Minimalism: Power In Simplicity


Minimalism is a way of life that is slowly being embraced by a lot of people all over the world these days. Today, society prides in the accumulation of wealth and possessions but there are a handful of people who believe that real joy can be found with fewer of this stuff.

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Minimalism: Less Is More

Here are some of the benefits that come with minimalism –

  • Less stress
  • Minimalist homes are easier to clean
  • A sense of freedom from comparison
  • Environmentally good
  • Increased productivity
  • Visually appealing

A minimalist home is architecturally linear and organic. The dominant material used in building the minimalist structure is the rock. Wooden materials are also typically found but they come in fewer presentations.

An interior that is minimalist also features minimal furniture pieces. You will find only the usable pieces that are also suitable to the theme in a room.

<img src=&quot;nest of tables&quot; alt=&quot;wood and metal nest of tables&quot;>

Hooker Furniture Living Room Saint Armand Nest of Tables are named after a Belgian missionary who was later granted the sainthood. Saint Armand is now the patron saint of wine makers, merchants, and beer brewers. This desk has an organic appeal with a russet-colored finish and a simple rustic knob.

Minimalism also means clean surfaces with very minimal to zero engravings or ornamentation. It is easy to clean because there are no complex textures and layers, the lines are simpler and clutter-free.

Should you ever consider using the minimalist design in your home, then consider what accents you will be bringing in. Remember that minimalist settings should be simple and clean not boring. Minimalist accents, therefore, should also be used in order to neutralize the looming monotony that comes with simplicity.


An example is a home painted in gray which can be made more exciting (but on a subtle level) by hanging paintings and other kinds of artwork. Special lighting may also be used to highlight the artwork.

Minimalism also means prioritizing quality over quantity. The less stuff you own, the better for you. Minimalist homes may have less stuff but every one of these is in use and is guaranteed to reach their full potential.

The tendency of homeowners to choose the minimalist interior design is not only because they want to follow trends or that they are bored with the architecture of their homes. Minimalist interiors are often the representation of a person’s want to change his lifestyle.

Those who become minimalists choose to become highly mobile and practical. They are also more efficient yet their homes are not aesthetically ho-hum.

Minimalism is a philosophy that encompasses many aspects of a person’s life. In terms of home design, it should be a clean, open space that embraces simple architecture, streamlined furniture and simple materials.

Minimalism In A Nutshell 


To reiterate how a minimalist home should look like, always remember that you should be straightforward when it comes to the functions and form, even the general layout of your home. Uncomplicated and predictable spaces are your abode.

As to the cladding and wall finishes, your choices should be those that show a continuous line while still providing a pleasant visual appeal. A boring facade will be livened up by cedar slats and a blue-colored door.

Open and light-filled spaces especially in the living area and kitchen are a must. Light, in abundance, creates ambiance of openness.

Use light colors on your walls and be sure to remove any kind of clutter. Embrace a neutral colored palette as much as you can. If you have to use color, do not splash them liberally.

As to the fine furniture, be sure to use only those that have functions. Find zero frill cabinetry, uncomplicated trim details, and simple stairs. Use materials strategically so that you can achieve simplicity in texture, visual interest, even personality.

Achieve these things and your home will surely be the epitome of minimalism.

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