering is done.

This look may not be your cup of tea if you think it looks complex and cluttered. To many others, rug layering is tantamount to showing off the most delicious patterns, textures and colors. This is also an effective tool to ground your living room space.

Rug layering is more effective when used in an open space layout. This is then used to define certain sections. It can also add personality, not just space definition. The great news is that there is not one look that is considered classic so go ahead and experiment.

#5. Pick Living Room Wall Colors

Just like when you’re looking at fashion, the style that you choose for your home – as you already know by now – also says a lot about who you are. Of course, we don’t want to jump to any conclusions just yet or quickly judge a book by its cover but it is easy to see who a person really is just looking at a room in his or her home.

Wall colors have the power to impart drama or beauty in every room. What you need to do to achieve these both is to choose the colors perfectly. Sometimes, though, some homeowners use an excessive amount of bold colors on walls and other parts of their home. Among the rooms in a home, the living room tends to be overdone when it comes to paint colors.

If you don’t want to make this same mistake, then you have to know the effects of the colors that you choose for your living environment. Consider the amount of natural light when used inside the living room. Your choice of color also depends hugely on the style of the room.

Settle for neutral paint colors if you want to achieve a calm yet elegant ambiance. Choose from creams, whites, grays, taupe, and browns. These are the classic options for the living room as they tend to please just about everyone.

Choose from monochromatic, analogous, triad, complementary, warm, split-complementary, neutral, or cool hues. Apply paint that will surely highlight the living room design.

If you want to learn color palette selection, in-depth, then read Is There A One-Size-Fits-All Color Palette that discusses the nine color basics that no homeowner should overlook.

The Green Living Room

<img src=&quot;brightlivingroom.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;living room in an urban skyscraper.&quot;>

Green is a fresh color that you can use to invoke a relaxing feeling inside the living room. It is advisable to use light hues such as green because they offer a more comfortable feeling. Use a bit of white or yellow to go with your green paint as this duo will create a more dashing appeal.

If green walls are a bit too much, then just add pops of green in your living room. 

Those who also love natural beauty should add fresh plants or flowers as accent pieces in the living room. Put some wood furniture pieces to have an enhanced interior.

The Yellow Living Room

<img src=&quot;arearug.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;yellow area rug.&quot;>
Yellow has a welcoming appeal that will add to the hominess of a living room. Applying yellow paint will only be deemed effective if you choose the right design elements to go with it. Poorly-lit surfaces such as dark hallways and foyers will be brighter if you paint them yellow. Try a medley of purple and yellow as this is the best contrast that you could come up with. Just make sure that you use one color as a dominant hue and the other only as an accent.

The Blue Living Room

<img src=&quot;livingroom.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;a living room with a neutral couch, several blue accessories, and a chair with paisley upholstery.&quot;>

Choose blue also for a cool look. If you use this color together with red and yellow, then what you achieve is the so-called triadic color. This is an awesome and interesting color to use in the living room because it is unique or one that is not used too often. Again, if you're not daring enough to paint the walls blue and have all of your Sacramento furniture in blue, then just add pops of color, here and there. 

The Red Living Room

<img src=&quot;colorfullivingroom.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;a living room with colorful walls has a white couch and several wall artwork.&quot;>

Are you bold enough to use the color red in your living room? This can comprise one statement wall – an accent wall – that will surely catch anyone’s attention.

Red is luxurious and energetic. Most restaurants use red for a good reason. Be careful in using this color as this tends to make one feel restless after quite some time. Combining green and black with red will give you a fantastic triad, too.

The Brown Living Room


Brown is a classic color, one that is reliable and is often seen in most wood furniture and leather sofa Sacramento pieces. The deep brown hue of most furniture pieces can match a dark green wall or any natural wood accents. What you achieve with brown and green is a natural contrast that is pleasing to the eyes.

Nearer to the color brown is orange which can also be used to add warmth and zest to the living room.

The Neutral Living Room

Are you still unsure of what color to use in your living room? Then go ahead and play safe with neutrals. The neutral palette is used extensively in many living room themes. Here, you can display colorful artworks, bright décor, and just about any hue-laden masterpiece.

Gallery Wall

But what’s a living room without that gallery wall? If you’re bored of the usual painted or wallpapered walls, then you’re one among many. A gallery wall could help snap you out of such boredom.

This wall is quickly growing in popularity over the past decade. It seems that every American home, these days, has one. This is one living room feature that is not about to go away very soon. Homeowners simply love to show off their prized paintings, art, and family photographs so there’s no stopping them in using this timeless trend.

#6.  Choose Complementary Living Room Window Treatments

Read Are You Ready to Update Your Window Treatments for 2020?

#7. Study the Relationship of Feng Shui + Your Living Room

The right design and Feng Shui principles can actually bring about well-being and even prosperity.

