How to Find the Best Sacramento Interior Designer in Just 10 Steps

Just like marriage, you also need to find out if the Sacramento interior designer that you’re about to hire is a good fit. Find out your style then let this expert help you. But before you sit down and discuss your Sacramento home design project with your chosen designer, there’s that phase when you need to thoroughly get to know this person.

Finding the Best Sacramento Interior Designer


Step 1.  Know Your Sacramento Interior Designer's Style 

It is crucial to know your style but it is also equally important to know the Sacramento interior designer’s signature style or what design elements they specialize in. If the portfolio that he or she shows is filled with traditional design, then you should think twice before you propose a modern home project. Define whether you will require a commercial design, one for the hospitality industry, or if you would want an improvement in your residence. 

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   Rustic Style by Hooker Furniture

<img src=&quot;living room&quot; alt=&quot;living room with modern design elements&quot;>
Modern design by Hooker Furniture

<img src=&quot;home office&quot; alt=&quot;home office with white color palette, a contemporary writing desk, upholstered chair, wooly rug, and other design elements&quot;>
                                      Contemporary design by Hooker Furniture

Step 2.  Review the Designer's Portfolio

Let’s say that you already know what you are looking for and that you are now targeting a handful of interior designers in Sacramento; try to see who among them share your Sacramento home design preferences. Look through several portfolios and imagine yourself living or staying in one of the spaces that they designed.

Be mindful of the visuals that they include in their portfolio. Photos of their past projects should be thoroughly inspected. Ask also about the design boards that they have created and if they are ready to demonstrate their technical skills. 

Step 3.  Set Your Budget 

<img src=&quot;person with money&quot; alt=&quot;person holding a few hundred dollar bills&quot;>

It is important to find out how much you are willing to spend before you begin your construction or remodel. There are designers who ask for a fixed fee while others ask for an hourly payment. These are factors that you need to consider when narrowing down your list of candidates.

Also, budget 7-10% of the home price for Sacramento interior design expenses. For instance, a $5 USD property must have a budget of $350,000 to $500,000 for interior design. 

Step 4.  Schedule a Meet-Up 

As soon as you have narrowed down your list to just a name or three, then it’s time to meet these interior designers in Sacramento, face to face. Majority of designers do not charge for this session but it would also be great if you ask about it as you set up the appointment over the phone. Other questions that you need to ask apart from their style, past projects, and fees are the following:

Do you welcome the involvement of clients in your project?

What other design services do you offer?

How will you present your ideas and design concepts?

How will you select the people who will work on my Sacramento home project?

What will happen if I do not like the eventual design?

Have you ever worked on a similar project? How was the outcome? 

Step 5.  Ask for References 

As you sit down with candidates, ask for references whom you can contact. This is so you would be able to gauge the designer’s capacity through his or her past works. Ask about costs that are specific to your project, how long it would take before the project is completed, and just about any additional questions that you could come up with.

Think of specific questions then write everything that you both discussed on a sheet of paper.

Step 6.  Be Open-Minded 


It is rare for clients to love every bit of element that the designer used on a project. Even if the two of you have the exact same style, you still need to prepare for that moment when you won’t agree on a certain detail. Always keep an open mind and don’t immediately close your mind to what your Sacramento interior designer is suggesting. Give his or her idea a chance.

Make sure, though, that this expert is not pushing you to make any decisions. Suggestions may be made so you have to be open to other ideas.

Step 7.  Compare Notes 


When you’re done meeting with the interior designers Sacramento experts, then it’s time to compare all the notes that you made. Compare the numbers (estimates) that these experts have provided, their references (past projects), and whether or not you click as a working team. Always keep in mind that the cheaper or priciest option may not always be the right and best choice.

You can only sign the contract as soon as you know whom you would hire. You should know how much you will pay, what responsibilities you would give to the designer, the timeline, and your budgetary limits.

Step 8.  Create A Plan 

Now is the time to go about with your plan of attack. Know where you would begin. Several rooms may need to be redesigned so find out which materials you would soon buy. Choose with the help of your Sacramento interior designer

Be mindful of these elements: 

Natural lighting 

Color palette

Fine furniture 

Furniture placement 

Walls, Ceiling, and Flooring and if you're feeling up for it, even your 

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Modify the plan if needs be. 

Step 9.  Execute the Plan 


You'll have a lot of things to look forward to when you've finally decided on one Sacramento interior designer to take on your home project. A good designer will save you many months of searching for product samples and other such research. She will also prevent potential design mistakes. 

Your Sacramento interior designer will also act as your sounding board as you bring your ideas to life. This expert will supervise the job so you won't have to personally be involved in the physical buying of fabrics and paints or scheduling installations. 

Work closely with your designer so you achieve the home design that you visualized. 

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Step 10. Enjoy Your Creation

What else is there left to do when you're done with the design project but to enjoy it with your Sacramento interior designer? Sit in a chair, sip a glass of lemonade, and relax! 

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