Do You Have An Ideal Sacramento Home Office?
Learn the 5 Must-Have Home Office Elements

Designing your first Sacramento home office can be kind of tricky. Primarily, you need to establish how it would look and feel. If you decide to go for a homey atmosphere, chances are, you may not be able to concentrate with your work. There are simply a lot of things in your home that can take your attention away from your work.

If, however, you pick the professional style, then why place the office inside your home in the first place? One of the blessings of setting up a home office is that you have the freedom to use a style according to your preference. With this in mind, just make sure that you can separate this space from the rest of your home.

5 Elements of An Ideal Sacramento Home Office


The first guideline – because it is the most evident – is to never blend work and the pleasurable things that you do at home. Even if you think that you are the most focused person in your previous workplace, this will not amount to anything if you do not separate your Sacramento home office from all the other rooms in your home. The two are bound to fuse so break them up from the onset.

Next, be sure to examine your home office now and then. Clear away game consoles, TV, and other possible sources of distractions. While you may have separated your home office from the other rooms, keeping these gadgets near your work area can still cause major distraction.

Respect and maintain the boundaries that have been set. Keep the workplace distinct from all the rooms. Doing so will have a psychological effect on how you work.

The Perfect Sacramento Home Office Desk

The office desk is one of the two most important custom home office furniture pieces that you need to seriously plan for. First of you would want this to come at the right height so that you will feel comfortable as you work. 

Second, you would, of course, want this fine furniture to last for a long time. Aesthetics is also a serious factor that you need to consider. You would want your chair and other Sacramento home office furniture to match your lovely desk. 

More often than not, the most durable office desks are made of wood. Hardwoods such as mahogany, oak, cherry, and walnut are all durable types of wood that you may consider as an office desk material. 

<img src=&quot;office desk&quot; alt=&quot;wooden office desk with lifting mechanism&quot;>

The Elon Lift Desk by Hooker Furniture is great for a Sacramento home office with transitional style. It has three drawers, with the center drawer having a drop-front. 

Its lift adjusts to as high as 30.5" to 49" high. It has flat cut walnut veneers and metal, and fashioned with a medium wood finish with round metal pull in a dark bronze color. 

<img src=&quot;desk&quot; alt=&quot;wooden desk with simplistic style&quot;>

This next Sacramento home office desk is a Youth Desk by Stanley Furniture. After all, kids these days, also do most of their modules and homework at home. 

<img src=&quot;home office&quot; alt=&quot;home office with modern, wooden desk and chair&quot;>

Just see how beautifully it pairs with this Stanley Furniture office chair. It is perfect for a more laidback setting. 

<img src=&quot;desk&quot; alt=&quot;wooden executive office desk&quot;>

Last, but definitely not the least, is the Cherry Creek Executive Desk by Hooker Furniture. This 66" desk is best for the traditionalists out there. It is crafted from hardwood solids and cherry veneers. The medium brown finish and light distressing make this executive desk a must-have for those who are serious about their productivity. 

The Comfy Sacramento Home Office Chair

You have to invest in a seating support that does not just look good in your home office but would also support your back as you work those long hours.

The American Academy of Family Physicians has reported that approximately 90% of adults feel back pain at one point in their lives. This means that you should pay attention to the style and sturdiness of the chair that you are about to purchase.

<img src=&quot;office chair&quot; alt=&quot;brown leather, tufted, swivel office chair&quot;>

The Katherine Home Office Chair by Hooker Furniture, above,  is everything that a Sacramento home office with rustic design would need to satiate its traditional chair requirements. 

The Oxford Whiskey Brown Office Chair by Aspenhome is another traditional style Sacramento home office chair option with the perfect marriage of wood and leather materials. 

<img src=&quot;desk chair&quot; alt=&quot;upholstered, wooden desk chair&quot;>

The Hooker Furniture Home Office Desk Chair is the perfect stationary chair for your shabby chic Sacramento home office. It comes with a gray finish with gold accents. Its distressing includes cow-tailing, rub-through, as well as emulsion. 

The Durable Sacramento Home Office Storage Units 

Apart from having updated technology for your workspace, you must also make sure that you simplify processes. So how do you go about with this?

Organize your Sacramento home office often if you want to increase your work efficiency. Clutter can cause distraction so invest in storage units such as a stylish office cabinet. Do not settle for those flimsy, traditional metal types straight away. Try laying your eyes on a wooden cabinet or two, some shelves, shelves with drawers, drawer cabinets, bookcases, filing cabinets, etagere, etc. that may also serve as a piece that will balance the statement piece such as your office desk or chair. 

The Right Sacramento Home Office Lighting and Accessories 

One of the things that are neglected in setting up home offices is lighting. Too bright or too dim just won’t work. If you want to get ample lighting, then allow your desk to be situated near a window where sunlight could come in. This is often the southernmost part of your home. 

If you ever felt lethargic during the winter months, then you are not alone. Research proves that people do tend to feel this way during the holidays due to lack of sunlight exposure. Boost your mood and stabilize your sleep patterns by allowing more natural light to enter your home office. If you work during the night or if your Sacramento home office is at the northern part of your home, then be sure to get artificial lighting for your workspace.

If you are not sure about the intensity or tone that is suitable to your home office, then experiment on these or ask our expert interior designers now at Designer on Demand. Consider the factors such as the total amount of space and number of lighting fixtures, used when making your final decision.

<img src=&quot;lamp&quot; alt=&quot;modern floor lamp&quot;>

The best Sacramento home office accessories include:

  • Framed photographs

  • Books 

  • Knickknacks which are your collection. 

State-of-the-Art Sacramento Home Office Technology 


The tech gadgets that you will need for a smooth-sailing home office include the following: 

These are the five major elements that you need to include in your Sacramento home office. Are you ready to shop some more fine furniture at our furniture showroom? Or why don't you take a Virtual Tour of our showroom so you won't have to leave the comforts of your home? 

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