Heralding Spring 2021: 5 Sacramento Home Design Tips to Remember

Winter is almost over, therefore, it is with great pleasure that we, at McCreery's Home Furnishings, present some spring interior design ideas that will change the look of your Sacramento home this coming spring. 

McCreery's Home Furnishings Heralds Spring 2021


Vogue has already featured the Spring 2021 Ready-to-Wear collections. It is interesting to note that these street wear collections are dominated by dark colors such as black by Saint Laurent, gray by Missoni and Celine, shades of brown by Gucci, and Alexander McQueen's navy blue. The colors of spring such as green, yellow, and sky blue are, of course, also incorporated into some of the designs. 

McCreery's Home Furnishings' furniture showroom is filled with these fashionable hues because we are more than ready to welcome this year's spring season. 

01.  Spring Interior Design: Color Makeover 

<img src=&quot;living room&quot; alt=&quot;living room with neutral seating units and walls with a shade of red&quot;>

It’s time to say goodbye to the deeper hues of winter and to begin embracing the lighter and more fun palette of spring. Take down those heavy window fashions and replace them with blinds or sheer curtains.

McCreery's Home Furnishings offers Hunter Douglas window treatments that will surely make your spring fashion statement even more explosive. 

This is also the perfect moment to consider painting the walls with the hottest colors of the year – Ultimate Gray and Illuminating or choose from pale aqua, crisp white, emerald green or invest in pastels for the season. 

02.  Spring Interior Design: Window Fashions 

<img src=&quot;sunroom alt=&quot;sunroom with gray-colored window shades, seating units, and other design elements&quot;>

After you’ve spent months being shut indoors, it’s time to turn the heater off and to bring some fresh air inside. You are sure to feel the difference of the stale air and the one that will be flowing through your home soon.

To add to the freshness of the indoor air, you can plant a few fresh herbs in pots. You can then display these small pots right by the kitchen window where you can catch a whiff of the herbs when you’re cooking.

If the kitchen window sills aren’t wide enough, consider installing rail with S hooks that can eventually hold small pots.

Another way to let more freshness in is to let in more light. Clean the windows (inside and out). Begin by spraying multi-purpose cleaner to the frames, hardware and the sill. Wipe the areas clean using microfiber cloth.

If there are existing decals, be sure to use mayonnaise to remove them, then use a regular credit or debit card to scrape them off.

As for the inside part of the window, be sure to spray with glass cleaner from top to bottom. If you want a homemade cleaner, then mix equal parts of vinegar with water.

Be sure to clean your windows during cloudy days so that you won’t create glass streaks.

Lastly, don't forget to update your window fashions with Hunter Douglas window treatments which are also available here at McCreery's Home Furnishings

03.  Spring Interior Design: Kitchen Cleanup 

<img src=&quot;kitchen&quot; alt=&quot;white kitchen island with a butcher block surface type adorned with spices, a bottle of Mimosa, and other design elements&quot;>

Cooking becomes a lot easier when you free up ample counter space for you to work on.  It might have escaped your attention but stuff might have accumulated on the counter over the winter. Now that it’s almost spring, it’s time to store the small appliances that have not been used for the longest time.

Wipe down and clear off the kitchen counters. Place only the items there that you use regularly. Decluttering is the first step in every Sacramento interior design project so pre-spring cleaning wouldn't hurt at all. 

04.  Spring Interior Design: Bring Nature In

Spring blossoms are a wonderful addition to your Sacramento home design spring project. Get a cylindrical glass vase and display those colorful branches. Using really tall branches allows you to have the decorative vase sit on the floor. 

For another natural look, you can also snip some greenery and have them brought indoors. Spot some green foliage, snip it, put it in a flower or two with it in a mason jar, then display your fresh arrangement at the hallway, living room or the dining room.

More on blossoms, you can also put in a pot, the most colorful bulbs of the season – daffodils, tulips and other blooming bulbs are great decorative elements to add this spring. Add some fountain to these colorful flowers and you'll have the most enviable space in your neighborhood this season.

Of course, most of us don't have time to actually do these DIY projects so why not shop for Uttermost's most enticing botanicals? Choose from the three options above. 

05.  Pre-Spring Furniture Shopping 


McCreery's Home Furnishings is here to update your Sacramento interior design with our month-long Presidents' Day Sale. Take a Virtual Tour of our furniture showroom now or visit us at 3140 Auburn Boulevard, Sacramento. Your 2021 spring interior design is now within reach. It's all happening under the red awnings! 

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