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How to Create Your Dream Sunroom


These days, the term home no longer just refers to the indoors but also our outdoor living spaces. From the biggest estates down to the most modest homes, it seems that every homeowner is now finding ways to go outdoors and enjoy games, meals, visits, and swims there. Moonlight, the open-air as well as natural light simply enhance the living experience in each home. This is why more and more patio furniture Sacramento styles are becoming available. 

But what if you don’t have to totally go outdoors, instead, you still stay indoors yet the room has an awesome view of the outdoors? Would you want that kind of setup?


Say hello to the sunroom. This is that pre-fab roof and wall system that is added to a home to offer an awesome view of the outdoors as well as an extra amount of living space.

The Perfect Sacramento Sunroom 

One of the greatest ways to increase square footage in one’s home is to build a sunroom. This is a space that supports leisure and fun and is an oft-used zone for many families. 

It is a place where a family can bond. It can also be the perfect setting for bookworms who enjoy daytime reading. To others, this place is perfect for setting up a fresco dining table for those alfresco meals. 

Everyone loves a great sunroom. This is that bright, inviting, and open space that allows you to bask in natural light while making sure that pesky bugs don’t disturb.

The sunroom is one home addition that most homeowners love to have. This dream world comes with heated flooring, the most comfortable furniture, casual décor, and beautiful windows and walls. Surely, this is one room that most homeowners love to frequent and one that interior design firms Sacramento experts love to build. 

<img src=&quot;sunroom.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;sunroom with fireplace and seating units.&quot;>

The sunroom is equated to leisurely living where every square foot offers relaxation and serenity. If you have been contemplating adding a sunroom to your Sacramento interior design, then think of any space that you are not using too often. Consider that this part of your home will be a sunny retreat so it has to be where the sun shines warmly during the day.

Check if you would need a building permit or zoning approval. A Wikihow article discusses How to Obtain A Building Permit in California.  If this unique room happens to be sitting in your home and you don’t know what to do, here are some sunroom decorating tips that will surely help: 

Know Your Sunroom Decorating Needs

<img src=&quot;metal chair and a garden pot.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;green metal chair beside a shrub in a huge planter.&quot;>

There can be many different purposes for the sunroom. If this is a place that comes next to your living room when it comes to the places where the family bonds, then find a couch that accommodates everyone. If it is a place for reading, then a cozy chair right next to a lovely lamp would suffice. Cushioned dining chairs are not just perfect for dining but will also double as seating during moments of deep family conversations.

If you have a sunroom that is constantly flooded with sunlight during the day, then you have to consider what sort of furniture you will need. Find a comfortable sofa, leather chair, and a wooden coffee table in reputable outdoor furniture stores Sacramento area. Use earthy materials since the boundary between the indoors and the outdoors is, in essence, almost invisible.

There are sunrooms that come with various points of entry. If some of these entries are not used regularly, then use the space for a different activity zone. Most parts of the sunroom could be used as a second living room but with proper division, you can also set up a stylish place for outdoor eating and the most fabulous outdoor design


If the sunroom is protected from the harsh elements, then you can use indoor items like stereos, lamps, and a flatscreen TV. Your friends and family members are sure to be drawn into your sunroom as you bring in units of entertainment such as your DVD player.

Watching TV from a more exposed sunroom means you have to be extra careful in its installation. Use an IP-rated enclosure and power. Use a pivoting wall mount whenever possible.  

If you want to deviate from this contemporary setting, then you can always go traditional. Use the same vibe on the fixtures and finishes that have been used throughout your home. Outdoor design furniture patterns and lines, even decorative accents such as a chandelier can do wonders.

Sunroom Artwork

<img src=&quot;framed works of art.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;an upholstered, wooden chair sits beside six, framed artworks.&quot;>

Eclectic design, say, a mixture of black and white, can be used to add a visually entertaining element. This mix can make gray walls or boring window treatments appear more exciting.

A sofa or a paired table and chair could be the focal points in a sunroom but an interesting artwork can also offer this same level of beauty. Even the simple placement of your sunroom furniture pieces can be considered art. Increase the greenery inside your home and you can even achieve Zen interior design

If you have two entryways in your sunroom, for instance, you can use one of them to hang artwork. Cushions can have interesting designs to make the sunroom more interesting. Use fabrics that tie together bright colors such as orange, yellow, and turquoise.

Consider adding a corner bench especially in smaller spaces. This bench can be outfitted with decorative pillows. A cabinet or two can be used for extra storage.

Add a decorative rug to this place and you’d be the talk of the town.

When There's A View

A Pexels image.

Most of the time, sunrooms are used for dining, reading, and family fun moments. But what if you happen to be blessed with a sunroom that’s got a beautiful view? If you have this kind of sunroom, then it’s time to rethink your Sacramento interior design

Be sure to arrange the furniture in a way that would allow the homeowners to bask in the sunlight. They must also have a limitless view of the interesting scenery outside. Since the beautiful outdoors will already serve as the artwork for this particular room, then all you would need are a few decorative pillows, a rug, or a simple statue. The key is to keep distractions to a bare minimum.

Add Sunroom Furniture 


Ideally, the sunroom is there as a seating or lounging area for the whole family and for some occasional guests. Set up a fresco dining table and some seats to go along with it and people are sure to spend more time there, more frequently. This can become the breakfast nook or the dining hub for those nights when you’re not feeling up for a formal dinner.

