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Pet Haven in Your Sacramento Home Design
The "Every Room" Guide for the Best Fur Parent

If you are a mom or dad, then you know the importance of child-proofing your home. Kids can get into the oddest places and so can your fur babies. If you are thinking of how to get your hands on pet proof furniture then it is safe to say that your little furry friend has gone around your home and wreaked havoc.

As a pet parent, you need to be vigilant in ensuring that your home is safe for your puppies and your feline baby.

This is an every room guide on how to pet-proof your home and incorporate pet-proofing in your home design Sacramento plans. 

The Pet-Proofed Kitchen

Since the kitchen is the spot where you prepare your meals, this is also the place where your pets are looking for food. This is where they will give you their doe-eyed look as they beg for food.

Food and kitchen are synonymous in your pet’s vocabulary but there are many human foods that may be delicious to us but are toxic to dogs and cats. These include onions, chocolate, and coffee. There are even some surprising additions to this list including some plants like tulips, zinnia, gladiolas, hyacinth, iris, morning glory, eucalyptus, daffodils, honeysuckle, rose, spider plant, wisteria, and many others.

Have the garbage completely covered and all your food items stored properly so that they are out of your pet's reach. Keep the cleaning products in a locked cabinet as much as possible.

Setup childproof latches so that your pet’s little paws will not be able to open the kitchen cabinets. Check for any nooks, holes, or small spaces behind your washer and dryer unit and even your cabinets. 

Check the dryer before turning it on because your little kitten might have jumped into it. Keep the foods out of reach especially those with wrappers that are potentially harmful to your pets.

<img src=leathersofa.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;Bradington Young Newman Sofa&quot;>
The Pet-Friendly Living Room  

While the living room is where the family gathers to relax and spend some time with each other, this is also where the pets tend to go rowdy because of the bustling activity. This is when your feline friend goes up on the furniture.

It is difficult to imagine the potential hazards in that seemingly safe room. Keep all electrical cords tucked and out of your dog’s or cat’s reach. Have a protective screen installed in front of the fireplace and if you have to decorate with home plants make sure that you bring in only the household plants that are not poisonous to your pets.

Here is a list of some of the common poisonous plants to pets.

Always put away your kids’ games and toys. Check also the places where the vacuum cleaner is not able to reach because there can be dangerous items in those nooks that your kitten or puppy might play with.

Check that all air vents and heating vents are covered. Put away also all of your crafts and sewing tools.

Bedroom and Pet Haven

Keep your laundry items and shoes behind closed cabinets. Those seemingly harmless buttons and drawstrings can cause problems when swallowed. Keep cosmetics and lotions off of the bedside table.

The Pet-Proofed Bathroom

Having four-legged members of the family could mean shredded toilet paper rolls and toilet water becoming drinking water. Most pets do minor damages in the bathroom but there can be serious trouble if medicines, household cleaners, and bathroom products are not properly stored. Potpourri and drain cleaners can easily poison your dog and cat.  Keep these things out of their reach.

While the bedroom is the spot where people relax, just like any other room in your home it also has some pet hazards including exposed electrical cords, medicine bottles with caps accidentally opened, and many others.

<img src=dogandcat.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;people holding one short-haired dog and a siamese cat.&quot;>

The Dog and Cat-Friendly Garage

The garage is one of the most dangerous zones for your pet. So be sure to move chemicals into higher shelves or behind locked cabinet doors. Clean antifreeze from the driveway and the floor since just one lick can be lethal to your pets. Now and then, bang on the car hood to make sure that your kitten did not hide in the engine to keep warm. Have all the tools and sharp objects properly stored.

Outdoors and Beyond

One of the major challenges when it comes to pet-proofing is to keep them within your habitat. Be extra careful around windows, hallways, gates, balconies, fire pits & fireplaces. Even holiday items can look fun to your dogs and cats.

With the upcoming 4th of July celebration, make sure that the fireworks are kept in a secure and locked cabinet.

As a pet owner, you have to be vigilant when it comes to the tiniest openings and toxic foods and substances in your home. You have the power to take care of these potential problems.

All you need is a bit of common sense, as for dangers, just be sure to check around and see what would be tempting to your pet's eyes.  Consider pet-proofing much like baby proofing. You have to be concerned about high places, nooks and cranny, sharp objects, and poisonous substances that are left lying around. 

Invest in Pet Resistant Furniture


Furniture shopping is not an easy task for pet owners. You have to find the right home decor that is both beautiful and comfortable while also durable so that it can withstand you and your pet’s playtime.

The great news is, there are many materials that are almost pet-proof. Leather is the easiest material to maintain and clean when your puppies drool gets out of hand. Leather looks better as it ages.

Full aniline options are even delivered with the worn appearance as well as its beautiful variations. You can easily buff out pet scratches. As for those stubborn scratches, look at them as a way to add character to the lovely patina that the leather grain achieves over the years.

For increased durability, the semi-aniline piece is your best choice. This is resilient because of the wax coating.

Apart from a leather couch, you can also invest in a sturdy coffee table. Pick tables that are out of your pet’s head, tail, and paws’ reach. Look for a table that will not tip over during your playtime.

<img src=cocktailtable.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;Hooker Furniture Brookhaven Round Cocktail Table.&quot;>

As for your floors, you can have hardwood flooring installed or use an area rug so that scratching is prevented. Outdoor friendly fabrics such as jute will not trap lint.

Clean the pillowcases and throws regularly, too. You can protect your seats with sheepskin while even providing extra cushioning. This stylish barrier between the pet and your sofa is all you need to be a good parent while remaining stylish.

Now that you know these home design Sacramento tips that are pet-friendly, you're ready to become a full-time fur parent.


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