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Not Your Ordinary Decluttering Tactics
5 Do's and Don'ts For Your Post-Holiday Cleanup


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a peaceful, clutter-free nook after the holidays? Now is the perfect time to come up with organizing solutions that will bring your Sacramento home back in order. 

The New Year is quickly approaching! Just like millions of others, you are now ready to catch up with work deadlines and the hustle and bustle of your busy life once more. But before you even go back, do take a careful look around. There are lots of post-holiday clutter to take care of.

<img src=&quot;wardrobe&quot; alt=&quot;wooden wardrobe&quot;>

Miramar Point Reyes Salvador Wardrobe is a stylish way to begin your organizing solutions.

Don’t: Pile your clothes on a chair or a bench. The bedroom floor is also not a good spot to begin a mound of clothes and underwear.

Do: Hang your clean clothes so you save space. It only takes a few minutes each time you hang a dress or any piece of clothing inside storage cabinets. It also takes just a few seconds to a minute to put your dirty clothing in the hamper.

You might feel too tired to go to the hamper after a long and tiring day especially now that the holidays have just passed but this is not a reason to just drape your clothing over the back of a chair. You will wind down more quickly if you put your things where they should be.

Don’t: Keep clothes that you never wear.

Do: Assess your clothing every after season. Pull out all the clothes that you have no intention of wearing. It’s time to accept the fact that there are clothes that you neglect or have even totally forgotten about. It’s time to rotate your wardrobe or have them given away.

If you were a shopaholic and you’ve accumulated a lot of clothes, then you might want to hold a garage sale, too. It’s a good way to earn some extra cash as you also declutter.


Don’t: Box a lot of items then forget about them. This could lead to a cramped garage, basement, or attic.

Do: Sure, the garage is a great place to store stuff. This is a room for things that are not used often. This is also the place for bulky stuff and your seasonal decorative items.

If you have big sports equipment to deal with and a lot of camping gears to keep out of sight until summer, then your garage is also the right spot. But moving these items into this room could also result in a problem. What you stored there might end up not being remembered anymore.

You probably already know which items you won’t even have the energy to take out and use. For instance, an inflatable pool that you enjoyed last summer. It is unlikely that you would unpack, set it, and eventually store the item again. And if the kids have grown, then you know that it is even unlikelier that your grandkids will ever see this pool.

Make a habit of deciding to get rid of things that you would only hold on to but would never use.

<img src=&quot;kitchen island&quot; alt=&quot;mobile, wooden kitchen island&quot;>
This kitchen island by Canadel Furniture can be used to store some of your spices, sealed snacks, and even bottled beverages. 

Don’t: Store food in opaque containers.

Do: Regularly check all the items that are stored in the refrigerator. Take out expired milk and sauces, the hardened leftovers, and dried vegetables. You will see that the odors from the fridge will diminish the more that you regularly clean it.

Learn Martha Stewart's baking soda technique in Cleaning Your Fridge

<img src=&quot;buffet&quot; alt=&quot;wooden buffet with stored chinaware&quot;>

Maximus Buffet showcases a casual structure with a modest architectural design. 

Don’t: Go to the supermarket without a list.

Do: Create an electronic or tangible list of grocery items before you actually go to the supermarket. When you do this, you end up buying only those that you would use.

Learn How to Make An Organized Grocery List now. 

Replenish your stock foods, follow the first-in-first-out or FIFO method, and say yes to these McCreery's Home Furnishings suggested organizing solutions


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