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New Modern Home Design Sacramento
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New modern home design involves the use of various materials and perceptions. It can be a bit more difficult to characterize if not carefully studied and the elements not deliberately noted. In fundamental terms, modern design is a reflection of the modern art movement inside homes. It's time to find out which focal characteristics and themes can be classified and included as modern home design elements. 

Modernism is the exact opposite of more opulent designs including Renaissance, Gothic, and Victorian.

New Modern Home Design: A Rich History

Modern interior design is just a small section of a much larger modernist movement. Modernism is often attributed to the end of the 19th century when modern thinking was given birth.

Modernists were bent on deviating from the creative, intellectual, and cultural norms that have been set during the period of Enlightenment. Movements against organized religion and old norms and mores were established and the fusion of politics and creativity was given emphasis.

Everything else after this fell under the category of modernism with the sub-genres defined as futurism, cubism, Bauhaus, abstract expressionism, Neo-Dada, and minimalism. Study more about modernism in the arts in this article.  

Do not get confused with modern and contemporary interior design styles. Many homeowners interchange these styles and think one for the other. While interior design architects post modern elements in some contemporary homes, those are just their take on the modernist revival but they must not be confused with the design modern movements in the 19th century.

Contemporary interiors are different because they highlight technological advancement, use more metals, and do not have the cubism, abstract art, and modernist perspectives that new modern home design offers. 

Home Design Sacramento

Before the pandemic, there were many attractions to go to in dear ol’ Sacramento. Nowadays, it is best to check with local authorities before going out to enjoy any of the attractions.

So, rather than slowly experiencing cabin fever (the human reaction to being kept in isolation for a long time), it’s better to find ways to unleash your creativity.

Improving your Sacramento home design is a great way to spend your time indoors. Here are some of the common components that you can incorporate --

Modernism Is Minimalism 

Minimalism is a huge part of the new modern home design. The fundamentals of minimalism embrace the less is more concept. This style does not include complex moldings, columns, cabinet trim, or excessive colors on textiles.

Keep in mind that minimalism is living – not in scarcity but – in simplicity. The habitat may look simple but, take note that, this kind of style takes a lot of careful planning. This is necessary so that comfort is still achieved while the layout is efficiently streamlined.

The open floor layout is also a modern concept as it joins different rooms in just one space. The counter in a kitchen, for instance, can provide a visual division between the areas for cooking and the areas where people can sit down and converse.

Design Modern Homes with Clean Lines 

Modernism, simply put, is the exact opposite of previous interior designs that use carvings, heavy textures, and wood tones.

The majority of the components of modern rooms – from the furniture to room shapes – include straight, clean lines with no intricate details. These differ from a contemporary design that has some curves and sweeping sharper lines.

Modernism in Similar Interior Designs 

Different designs fall under the modern furnishing category including Art Deco, Mission Style, and Shaker Style.

<img src=&quot;art deco chairs.jpg&quot; alt=“Williamsburg Slat Back Chair by ART Furniture. ”>

Modern Homes look great with modern chairs.

The Williamsburg Slat Back Chair starts at only $399.00 

Art Deco 

Just like art nouveau, art deco affects decorative art areas. It teaches glamor, elegance, function, and modernism. This became a popular style not just in interior design and decorating but also in fashion architecture and even car design. 

Art deco is equated to being bold and making a big statement. Go for geometric patterns with symmetry and angles all symbolizing the industry that was then transforming the nation in the 1920s and 1930s. 

Expect to see a lot of mirrors, stainless steel, chrome, glass, inlaid wood, and exotic animal skins with this design. Themes include nudes, trapezoids, chevrons, sunbursts, branches, leaves, and feathers. 

In choosing art deco furniture, pick the streamlined pieces with zero frills. Do not go for exotic woods such as zebrawood. As for the fabrics, pick solid colors or those with geometric designs. It is one or the other, make your choice. The keyword to remember with art deco is bold

<img src=&quot;dresser.jpg&quot; alt=“Sonora Drawer Chest by Flexsteel offered at McCreerys Home Furnishings”>

Mission Style 

As for lighting, combine chrome and glass, preferably, with etching or enamel. Tiffany style glass is common.

Paired with furnishings are oversized tiles, sanded wood, floors (with the minimized grain), shelves, bookcases, inset in walls, open floor layouts with very few walls, and the lack of doors, windows, moldings, and trimming.

Now how do you set up a Sacramento home design with mission style? Also referred to as craftsman style interior design, it was Gustav Stickley who showed his love for crafts and arts back in the early 1900s. He started handcrafting wood furniture with fewer ornate carvings and inlays. Compared to its predecessor, the Victorian pieces of furniture, Stickley simplified the furniture using his bare hands, thus, earning the term craftsman

Fast forward to our time you can use the mission style or craftsman interior design principles by picking greens, blues, yellows, and tans. 

The mission style is heavily influenced by the prairie style which makes room for bolder colors. Add room accents with strong colors such as powerful red, yellow, and deep turquoise.  

Since this is a sub-style of modern interior design, keep all furniture blinds simple. Resist the urge to have furniture with carving.

Shaker Style 

Shaker design began in the 18th century. Style is fused with the Shakers' belief system centered on community and hard work. They also free themselves from unnecessary desires. As a result, their home design is minimalist with a more natural flair compared to the contemporary sweetness that we see in many of today's interiors. 

