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New Year Table Setting to Welcome 2021
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It's New Year's Eve! 

For those who love to entertain, this is the perfect time to jump-start your New year interior design by dressing up the dining room and preparing for the upcoming dinner. Even for those who don’t like to entertain, it pays to still beautify the dining room for your casual family New Year's eve dinner this year.

So, what preparations are you supposed to do?


Okay, let’s face it. A dining room that showcases bare windows is boring. There are so many ways that you can spruce them up and prep them to receive your guests. Don’t let the holiday blues get to you.

Begin by letting in a generous amount of natural light during the day. Window treatments usually do not require major maintenance so bringing out the feather duster is step one of your cleanup process. This cleaning tool is light and can clean the dust on the blinds.

Still, it wouldn't hurt to update your window treatments, though. McCreery's Home Furnishings offers the most stylish Hunter Douglas window treatments for your Sacramento interior design. Ask our expert designers today for a quote. 

If you're considering a long-term interior design Sacramento project, then you can go for customized furniture such as custom dining table, custom sofa, and other pieces that you can enjoy from 2021 onwards. 

Table Setting Fundamentals 


Finding the right tableware for your family's New Year's Eve dinner and using the table accents that will actually go well with them will help create the right ambiance. Whether you would want to set up a formal dining table with a winter setting or just prepping a table to honor the bounteous year you’ve had, know that there are a few standards that can make your dinner even more exuberant. 

There are three linens to use for a formal setting. First, find a table cloth that will protect the dining table surface, the placemat, and the cloth napkin.

<img src=&quot;dining table with centerpiece&quot; alt=&quot;dining table with apple and candle vignette&quot;>

After these, check the china. The set must include these –

<img src=&quot;table setting&quot; alt=&quot;table setting on Canadel dining table&quot;>

Service plates, also known as chargers, 

Dinner plates

 Soup plates

 Consommé or the bouillon cups

 Salad plates

 Bread and butter plates

 Dessert plates

Cups and saucers. 

<img src=&quot;table setting alt=&quot;table setting on a wooden dining table&quot;>

Next, it’s time to check the needed silverware. Of course, you’ll need forks, knives and spoons. As for the glassware, you should have ample white wine glasses, red wine glasses, water goblets, and champagne flutes for your guests.

There are three ways that you can decorate the custom dining table. You can use the obvious choices such as fresh fruits and flowers or you can be more romantic with candles in candelabra. If you’re feeling more Romanesque, then use sculptures to make the table more interesting.

The Formal Setting


Here now are the steps to a formal holiday table setting:

1.  First, make sure that the table cloth’s edges are evenly positioned on all sides. When this linen is set, put your decorative piece(s) or centerpiece on the table. Put there the decorative pieces that you think will catch the attention of your guests (this will be your focal point).

2.  Next, add the smaller decorative pieces like tea lights. Have the place mats set at 1/2 inch from the table’s edge. The service plate must be positioned at the center of this place mat.

3.  The salad plate or the soup bowl is positioned next. The table napkin should sit in the middle of this bowl. If not, you can have it placed on the guest’s left side where it is easily accessible.

<img src=&quot;dining area&quot; alt=&quot;dining space with table and upholstered chairs&quot;>

4.  As the rule says, the guest needs to work his way out, meaning, as he progresses through his courses, he will use the utensils that are set in front of him. The bigger utensils often sit in the innermost areas. The utensils’ edges must not go beyond the service plate’s bottom rim.

The salad and dinner forks go to the left while the knife, teaspoon, and the soup spoon sit on the right. The dessert spoon and the cake fork are place right above the service plate with the bread plate and the butter knife on the upper left part of the service plate.

5.  Lastly, from left to right, place the water glass, red wine glass, and the white wine glass on the upper right part of the service plate. The cup and the saucer should be right beside the last glass on this line. 

<img src=&quot;dining area&quot; alt=&quot;dining space with wooden table and blue, upholstered chairs&quot;>

These are the basic table setting guidelines that you can commit to memory this New Year's Eve. Your New Year interior design will surely be a blast as you pick the best Canadel Furniture pieces from our furniture showroom

If you're also ready to update your color scheme for the New Year, then read: 

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Finally, from us here at McCreery's Home Furnishings, we wish you the best for the coming year! 

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Sue Van Den Broeke

Sue brings over 13 years experience in the furniture/design field, including thorough knowledge of Hunter Douglas products and beautiful custom window treatments. In addition, using her art background (i.e., drawing, oil painting, etc), Sue has the ability to bring a balance of colors and textures to their rooms/projects.

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Sandi Kaseman

Over 20 years of experience.  Knowing proper proportion, scale, functionality, and today’s durable fabrics are imperative to creating beautiful spaces. From furniture, area rugs, lighting, custom window treatments to wall color selection, and home décor.

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Melissa Webb

Melissa brings over 22 years of experience in the Interior Design field, 10 years of which she was a senior designer at Ethan Allen. Melissa has been featured in both Home Magazine and The Sacramento Bee for her residential designs.



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