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Down to Earth: 10 Time-Tested Rustic Design Elements
Learn the Fundamentals of Rustic Style for Your Sacramento Home

A lot of homeowners love the comfortable and worn-in look that rustic interiors offer. This is understandable as it is the epitome of the beauty amidst wear and tear. It is the effortless charm that comes with a lot of history behind every piece of heirloom quality furniture

Getting this effortless look is not always easy, though. There are ways to make it doable. Creating the rustic look may prove to be an arduous process but it is one that’s worth every hour that you spend setting up the look.

Whether you are setting up a farmhouse with a lovely porch or a simple log cabin, or you might even be thinking of a timber lodge, it will always be the details that will truly define whether your home is rustic or not (e.g. the best leather furniture, wood heirloom quality furniture, etc.). 

It is, indeed, a capricious process to create a rustic tone. If you’re able to achieve it, though, you will see that the payoffs are huge. There has to be a balance of materials and features. 

Traditional, Modern, and the Ever-Evolving Look of Rustic Design 

<img src=&quot;home office.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;home office with rustic desk, chair, and other design elements.&quot;>

Did you know that there are basic classes for every rustic structure? The terms such as cottagecabinfarmhouse, or lodge all refer to rustic beauty but do not mean the exact same thing.

Let’s begin defining one after the other –

A cottage has many variations just like any other home style. Every style evokes a different image. For some, it is a small, romantic place while the beach cottages all belong to a different plane. One thing’s common with all these cottages, though, and that is airy interiors.

Cottages almost always have heirloom furniture and the most interesting wooden pieces in the rooms. 

The cabin, on the other hand, has dark-stained logs for exteriors. There is also the fieldstone chimney which is a typical addition. Just like many homes in the past, a cabin is always built using materials that are found from nature. These are then utilized to make functional pieces. Just picture the firewood as well as the breezeway roofs.

Houses that have been around a long time were usually modified over the years. Modifications were often done over a period of years through the addition of other structures on the asset. A connecting breezeway is quite common.

The farmhouse is a popular structure in many rural landscapes. This is the representative of all the hard work that happens in far-flung places. No matter how basic, such a structure promises comfort and safety – the two things that are common in many rustic structures.

Common architectural elements include big porches, pitched rooflines, and those simple yet pretty sidings.

Farmhouses are built minus lavishness or waste. They were historically constructed with the use of materials that are rough-hewn and hand-sawn so consider these when shopping in a furniture showroom

The lodge makes use of big timber trusses, oversized fireplaces, high ceilings, and chimneys. Take note of the roofing, too, as it was always made of thick cedar or the slated shingles. Imagine Lake Tahoe and you’d know what a lodge is supposed to look like.

Having a lodge means maximizing the views. This only means that the windows must be massive. The exteriors as well as the outdoor fireplace use a blend of materials such as timber posts, vertical boards, and board and batten.

The industrial lodge is massive compared to the others because it comes with big timber trusses, oversized fireplaces, high ceilings, and equally massive chimneys. More often than not, the roofing is made of slate shingle or thick cedar.

Having a lodge is all about having a good view so the windows need to be huge. The exteriors are built with different materials such as timber posts, vertical boards, board and batten, to name a few. The trim around the windows and doors are also significant because they are wide and noticeable.

Walking into a lodge almost always means walking into a living room with the fireplace situated in the middle. Thick pillars and timbers are also seen as the basic framework of the home.

Now that you have these basic descriptions for rustic homes, can you now confidently tell that your home is rustic in style? The key is to have that open floor plan, wood Sacramento furniture, and beautiful, exposed architectural elements.

<img src=&quot;buffet.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;wooden buffet in a modern rustic room.&quot;>

Do you ever wonder how different a rustic home is from one that is modern rustic? One of the most noticeable features of a modern rustic home is the raw wood as well as the stone features. Preserve the look that’s common in rustic style which is the exposed beams, stone fireplace, and the use of furnishings made of reclaimed or sustainable wood.

Rustic also means natural so be ready to embrace rugs, linens, and upholstery that show a natural aspect. Find the simplest fabrics minus the nauseating prints and patterns. Think of linen pillows, sisal, jute, and hides for a more natural look.

Modern rustic homes also have a good view of the picturesque outdoors so make sure that big windows are present. The modern rustic home is also almost always full of light and is spacious.

Lastly, bring in the wooden high end furniture Sacramento pieces to cap the look.

It is not difficult to see why rustic interiors are seen as a place of comfort and hominess. The rustic home is often inviting, cozy, and warm. Learning how to create this kind of environment is not a walk in the park, though. You've got to learn to balance all the elements to get the look right. 

