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Did you know that the words feng shui actually mean wind and water? To the Chinese, this is all about the environment’s effects on the lives of human beings. They believe that energies exist in the environment, water, landscapes, mountains, etc. All these natural forces can significantly impact every person. And, yes, Feng Shui interior design has principles to offer proper energy alignment in your Sacramento home.  

Since this is so, people should be in the best location to become recipients of the best energies that are supposedly meant to improve their health and wealth. On the other hand, people who find themselves in the midst of bad energy are believed to encounter bad luck.

Feng Shui, therefore, is the placement art since knowing its rules will help people create an environment that’s geared towards prosperity and health. This is an age-old technique has been among the Chinese people and they have used it to optimize the harmony in their homes and work spaces.

You, too, can create a harmonious and healthy environment if you apply this knowledge. You can use Feng Shui to –

  • Pick a prosperous area where you could build your house.
  • Choose the best house orientation for maximized prosperity.
  • Create an auspicious interior design for the different rooms in your house such as the bedroom, living room, kitchen, home office, etc.
  • Place the fine furniture Sacramento pieces where they will bring in only the positive energies.
  • Pick the lucky colors for every room.

A spot Feng Shui analysis involves a thorough inspection of the directions and dimensions of a space. The consultation will then be based on these readings as the birth data of the house’s occupants are taken into consideration.

The detailed study of the interiors, physical environment, and the occupants’ data all lead to the Feng Shui consult that will be discussed. A physical inspection of the house must be done to provide the needed information.

For now, here are the feng shui interior design fundamentals that you can already begin to work on: 

A Room by Room Feng Shui Guide for the Year of the Metal Ox 

Table of Contents 


          I.   Outdoor Feng Shui 

         II.   Entryway/Foyer Feng Shui 

        III.   Living Room Feng Shui 

       IV.   Bedroom Feng Shui 

        V.   Dining Room Feng Shui 

       VI.  Kitchen Feng Shui 


Outdoor Feng Shui 

<img src=&quot;outdoor design&quot; alt=&quot;outdoor part of a home with grass, upholstered seating units, and metal table&quot;>

A huge part of the feng shui interior consultation is to begin by studying the outside of a house. If you live too close to, say, a railroad, then there’d be an effect on the energies that will flow towards your house. Houses that have sloped backyards tend to have challenging Feng Shui so an expert is supposed to realign the energies.

The outdoors must have a garden no matter how small because it will surely invite good energies. Plants are always a part of feng shui principles. Front and backyard landscaping should have ample shrubs, flowers, and small plants for life force to flow

Also, it is believed that the auspicious door colors for this year are metallic gray and aqua blue. This satiates one half of the Pantone 2021 Colors of the Year (Ultimate Gray and Illuminating). 

Always remember that outdoor design for your Sacramento home should be simple, welcoming, and open

Entryway/Foyer Feng Shui

<img src=&quot;entryway&quot; alt=&quot;wood and metal credenza, two upholstered chairs, two table lamps, mirror, and a ceramic vase don the entryway of a home&quot;>

Improving the front door Feng Shui is easy. Just don’t block the entry with old pots, recycling bins or shoes and you should be fine. Since you’re supposed to channel and welcome good energy, then make sure that there is no staircase that’s directly facing your front door. Make sure also that the front door is not directly aligned to your back door.

Remember that the front door serves as the mouth of qi (chi) so this must be given ample attention during Feng Shui interior design

Light also plays a crucial role in feng shui. A crystal chandelier is ideal for this part of your Sacramento home design. Other options include table lamps, a floor lamp, or wall sconces. 

Since it is the Year of the Metal Ox, there must be a few metal fine furniture pieces in your foyer. One of the fine furniture brands that we carry is Century Furniture which will certainly help in beautifying the entryway. 

<img src=&quot;fine rugs&quot; alt=&quot;traditional, contemporary, and transitional fine rugs&quot;>

Lastly, don't forget the rugs. Identify the hues that are used in your Sacramento interior design then reflect and repeat them in this room. Sisal rug is a wood element so place it when your entryway is on the southeast part of your home. 

