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How to Set Up A Dog-Friendly Home


A lot of dog owners consider their pets to be a part of their family. If you think this isn’t enough, then go one step further by putting dog proof furniture and pet knick-knacks all over your home. Many pet owners who are also homeowners succeeded in fusing pet proof furniture in their Sacramento interior design. They have successfully incorporated dog decor with grace, style, and most of the time, with a great sense of humor.

Of Dogs, Dog Care, and Dog Proof Furniture


01.  Your Dog Is the Star

<img src=&quot;woman with pet dog&quot; alt=&quot;a woman and her pet dog at lying down in a gray sofa&quot;>

Remember that the star of the show is your beloved pooch. This should give your pet the needed confidence booster. A photo of your dog (whether solo or with the family) can be framed and placed in major areas of your home. Mister Max’s photo can also be printed on canvas and prominently displayed as a mural. 

<img src=&quot;dining room&quot; alt=&quot;white-walled dining room designed with a wooden table, black dining chairs, and framed photos on the walls&quot;>

Every pet – especially a dog – wants to feel that he is needed so make him help further in the kitchen by placing dog-themed accessories there. A doggy-themed kitchen could make you want to work, work, work just as hard as your little pet does.

02.  Love For All 

McCreery's Home Furnishings is a dog-loving company. And we would like to recommend these 10 tips that will help you show equal love to every pet in your home: 

1.   Feed your dogs/cats healthy food. 

2.  Give your pets ample exercise each day. 

3.  Be mindful of what each pet needs. A dog is known to chew on stuff only when it is bored while cats need scratching posts or pads. 

4.  Play games with your pets. 

5.  Be generous with belly rubs (for dogs) and back scratches (for cats). 

Doggie language (A Pinterest image). 

6.  Understand dog/cat language. 

7.  Let your pets undergo obedience training. 

8.  Bring one pet as you run errands (let the pets take turns). 

9.  Provide comfy dog beds or cat perches, toys, and proper dishes. Remember that choosing the right pet furniture will make your furry friend feel even more loved. 

10. Just love each pet unconditionally. 

03.  The Couch Is For Everyone

You are your dog’s universe so there’s nowhere in the world where he would be than in your couch to snuggle with you as you watch your favorite TV programs. Canine-themed cushions drive the point that there are no boundaries for your love. Remember that the couch is definitely one of your pet’s special places – a place where he can sit and snuggle with you.

Sharing the dog proof couch is a way of giving your pet a sense of pride. Give visitors a good laugh as they see the cushions covered with your dog’s pictures. In a way, the dog becomes the conversation starter during your social gatherings when you do this – and that is truly sweet.

04.  Set Up A Dog Bed

<img src=&quot;dog bed&quot; alt=&quot;upholstered, brown dog bed&quot;>

If you have your bedroom, then it goes without saying that your beloved dog has to have his own sleeping spot, too. He has to be as comfortable as you. As a pet owner, you can remodel your living space to accommodate all of your pet’s sleeping, eating, and play needs.

It is a common notion that having a pet is destructive to your fine furniture. This may be partly true for those who are not able to control or discipline their pets or if they invest in the wrong kind of furnishings. 

It is possible to have beautiful home while owning a pet, too. The key is to find the right furniture materials to use on pet furniture - materials that are human-friendly, too. 

05.  Be Responsible

<img src=&quot;dog bed&quot; alt=&quot;upholstered wooden dog bed&quot;>

At the end of the day, it all boils down to you being responsible for your dog. If you have a shedder, then be sure that you have the time to vacuum regularly. Hairballs can accumulate in the long run.

Take care also of pet odor. This will attract dirt because the odor is actually emitted oil. You’ll have to bathe and groom your dog often. Trim his nails so he won’t go scratching sofa and chair upholstery as well as the wooden floor. Brush and bathe him to remove any loose hair.

Learn to use stain-resistant fabrics as well. Say goodbye to chintz, silk, especially velvet. These are the best hair magnets in town. Discover the joys of owning pet furniture with Crypton fabrics. You’ll soon wonder how you lived without ‘em for a long time.

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