I.  Tons of Wood

<img src=&quot;cocktail table.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;chest style cocktail table.&quot;>

Hooker Furniture Living Room Pinta Trail Strong Box Cocktail Table 

So what are the best elements that you can use in your rustic home? You must always begin with wood. The best one to use is wood in its natural form. In fact, this should be the leading source of your rustic home materials whether we’re talking about architecture or the interior design itself.

You can use wooden logs up on your ceilings. They can also be effectively used as side tables, nightstands, or bedframes, or you can invest in log-cut items (e.g. the Farrier Chairside Table) - all coming from the best home furnishings Sacramento CA showroom - from the 50,000 sq.ft. McCreery's Home Furnishings store. 

The raw type of wood is what you should think of using in your Sacramento home design especially if you want it to look authentically rustic. As much as you can, refrain from painting the wood. You can use varnish, though, so you can just show the wood’s natural beauty while still sealing it from dirt and harmful elements.

One other way to infuse wood in your home is through the use of paneled walls. This kind of design can make a room appear more comfy and relaxing.

II.  Natural Textiles 

<img src=&quot;rug.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;hand-spun wool rug.&quot;>

You must soften the décor as well as the ambiance inside your rustic home. You can incorporate natural fabrics such as wool, linen, and burlap. These are the most wonderful options that you can use. Woven textiles are also a great idea.

There are many ways that you can use textiles in a rustic home. For instance, the rug can add your personality to the room. Other choices include bedding, long drapes, and throw blankets.

III.  Experiment with Textures

<img src=&quot;living room.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;farmhouse living room with stone wall, entertainment unit, and other design elements.&quot;>

Think of nature-inspired textures such as a stone accent wall, wool draped over a leather couch, textured paint, etc. These must put an emphasis on natural beauty and the ruggedness of nature. Use a lot of earthy colors, organic elements, and unpretentious stuff.

Rustic appears dark and heavy traditionally but today’s contemporary style has emerged with both real, fresh, and light style.

Rustic homes are now more grounded than ever.

IV.  Wood Flooring

<img src=&quot;living room.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;rustic living room with wooden flooring, wooden media console, rustic-colored couch, and a pair of upholstered chairs.&quot;>

If you absolutely need to expose the wood flooring in your home, then make sure that it displays wide wooden planks, preferably solid, hardwood flooring.

Wood flooring is a lot easier to clean, it offers a more stylish look, it also has a more straightforward type of rustic style, it is durable and it is a wonderful long-term investment.

Wooden floors also have an ageless appeal that is difficult to match.

V.  A Rustic Fireplace

Okay, not all fireplace styles are welcome if you want to set up a rustic home. Set up the type that uses natural stones or bricks. No rustic living room or bedroom should go without this design element as it is the automatic focal point in the design.

VI.  Rustic Furnishings

The rustic home will never feature stark and sleek fine furniture. All the furniture there from the bed, to the armoire, to the chest of drawers, down to the vanity must have robust frames of either metal or wood.

VII.  Rustic Lighting

<img src=&quot;pendant light.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;rustic, metal pendant lighting.&quot;>

So what’s the perfect rustic lighting?

Remember that the lighting will play one of the most important roles in your interior design. In your rustic home’s case, it must be warm and soft-toned. As for the lighting fixtures, you can pick a traditional-looking chandelier that’s made of metal and crystals or wood. When you absolutely have to use metal, make sure that you don’t use the shiny ones.

VIII.  Rustic Color Palette 

A Pinterest image. 

The color palette for the rustic home could be a fusion of any of the following –

  • Browns
  • Beige
  • Black and red
  • Dark orange
  • Yellow
  • Sienna brick 
  • Red maple 
  • Darker hues of green 
  • Weathered blue and 
  • Grays 

Did you notice that these colors are the hues of the fall season? Read further on How to Redesign Your Sacramento Home This Fall

IX.  Rustic Furniture 

Rustic interiors work beautifully because the style offers a traditional feeling that is difficult to ignore.  In a world where everything is fast-paced and brutal, rustic interiors provide that bold yet simple concept that is now rarely seen and the most obvious way to achieve this is to buy the right kind of heirloom quality furniture

X.  Rustic Style Etc. 

  • Barn door
  • Dried flowers (seen almost everywhere)
  • Copper and cast iron pots and pans hanging in the kitchen
  • Tree stump as an accent piece
  • Sepia-toned pictures that are framed and displayed on the walls
  • Iron chandelier
  • Sheepskin as a couch or bench cover
  • Quilted items
  • Paneled walls
  • Deer or moose heads as trophies
  • Beamed ceilings
  • Neutral palette
  • Chunky wooden pieces
  • White and other neutral hues
  • Solid fabrics


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