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How to Make Minimalist Interior Design Work For You

When you call a person minimalist, you're describing their interest in keeping things simple. A minimalist transitioned his or her lifestyle from owning a lot of stuff to just keeping the bare minimum. Do you like things that are simple? Then you could very easily be called a minimalist. 

But what if it's your Sacramento interior design that you would want to make simpler? 

The Minimalist Interior Design Explained 

Minimalism in interior design means using the bare essentials to create a clutter-free space. It is a style that's centered on simplicity. It is also clean but never boring.

Typically, the minimalist Sacramento interior design uses an open floor plan,  ample and correct lighting, and functional fine furniture

Is there any reason that you should consider the minimalist interior design in your home? 


A known advocate of minimalism, Joshua Fields Millburn (of The Minimalists fame) says minimalism is more than redesigning the aesthetics, it is a decision to liberate one's self from the clout of consumerism. If you want to incorporate minimalism into your interior design Sacramento project, then be ready to put your mind and heart into this new lifestyle

Bare Essentials 

Minimalist Sacramento interior design is also about finding the defining details of furniture or artwork. The Free Fall Hand Painted Canvas, for instance, is a minimalist style artwork that will look great in your living room. 


Simplistic in design, this hand-painted artwork on canvas features a minimalist style with tranquil colors. The heavily textured canvas includes shades of blue, green, and white. Each canvas is stretched and attached to wooden stretching bars. This piece may be hung vertically or horizontally. 

Rustic and contemporary style with a minimalistic design. 

The simplicity of the Hampton Drawer Chest is easy to see and it can even store many things from clothing, knickknacks, even children's toys. 

Minimalist Sacramento interior design is also easy to set up. The furnishings are manageable, unlike other styles where you end up dazed by the numerous options. 

Starting a minimalist life may be challenging at first but living with the bare essentials can bring many positive life benefits. 

Clean Lines 

Minimalist furniture and accessories focus on functionality and practicality. Flat, smooth surfaces and strong, clean lines create bold statements that emphasize each item's essential nature. You are not going to find patterned furnishings or any sort of ornamentation, instead, the focus is on the purity and simplicity of the shape and form. 

Clear and clean benches and surfaces, bare walls with just a single artwork, and zero clutter are all elements of minimalist space. 

Basic Furniture 

Click to Buy This Item 

Create an impressive minimalist Sacramento interior design with a well-thought mixture of fine furniture brands to set a well-balanced space. Invest only in quality minimalist furniture pieces such as the Cameron Sectional.

This contemporary style sectional is perfect in an open space layout. It offers clean lines, a simplistic design, and a monochromatic look that are all perfect in a minimalist home. 

Every item must be a quality piece. Go for McCreery's Home Furnishings items that will stand the test of time. Follow the less is more concept of minimalist interior design but every piece must make sense. 

The Minimalist Kitchen 

Once you decided to live a minimalist lifestyle (or even if you just want to have a minimalist home), it's time to consider how each room in your home would eventually look like. 

The kitchen is every home's workhorse but remember the adage - less is more. Just pick the appliances and furniture that, preferably, have a daily function. 

Learn to conceal items in areas such as underneath the sinks, inside kitchen cabinets, and overhead storage units. Remember that minimalism is all about cleanliness so say yes to sleek hardware and stunning finishes, too. 

Use the same materials for the countertop and the backsplash. This can create a beautiful waterfall effect and a simplistic, calming style. 

Furthermore, you need to remove non-essential appliances from the countertops. A monochromatic color palette is preferable, with just a few pops of colors seen in selected areas.  

These pops of color can be done through a well-placed area rug, a set of colorful tiles, or framed quotes, photos, or artwork. 

Want an all-white kitchen? While this requires more in terms of maintenance, it is a cooking and baking space that is clean and definitely minimalist. 

Use pop-up plugs in counters and cabinets as they eliminate the need for all those unruly sockets. These provide a sleeker and cleaner look. 

Use even the smallest surfaces as a prep or storage area. With minimalism, every nook and cranny should be properly used. 

Our expert designers - through Designer on Demand - are eager to meet up with you to talk about designing that minimalist kitchen for you. 

The Minimalist Dining Room 


              While an all-white room may seem boring, it provides a blank canvas for a bold design. Graphic rugs, when used to dress up a white flooring, can seem like large, abstract paintings in a space. 

              Minimalist dining room features in a nutshell: 

                   Neutral color palette 
                   Has an accent lighting 
                   Has the finest furniture pieces 
                   Limited room accents 

              The Minimalist Living Room 

              Minimalism and small-space lifestyle get along beautifully. There are a few adjustments you can make to get the most of it. For instance, go for a settee instead of a sofa or sectional. Or if you really have to have a sofa or sectional, then make sure that they come in sleeker styles. 

              Nesting tables are also a great alternative for bulky coffee tables. 

              Use muted colors in your living room but if you don't want to give up on those exciting colors, then allow some accent pieces and finishes to show those bright hues. 

              And just because you're a minimalist at heart doesn't mean that you can have bookshelves. Do all of your 50 books spark joy? If yes, then they can stay - and they should stay. Just be sure to keep things tidy by stacking them on a neat pile in one of your bookshelves or racks. 

              A Minimalist Bedroom 

              A minimalist bedroom can be defined by clean lines, a restrained palette, and a stripped-down style. While furniture-filled rooms have loads of options to distract from dullness, there's a small allowance for experimentation in a minimalist space.

              Having less stuff means everything in the room needs to be both gorgeous and practical (as is the case in all the other rooms). This is also the perfect time to redecorate and shop with intention. 

              For smaller bedrooms, don't be afraid to have fun with colors, shapes, and prints - just don't go overboard. Crisp bedding lightens up the warmer tones and the deep velvet throw pillows add some color while still keeping your decor to a minimum. 

              The Minimalist Bathroom 

              Indoor plants are such a positive addition not just to the bathroom but also in other areas of your home. So go ahead and improve the air quality while increasing the charm of your home by bringing in those potted plants. 

              There's no need to hide everything in a minimalist bathroom but there should be a dedicated space for toiletries. 

              Not Sure Where to Start?


              If you're considering the minimalist Sacramento interior design to complement your equally minimalist lifestyle, then begin by paring down everything in your home. Take a Virtual Tour of our furniture showroom or set up a meeting with us for a virtual consultation.

              You see, there's no need to decide on your own especially when you're still uncertain about this style. We will make sure that our expert designers will give you the best design advice.

              Minimalism is all around us. With more and more homeowners being converted to this kind of lifestyle and home design, it would be an awesome decision to jump in and do the same. And allow us here at McCreery's Home Furnishings to guide you throughout your journey! 

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