Living Room Feng Shui

<img src=&quot;living room&quot; alt=&quot;living room designed with a white, concrete fireplace; white sofa; one white chair; one printed chair; metal and stone center table; and other design elements&quot;>

The living room is a pretty busy area in any home this is why you should have nothing but good energy there. Check the bagua sets that you place in that room as well as the family room.

The bagua or pa kua is a Feng Shui tool that’s known to provide energy for homes, offices, and gardens. This is the energy map of any space which are connected to particular areas in your life.

Bagua means eight areas and these correspond to the eight areas of a person’s life namely –

  • Family and health
  • Wealth
  • Reputation and fame
  • Love
  • Children and creativity
  • People and blessings
  • Career
  • Spiritual growth

As for the living room layout, make sure that it is already visible to your guests once they enter your foyer. This room must also be sunny and bright so choose your window fashions well. Hunter Douglas window treatments are available here at McCreery's Home Furnishings

Fine furniture placement begins with the storage cabinet or entertainment console clinging to the wall as the sofa faces it. Never let the sofa face the front door. First, it's not easy on the eyes plus it's not good for feng shui as well. 

Never place a mirror behind the sofa Sacramento piece. Find circular-shaped decorative items since the circle is a symbol of Yang.

Bedroom Feng Shui

<img src=&quot;bedroom&quot; alt=&quot;bedroom with bed in a shade of pink; two patterned chairs; drawer cabinet; and other design elements&quot;>

This is the most important room of a house so be sure to use Feng Shui here. 

This room must be free from gadgets such as computers, TV and exercise equipment. The air must also freely flow in this space so make sure that daylight flows in. 

But the most important thing that you need to know is how to position the bed for good feng shui. The best position is where you see the bedroom door when you're lying in bed but never place the it where your feet are directly across the door. 

The bedroom color scheme also matters. The safest color will always be white or any neutral color such as beige or cloud cream. If you want to go for edgy Sacramento interior design, then use the bedding, cushions, pillows, and beanbags to provide a splash of colors. 

Cover the windows as you sleep with window coverings Sacramento style. Doing so will give you support and stability in your life. 

Lastly - just like any other room in your home - be sure to declutter as junk causes chaos in the feng shui viewpoint. 

Dining Room Feng Shui 

Dining room design begins with the table. It should be big enough to accommodate family and friends and still fit comfortably into the room. Oval and round shapes are best but if you have to have a rectangular table, then be sure to balance it with round area rugs. 

Place the dining table at the center of the room. Generally, plain colors and the simplest shapes promote calming energy. Vertical stripes on the walls or even on the table runner indicate an uplifting energy. 

The best table displays are a bowl filled with round fruits. Apples are known to boost friendship, peaches are great for health, pear energizes, while oranges provide wealth. Fresh flowers can also be used as dining room decor. The yellow ones are believed to enhance communication. 

As for the color palette, pastels and neutrals are great in this room. Veer away from patterned wallpaper this year. The lighting should be soft and relaxing so go for wall-mounted lighting fixtures. A large mirror that reflects the dining table (but not the bathroom or kitchen) must be placed in your dining room. 

Kitchen Feng Shui

<img src=&quot;kitchen&quot; alt=&quot;a red kitchen island in the middle of a neutral-colored kitchen&quot;>

This is the heart of your home so the energy here must be one of abundance and wealth.

Here are some don’ts for the kitchen –

  • Don’t place it near the bathroom.
  • Don’t place it near a staircase.
  • Never place it adjacent to the laundry room.
  • Don’t place the kitchen at the very center of your house.

And now here are the DO's: 

  • Feng Shui experts believe that the stove is the symbol of abundance in the kitchen so make sure that it is always sparkling clean. 

  • Decorate with a fresh bowl of fruits. 

  • Suitable kitchen color palettes are white, yellow, brown, and purple. 

  • Bring in some exciting kitchen plants. 


Now that you know the feng shui interior design basics for 2021, are you excited to start redesigning your home? Take a Virtual Tour of our furniture showroom now so you can choose your feng shui fine furnishings for this exciting year. 

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