"Deep" Spring Cleaning 2021
The McCreery's Home Furnishings 12-Step Guide

The weather is yet to totally warm up but, hey, spring is here so this is your go-signal to open those windows and bring out the cleaning supplies out of the cabinet and begin spring cleaning

Yup. It’s that time of the year again. If you don’t even know where to begin, well, you’re not alone. A lot of people are prepping to do this activity lineup and most already have their to-do list on hand.

So, what spots have been neglected in the previous seasons? How do you think you can clean those up like a pro?

For those of you who have a hard time getting rid of stuff, it might be time to do a little thinking.  It is, after all, spring once again, so this is the perfect time to get involved in the so-called spring cleaning rituals.

Spring cleaning isn’t all about tidying up by storing sweaters under your bed or boxing up your donation piles. This means a lot more than these activities.

First, you have to take the time to really sort through your stuff and to make sure that all unused items are stored away or donated. Make sure that the dust is cleared and the windows are washed, the countertops are sparkling once again, and the refrigerator contents are fresh.

Spring cleaning means having an effective strategy. You must formulate a plan that will keep the stress to a bare minimum and set up a deep cleaning system that actually works.

Spring Cleaning 2021: The McCreery's Home Furnishings Guide 


01.  Declutter and Label 

This is the first thing that you need to physically work on. Find out what needs to be swept, dusted or taken to the dry cleaners. Label the stuff that you will storethrow, and keep. After you have marked each bag or box, you can then give away, rehang, or store the stuff that you labeled.

02.  Create a Cleaning Kit 


Buy the right cleaning supplies. The basic things that you need are the following –

Store the most used supplies in a single container such as a basket or a shower caddy. This is so you can carry them around as you clean your home.

Invest in a vacuum cleaner. It pays to spend more on this piece of cleaning equipment because it can help you a lot. Find one that has 200 (or more) air watts. This will provide ample suction so it can provide a deeper clean.

03.  Clean Every Nook and Cranny 

<img src=&quot;home office&quot; alt=&quot;dark-colored, wooden home office furnishings with other design elements.&quot;>

Even when you sweep and vacuum regularly, you will find out that there are tricky spots to clean around the house. These are those spaces that you either tend to overlook or simply postpone cleaning. For those crevices that need some deep spring cleaning, use an old toothbrush and dip it in some vinegar. This can be used to clean behind the toilet and on the window tracks.

As soon as you have vacuumed the floor, use the nozzle to reach under the couch cushions; and make sure that you just don’t dust around furniture and accessories. Remove extra items so that you can clean the surface as well as the areas underneath.

Remember those antibacterial wipes or solution? Now use that to wipe the TV remote control so that bacteria and viruses won’t spread through that oft-used item in your home.

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04.  Deep Clean the Cabinets 

<img src=&quot;kitchen island&quot; alt=&quot;tomato red, wooden kitchen island in the middle of the kitchen&quot;>

Let’s face it, one of the things that a lot of homeowners fear facing are their kitchen cabinets. Over time, the buildup in there can get overwhelming more so if you do not run your exhaust hood over the range when cooking.

That exhaust hood is your best friend. Be sure to use it each time you cook so that grease won’t settle. If, however, you’re already facing this dilemma, then be sure to use cabinet cleaning solutions or a cream that will surely cut through the deep-seated grime.

Wood cabinets will even be moisturized when you use a gentle cream to clean it.

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05.  Deep Clean the Glass Windows 

Do you see those expansive windows behind the American Leather Comfort Air model? 

Don’t be contented with just wiping the windows and doors from the inside. Go outside and take the time to use a glass cleaner to remove all the smudges and spots that you often don’t have the time to clean.

Here’s another pro tip – wash the windows on a cloudy day so that the sun won’t instantly dry up the cleanser that you use.

06.  Deep Clean the Granite 

Here’s another task that you really must do this spring – sealing your countertops especially those made of granite. You should have done this right after the countertop was installed but if you have yet to do it, then this is the perfect time to.

You can then maintain by resealing the granite surface annually. Another way to take good care of your granite countertops is to wipe all stains and spills right after they happen. These accidental spills may not be serious to look at but, over time, they have their way of taking their toll on your countertop material.

07. Deep Clean the Wooden Floors 

<img src=&quot;dining room&quot; alt=&quot;rustic dining room with wooden dining set and other design elements.&quot;>

You might think that you’ve been dutifully mopping your wooden floors all-year-round so you’re good when it comes to floor cleanup. Unfortunately, this very chore, which you have been dutifully fulfilling, is the very thing that will destroy your beautiful flooring material.

Wooden floors can be cleaned once every 1-2 months. And since it’s spring, it’s time to deep clean them. Spot clean for the rest of the year.

Use wood protector on your floor this season. This is so you can avoid scratching. As for those lovely green plants, you can keep water damage at bay by having them placed on saucers or trivets.

08.  Deep Clean the Bedding 

<img src=&quot;bed&quot; alt=&quot;bed with coverlet set&quot;>

Take a careful look at your bedding – is it still dressed up for winter?

It’s time for spring cleaning so have your pillows, comforter, sheets, pillowcases, and just about everything in your bedroom, washed and dried. Just be sure to read the manufacturers’ labels so that you won’t use cleaning solutions that are not meant for certain materials. 

Most of the time, all that bedding needs is a few minutes in your washer, preferably, sun-dried, although, your good ol' dryer will also have the same disinfecting effect. 

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09.  Deep Clean Stainless Steel Surfaces

<img src=&quot;table&quot; alt=&quot;wood and metal drink table&quot;>

What is the whole point of having stainless steel kitchen stuff installed when they aren’t sparkling clean all the time?

There are specialty sprays meant for stainless steel surfaces. You can use any of these to leave the stainless steel surface grime-free. Don’t spray too much or you could also contribute to the messiness of the surface.

You can also clean other metallic surfaces (e.g. brass, copper, silver, etc.) with vinegar, lemon juice, or baking soda. 

10.  Clean Up the Fridge 

Yes, a huge part of spring cleaning is to diligently throw away expired food and drinks from the fridge. There are also piles of condiments there – do check inside those bins – and be sure to toss out other stuff that have already expired.

Check also the freezer leftovers. Bring every bottle and canister out, then be sure to wipe their lids and bottoms before you store them once again.

Organize by putting the condiments on the door as this is the least cold area. The bottom drawers must hold the fruits and veggies while the middle shelf (the coldest part of the refrigerator) should be the place for perishable goods.

12.  Bring Life to Your Home 

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