The sunroom can also be used as an open home office. Just be sure to put a supportive chair there, a viable Wi-Fi connection plus a desk that comes at the right height and you’re good.

You get a great view of the outdoors so working and being productive becomes a lot more fun.

Naturally, the sunroom is an entertainment hub. So if you’re holding a large dinner soon, consider this area as your venue. Here, you’ll have ample lighting, air circulation, and table space so the dinner’s sure to be a huge hit. Plus the kitchen is just nearby so getting food and beverages is a breeze.

‘Feeling whimsical? The sunroom can also be used as a display space for some of your collectibles. Here, you can also set up a sewing machine for your new hobby, add a few drawers and you’ve got the perfect craft room that’s bright and airy.

The ultimate sunroom is sort of a second living room to your home. It should not automatically mean wicker pieces. It is also possible to bring in upholstered seats there, some throws, huge pillows, even tables, and indoor-outdoor rugs.

Consider adding sofas, sectionals, or chairs with Crypton or Sunbrella fabrics. These durable fabrics can withstand the harshest weathers so you won't worry about faded furniture or mold and mildew. 

The best sunrooms are also fitted with electrical outlets that will be able to support table and floor lamps for those cozy reading-worthy nights. To learn more about unique lighting and mood lighting design, read - 

Your Ultimate Guide to Home Lighting 

Sunroom Furniture: Basic Care

Anyone who invested in outdoor design furniture pieces should know that it takes a lot of time, effort, even money to maintain such an asset. Properly caring for sunroom furniture means you have to know what it is made of in the first place.

If it is made of metal, then you also have to find out what sort of metal you will care for. If it’s wood, find out if it is untreated or varnished.

These posts can help you make a decision with regard to the type of furniture that you'll bring in to your sunroom - 

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Wicker (a type of weaving for materials such as rattan) is a popular choice among homeowners because it is quite easy to maintain. 

  • Be sure to clean your sunroom furniture regularly. Clean as needed or at least twice each year. Check also the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Prepare a furniture cover for your sunroom pieces when they are not in use (especially when you don’t use them for a number of days).
  • Check what sort of chemical you are using and if it is compatible with the sunroom furniture piece that you own.
  • Begin only with the gentlest cleaning solution that you can find. When any of these don’t work, that’s the time that you search for a stronger solution. Again, never forget to check the manufacturer’s instructions and warnings so that you won’t cause damage to your sunroom piece.
  • More often than not, the gentlest solution is a mixture of ¼ cup of dish soap and a gallon of water.
  • The next best thing is an all-around cleaner.
  • Test the cleaning solution first in a concealed area.
  • Never use a power washer.
  • Only use a brush with soft bristles when dusting off loose dirt.
  • Use soft rags and lint-free towels in cleaning. If you really have to use sandpaper, then be sure to get the fine-grit type.
  • Always have an available supply of spray-type silicone lubricant. This is the best solution to use on glider parts, hinges, and umbrella mechanisms.
  • Always check these parts every six months.
  • Always flip the sunroom furniture so that you can check the undersides.
  • Treat wood furniture pieces. Find out if you need to use sealants in order to prolong the life of your sunroom furniture.

Temperature Control 

Many sunrooms already have their own air conditioning and heating systems. It won’t hurt to install a ceiling fan, too, or to have a fireplace, especially for utilization during those chilly nights.

The sunroom can get sunny – like really sunny. Even when you did think of installing quality doors and windows, complete with insulation and all that, this space can still get a little warm.

This is where shades and curtains come in. Hang sheer curtains during summer and thicker drapes during winter. Read more about window treatments in this article - 

Are You Ready to Update Your Window Treatments for 2020?

Winterizing the Sunroom


Now that you know the different functions that a sunroom can have, it’s time to create a space that can be used throughout the year.

The sunroom is not usually engineered to be cooled or heated 24/7. However, with an electric fireplace or any other heating source, it can be used during the colder seasons.

Temperature control is a must for a four-season sunroom. Find out whether you need a cooling unit or a heating system or even both.

Interlocking the sliding door sashes can also be an added protection against the elements. The glass that you use on the windows can also make a huge difference in how the sunroom can withstand the changing climates.

Double-pane glass windows won’t darken the sunroom yet they can help retain heat during winter and keep the room cool during summer. Compared to the single-pane windows, the double panes improve the performance of any heating or cooling unit.

You may also want to speak with a licensed electrician about tying up the sunroom’s HVAC system to that of your Sacramento interior design. When this is done, the sunroom will surely be an amazing extension of your home. 

Sunroom Essentials: In A Nutshell 

Century Furniture Palm Beach Sofa 

Century Furniture Palm Beach Chaise

Century Furniture Palm Beach Ottoman

                                                         Universal Furniture desk and chair.

Lighting Options 

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Calogero Floor Lamp 

This floor lamp features an adjustable, large steel arc, finished in a plated, dark oxidized bronze, resting on a matte black foot. The suspended, tapered round shade is a light beige linen fabric with natural slubbing. The shade also pivots in an upward angle. Includes one 40 watt, G125-29, amber glass, antique style bulb.

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Iron Branches Wall Candle Holder

This decorative wall sconce features dark bronze metal with light green luster glass candle cups. White candles included.

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Adalbern Table Lamp

Distressed ceramic base finished in an antiqued crackle blue glaze with dark bronze undertones, polished nickel plated accents and crystal details. The rectangle hardback shade is a rust bronze linen fabric with natural slubbing. 


Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns


Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns


Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Uttermost Blue Swoop Vases

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