Function is key to designing a shaker style home. The furniture must be straightforward and made of wood, with emphasis on clean lines and zero sophistication. The only decorative flourish that you can see on shaker furniture is the detailed carvings on the legs depicting acorns or leaves. 

Include a lot of negative space if you want to design with the shaker style. Accessorize with candles and bowls. Invest also in quality materials for other furnishings such as blankets, pillows, and floor coverings. 

<img src=&quot;nestingtables.jpg&quot; alt=“Cachet Nesting Cocktail Table.”>

<img src=&quot;modernhomedesigninfographic.png&quot; alt=&quot;a colorful infographic of the Art Deco, Mission, and Shaker styles that are comparable to new modern home design.&quot;>

Design Modern Habitats with Metals 

Metals are a recent addition to modern-day interior design. They are now widely used in living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and other living spaces. These are now widely used in the construction and building industry, including metallic frames, ceiling and wall cladding, and decorative metals. 

Look for bespoke perforated metal to make a solid statement with your home design

There are many reasons for using metal. First, it is versatile so it can easily adapt to any private or commercial space. Whether you choose bright copper, polished brass, or the shimmering aluminum, what you have in your hands is an endless option of modern interior design ideas. 

Metal also shows solidity as it easily livens up any boring space. It is durable compared to other materials with most of the metals having a lifespan of 40+ years. Termites and ants can easily damage wood but certainly not metals. 

Metal is also green, meaning, it is fully recyclable without it losing its quality. Having it in your home means you have contributed to the reduction of wasted energy. This is one of the most sustainable building and manufacturing materials used nowadays.

Stainless steel and chrome are also huge parts of any modern home. Modernism does away with wrought iron and other such traditional metal details. Any clean, polished metal becomes the chosen alternative. It is also common to see stainless steel and chrome in furniture specifically on table legs or exposed chair frames.

Chrome is also extensively used on railings, lamps, cabinet, and door handles, and faucets. This metal, when polished, shines brightly and has a slight blue undertone which can make it appear quite cold. Using metal, therefore, is awesome for those who are moving away from the lived-in lifestyle.

Modern Interior Design Equals Zero Clutter 

<img src=&quot;mancleaningthewindows.jpg&quot; alt=“a man wearing a blue shirt is decluttering and cleaning the glass window.”>

What’s tied with minimalism is the lack of clutter. Clutter can be defined in many different ways and among different people. Sometimes, lack of clutter could mean zero pottery, vases, knickknacks, collections, and any excessive accessories.

Here are a few tips on how to get started on your decluttering project on your quest to set up your Sacramento home design -- 

1.  First, allocate a space for the incoming papers. Do paperless transactions as much as you can. Those used papers in your desk, that are on the table, on top of your dresser, the counters, and even in your car, simply have to go. 

Have a designated spot for one-piece receipts, notices, manuals, and flyers. 

2.  Next, clear one area at a time. The kitchen can be the first zero clutter zone and then you can proceed from there. Don't take on decluttering projects in just one day.  Even if you have to clean a few minutes each day, anything you clean must stay that way. 

All the unused exercise equipment, torn clothing, and old stuff must also be thrown away. 

3.  Third, schedule your decluttering activities. If you can do this with your family during the weekend then it will be a more fun task as compared to taking it on by yourself. Wrap all the garbage bags and boxes when you are planning to drop off some of the items for donation 

4.  You should also take some time to visualize the room and see how you are doing with your steps to turning it into a modern home. As soon as you have visualized an uncluttered room, then proceed to your cleaning task. The visualization is just there to keep you on track of your modern interior design goals. 

5.  Many homeowners also attest to the efficacy of having a maybe box.  This is that box where you put the stuff that you are not sure yet whether to be given away, donated, or thrown. 

6.  If you still have small kids and teenagers in your home, then teach them about the beauty of home design and how they can help by putting back stuff where they originally found them. 

Clean out everything including medicine cabinets, your dressers, drawers, cabinets, etc. 

<img src=&quot;wallart.jpg&quot; alt=“Custom Golden Forest Landscape Prints in sets of 2.”>

Modern Interior Design Means Dramatic Colors

Interior design, color, and decor trends are always influenced by current economic and social factors. It is also widely affected by the global economy and events as well as people's preferences. 

Modern interior design and color schemes often include soft interior colors such as light green, yellowish-green bluish-gray tone, off white, and light gray tones. As for bright-colored designs, look for the dark or bright blue hues, soft wash, or reddish-pink.  Red wine and deep purple are also beautiful tones that are widely used in many modern home designs. 

Remember also that in the modern interior, paint must bring a fresh feel and style to your living space. If you are undecided with what color scheme to use, then include some light tones and neutral for starters.  Safer colors include whites, pale beige, and neutrals. It is okay to use the bold and exciting colors on decorative furnishing and the accent wall.

These bolder colors may be used sparingly and rarely used as an overall color but remember that they do command attention. They can also be included as abstract wall art, a large piece of furniture (e.g. a bright red sofa or an orange table), throw pillows, an accent wall, or a throw rug.

We've recently reopened and we're excited to welcome you to our showroom. There are lots of new modern home design elements for you to choose from. You're most welcome in our showroom, for now, enjoy watching the video of our reopening a few weeks ago

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