Here are some elements that can help you optimize the positive energy or qi (pronounced chi) in your living room –

The Living Room Dual Exterior Walls

A Feng Shui living room is one that has no less than two exterior walls. This is the most ideal living room setup because it gives ample view of the fresh outdoors and it even believed to invite positive qi to flow freely into the home.

This is the location that best activates the Feng Shui elements of a living room.

Since this room must be situated between exterior walls, you should make sure that it is not situated in the middle of the house. Putting this room at the very heart of the house will ascertain that the energy won’t be able to reach it. The flow of the qi will eventually stop before it even reaches the living room.

Ventilated and Well-lit

<img src=&quot;livingroom.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;neutral themed living room with a light-colored couch, two upholstered chairs, decorative pillows, wall artwork, and an indoor plant.&quot;>
A Feng Shui living room, because of its natural connection to the outdoors, should be well-lit. The living room ideally has to have a lot of natural light coming in during the day.

Apart from the light, the living room must also be well-ventilated. Keeping the air flowing is also a chief component of health and vitality in Feng Shui.

Zero Face-to-Face Doors

The Feng Shui living room must also be set up with doors not facing one another. Having two doors facing each other is creating the tunnel effect that sucks up the energy.

Ample Accommodation

There are some adjustments that you can do to alter the actual size of the living room. It must not become the smallest room in your home. It must also be big enough to accommodate all of the family members. Preferably, it can even accommodate guests and friends, too.

The bigger the living room, the better it is for our home’s positive qi. You would soon realize that spending more time in this space is influencing the positive relationship that you have with your family.

Feng Shui Colors

Just like any other room in your home, the hues that you pick must also influence the balance of energy there. Bold colors like black and red must be kept to a bare minimum while pastel colors are favored. Go for delicate hues like green, yellow, and even the neutrals.

Don’t paint the northern wall blue as it will create an unfriendly and cold feeling in that space. Make sure also that the placement of the furniture is not impeded in any way. Do not cram the furniture pieces as this will block the positive qi yet again.

The airier your living room, the better for your Feng Shui.

The armchairs and the couch must be situated in a way that they are not directly facing the front door.

Place the TV in spots where there is positive energy. It can have the power to amplify these positive energies even more.

#8. What To Do If You Have A Small Living Room

A small living room can be described in so many ways – teensy, compact, minute, etc. If you have done everything but have already hit a roadblock in terms of making the living room more livable, then you have to know the secret.

But is this really a secret? More than a secret, small living rooms need a smart solution. Here are some of the wisest solutions ever that designers have come up with –
<img src=&quot;loveseat.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;upholstered loveseat.&quot;>

Get Started

Just like any design project which you are going to take on, it would help to look at the task with a fresh set of eyes. Go out, take a walk, breathe deep, then come back refreshed. If you can, you can also bring a design-savvy colleague with you so she can help you determine what to do with the space. Most of the time, hearing ideas can bring out the creativity in anyone.

That Long, Narrow Hall

If you have a long, narrow hall to deal with, think of an art gallery. White walls are the classic choice although a fresh coat of rich color or grasscloth can also work well. Go basic and sleek with the black and white stuff.

Create a unique gallery with an eclectic appeal using your most colorful, large artwork. You can also hang a series of photo frames with the left side of the wall intentionally left empty. Top your design scheme by adding proper lighting. Use overhead track lighting or wall-mounted lighting in illuminating artwork.

For a smaller yet still long hall, it is wise to make good use of every nook and cranny. Now how is this achieved? Use slim racks and corner shelves that fit right into those odd spaces.

Measure with care, pick the cabinets that are also narrow so that you will have enough room to walk around in. Make sure to keep the floor area clean and clutter-free as these don’t have a room in any tight space.

Designing Living Rooms with Multiple Windows and Doors

The living room has many elements – the door, fireplace, windows, radiator, walls, etc. All these prevent you from placing furniture near the living room walls. If you are faced with this dilemma, then try to pull the arrangement to the center of the living room. A matching pair of sofas could serve as the anchor to this whole design. It will also counteract the confusion that exits and entrances bring about.

Add a cozy rug to set up a conversation area.

What to Do With Limited Wall Space

There are also living rooms with limited wall space. If you can swap the living room with the dining room (provided that the latter is more spacious), then do so. Various doors and windows don’t matter that much inside a dining room, in fact, they can even add to the drama and romance that dinners could bring.

Small Scale Furniture

<img src=&quot;nesttables.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;3-piece nest tables.&quot;>
Small-scale furniture pieces are your best friends when you have limited living room space. Again, furnishings with rounded edges work better than those with sharp edges.

Install also ample storage units so that your life would become a lot easier.


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